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Our Favorite AliExpress Wigs [And What You Need To Know About Buying A Wig]

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If you’ve never used AliExpress before, it’s time that you discovered this ultra-affordable online retailer. Founded in 2010 and owned by Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba (which you’ve likely seen in the news), AliExpress is the place to go for budget-friendly beauty products, including wigs — and we’re going to help you find the best AliExpress wigs for you.

What You Need to Know About Shopping on AliExpress as a New User

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Think of AliExpress as a knockoff version of Amazon. You can find many of the same products that you’d find on Amazon, just for a more affordable price. The quality is the same, but the price is much, much lower, and you can generally expect the same level of customer service that you’d get with Amazon. Amazon is pretty generous with their refunds, and so is AliExpress. 

So why is everything so cheap on AliExpress? As you may have guessed, the Chinese e-commerce company primarily works with sellers who are based in China, who work with only Chinese manufacturers. That means lots and lots of savings, which are then passed on to you, the customer. 

When it comes to wigs in particular (a product not exactly known for budget-friendliness), AliExpress cuts out the middle person who typically goes between retailers and manufacturers and sources its wigs direct from the factory. 

What to Watch for When Shopping on AliExpress

Of course, there are some things you’ll need to watch for when shopping on AliExpress. Otherwise, the online retailer would simply be too good to be true. 

In general, don’t go to AliExpress looking for specific brands. More often than not, you won’t actually be able to find the brand you’re looking for, just a fake bootleg. 

Additionally, be prepared to wait for long shipping periods, especially if you opt for free shipping. We’re talking months, and you most likely won’t get a tracking number. The best way to follow your package’s progress is to pay for shipping and a tracking number. 

This is one area where AliExpress really fails to compete with Amazon; whereas you can order items same-day with the latter, free shipping from AliExpress means never knowing quite when, or if, you’ll actually get your item (though, remember, you can easily get a refund from AliExpress if your shipment never arrives). 

Buying Wigs on AliExpress

If you’re already into wigs, you’ve likely already heard of AliExpress. The website is pretty well known in the wig community for offering wig units at staggeringly low prices, anywhere from $10 to $100, both of human hair and synthetic hair varieties. And the wig business works out pretty well for AliExpress. In fact, the online retailer sells a wig every two seconds

Whatever type of wig you’re shopping for on AliExpress, there are a few things you’ll want to look for. 

Look for sellers with high ratings. In fact, go ahead and ask the website’s search feature to only show you offerings from sellers with those high ratings. This will better protect you from unscrupulous sellers. 

While you’re narrowing down your search, be specific about what kinds of results you want to see. The more specific you are about the type of wig you want, the more likely you are to find it.

Our Favorite AliExpress Wig Vendors

Ready to get shopping? With the above tips and precautions in mind, here are some favorite AliExpress wig vendors for your browsing pleasure. 

Ali Pearl

AliExpress Wig from Ali Pearl

Ali Pearl is a top three manufacturer of human hair products specializing in virgin human hair. As an FYI, a virgin human hair wig is one that’s made with only hair from one individual and made only with hair that has never been dyed, treated, bleached or otherwise chemically processed. 

Highly rated on AliExpress, Ali Pearl offers hair bundles in a variety of textures, from straight blonde wigs to loose wave wigs to Brazilian deep waves. You can purchase not only full wigs, but also high-density lace closures and lace frontal human hair wigs.  

Ali Pearl also attempts to beat AliExpress’s normal substandard slow shipping by promising arrivals in 2 to 4 working days in “normal countries,” with shipping via DHL and UPS.  

Ali Grace

Ali Grace AliExpress Wigs

Another top AliExpress wig vendor, Ali Grace also focuses on 100% women human hair products. Established in 2013 in Xuchang, Ali Grace has served more than 100,000 customers to date and even offers wholesale distribution. Beyond Ali Grace’s “typical” wig offerings, the brand also offers unique dyed wigs in bright colors and ombre tones for more variety.


