Styles We’d Love To Embrace In 2023

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With a new year among us, many have embraced the beauty of change and growth. As we graciously step into this transitional period, we seek fresh ways to progress, grow, and flourish. Our homes are no exception to this change, providing the grounding space we need to grow—just as the earth does for the roots of its sprawling trees. Looking ahead to the months to come, we welcome the transformation of our homes into a space that fully embodies our hearts and minds. Here are the styles we’d love to embrace in our homes in 2023. 

Modern Bohemian

Bid adieu to bohemian interior design, and wish a warm welcome to its modern iteration. The modern boho design is a compelling mixture of modern elements and an eclectic, carefree feel of bohemian style. Modern boho encapsulates individuality. With no rules to follow, you’re encouraged to mix and match. Neutrals get mixed with bold colors to create fresh palettes, pieces of original decor like luxe throw pillows show personality, and modern fixtures add an unexpected, updated feel. With this style, we open our arms to the unconventional and marrying the old with the new.

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Colorful Palettes

While neutrals are timeless, color is on the horizon in 2023. The minimalist, muted palettes of white and beige are getting a vibrant infusion this year. Symbolic of the fervor of life itself, this turn towards color is representative of the simultaneous shift towards wanting the home to be an expression of self and comfort. Color provides the opportunity to convey one’s individuality while offering a sense of warmth, dimension, and comfort. Whether it’s full-on color or accents through wallpaper and upholstery, we’re here to embrace this stylistic expression.

Sustainable Designs

Eco friendly wooden cutlery set Decor and interior

This year, we’re more than ready for spaces with sustainability at their core. Sustainable design has us being more mindful of our choices in the home, questioning where and how things were made. We’re investing in more environmentally-friendly options, such as those that have been upcycled or made by expert artisans. It’s our time to live in tune with the natural world, all from the comfort of our homes.

Mixed Eras

Embracing the beauty of change doesn’t mean we’re disregarding designs of previous eras. Instead, we’re merging eras to create a charming, well-designed space. The past and present come together harmoniously with thoughtful pieces from decades past, like vintage rugs and furniture. They combine to birth a space defined by personality, coziness, and nostalgia. We’d love to embrace experimentation of mixing eras in 2023, personalizing, mixing, and matching furnishings. Our home is our canvas. As we discover the new and unexpected through mixing eras, we’re free to invent a style uniquely tailored to our home.

Biophilic Design, Reimagined

Biophilic Design, Reimagined

Greenery has been having its moment in interiors, with individuals seeking out fresh and artificial plants, indoor trees, and botanical patterns in the home. Biophilia has taken root in design. The style has evolved into embracing the full wonder that nature provides us, from its grounded color palette to various landscapes and textures. We’re shifting towards choosing organic, natural materials across elements in the home, like textiles, flooring, and furniture. Biophilic design is our simple way to bring a piece of nature’s vastness into our homes.


Traditional design gets a modern twist to create a personalized, inviting space suited for a contemporary home. Like the idea of mixing eras, modern-traditional combines the old with the new through curated artwork, fabric selections, colors, and patterns. The focus is on layering the two designs, constructing a space of cozy comfort. The duality of past and present has us excited to embrace curating for a modern-traditional space.

‘70s Aesthetic

This year in design is seeing a resurgence of vintage. One which we’d particularly love to embrace is the ‘70s aesthetic. Think earthy tones like brown and ochre, natural wood paneling, smoked glass, and avant-garde furniture. After the past few years, the draw of relaxation in a laid-back atmosphere is great. We’re shifting from cool and minimalist styles to the luxurious warmth of the 1970s. Whether you’re embracing nostalgia or simply love the visual appeal, there’s no denying the self-expression and much-needed comfort that the aesthetic brings into the home.

Art Deco Details

As we shift away from sleek, clean spaces and lines, decorative styles are emerging in their place. Characterized by its rich colors and geometry, art deco is the decadence that our homes have been missing. Experience the glamor and luxury of decades past with exciting touches like geometric shapes, luxury furniture, and eye-catching fixtures like a cool mirror or vintage crystal chandelier. It’s all about elevating your space by incorporating opulent, personalized details.

Holistic Design

Home is more than your living space. Holistic design is about awareness of how our homes make us feel, including how aspects of its design can influence our happiness, health, and productivity. From color palettes to lighting and upholstery, wellness is the focus. We’re excited to delve deeper into this exploration between home, health, and being. 

Soft Florals

In line with other styles we’d like to embrace in 2023, soft florals reflect the revival of past designs. Merging modern with traditional is having its moment, stemming from a desire to infuse homes with comfort. Soft, classic florals ignite the feeling of nostalgia, enveloping our hearts with warmth. Accenting rooms with delicate florals through throw pillows, rugs, and minute details brings the cozy intimacy we’ve been craving.


As its name suggests, this style seamlessly blends Scandinavian and Japanese interior design styles. Marked by its sleek, modern lines and neutral color palette, the Scandinavian design embraces the principles of minimalism with hygge or cozy comfort. Conversely, Japanese design is simple, featuring light and muted colors and a connection to nature through details such as wood and stone. Japandi interior design focuses on simplicity, natural elements, and contrasting colors. The result is the creation of a modern, serene space that offers us minimalism with an updated twist. 

Dark Academia

The beauty of our homes rests in their ability to create any feeling, from serenity to nostalgia. Dark academia’s dramatic, moody style is marked by gothic elements and warmth, filling our homes with a cozy atmosphere. Embrace the style with dark and earthy palettes, restored antiques, or traditional furniture. A singular space wallpapered or painted in deep color with furnishings and fabrics in similar shades introduces this moody trend into the modernness of your home. Rich, natural features introduced to contemporary details create a space that has us wanting to curl up and read a classic novel.

New years bring new opportunities to evolve our spaces. Embrace the style your heart yearns for to conceive the feeling you want to embody this year. Finding your interior style is guided by your individuality and approach to home design. Adopt one of the styles we’d love to embrace in 2023, or integrate elements of multiple styles to create the cozy space you’re honored to call your own.

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