Isee wig from AliExpress

From weaves and dyed wigs to part lace wigs and lace closures, Isee offers a little bit of it all. And all of it is made from 100% human hair. Selling throughout Europe, the United States and Africa for nearly a decade, Isee provides a range of wig options in a range of colors and textures. And their customers love them, as you can see with their nearly 100% positivity rating. 

Like Ali Pearl, Isee also attempts to beat AliExpress’s poor shipping time reputation, with guaranteed delivery in 2 to 7 business days via DHL and UPS, depending on where you live. 


Luvin wig from AliExpress

Luvin specializes in wigs made from virgin Remy hair. What exactly does that mean?

Remy hair is human hair that’s exceptionally healthy, with intact cuticles and follicles that all run in the same direction for a higher quality and longer-lasting wig. 

“Virgin Remy hair” is hair that’s both virgin (so it hasn’t been dyed or treated) and Remy. Not all Remy hair is virgin, and not all virgin hair is Remy. However, Luvin is one AliExpress vendor that gives you the best of both worlds, with virgin Remy hair wigs. 


AliExpress Wig from UNice

UNice Hair is both an online and in-person retailer, with a brick-and-mortar store in California. Founded in 1999 in Xuchang, the brand offers 100% virgin human hair products and boasts a long history on AliExpress. UNice started selling on the platform with an official store in 2013 and, by 2015, was the third best-rated brand on the platform; then, it moved on to selling on Amazon and eBay, before being ranked a first best-rated brand on AliExpress in 2016.

Why Wear Wigs?

If you’re accustomed to wearing wigs only around Halloween or for cosplay, it’s time for you to jump on the wig-wearing bandwagon because this is a fashion trend that’s only going to keep growing. Wigs are becoming more popular as beauty and fashion accessories, and it’s no surprise to see your favorite celebs and influencers wearing wigs on YouTube or the red carpet. 

According to one Guardian article, Paris Hilton owns more than 800 wigs. Other popular celebs who love wigs include the Kardashian clan, Katy Perry and Cardi B. And now, thanks to vendors like AliExpress, everyone can try out the trend for themselves, regardless of budget. 

Today, many wig wearers choose to wear wigs as fashion accessories, but others use wigs to protect their natural hair from damage. 

What types of wigs can you buy?

Beyond synthetic versus natural wigs (which we’ll get to in a moment), there are other “types” of wigs you can purchase.

Ready-made wigs are just that — ready-made, one-size-fits-all, all of the pieces are there. Just pop it on your head and go (okay, so it’s not that easy, but you get the idea).

Lace frontal wigs (including HD lace frontal wigs and lace closure wigs) are readily available on AliExpress. These are usually made with human hair and include a piece that looks like your scalp in the front of the wig. There, the wig is either glued into place or, if you want to go glueless, sewn into your natural hair. 

A full-lace wig is much the same, only with a little more versatility than a straight lace front human hair wig, with more ways to wear the wig and keep it secure.

Custom wigs are your most expensive option, and obviously you can’t buy a custom wig on AliExpress. You’d need to go to a professional to get a wig made for your exact head shape.

What are the Ethical Implications of Buying Wigs from AliExpress? 

When you buy a human hair wig from AliExpress, you can expect that human hair to be sourced from Asia, the Middle East or South America (with a large amount of hair sourced from Chinese, Peruvian and Brazilian women). But is wearing a human hair wig ethical? 

The same Guardian article from above also looks at the ethical implications of wearing a wig, noting that, in some cases, human hair wigs are made in an exploitative manner, by either forcing women to shave their hair so another person can sell it or by not paying women fairly for their hair. 

If you want to check that your hair is ethically sourced, you’ll want to do your research before making a purchase. Look out for hair that’s been collected via “religious donations,” as that often refers to hair that’s used in religious ceremonies. While the hair is technically donated, the temples collecting the hair rake in big profits for their goods while only giving the women who donate the hair a “blessing” in return. 

Ethical wig makers are typically extremely transparent in order to set themselves apart from unethical wig makers. They’ll tell you exactly where they source their hair. REMY New York, for example, says that the brand “starts by ethically sourcing and paying high and fair wages for women’s hair all while providing work opportunities” in Vietnam and the United States.  

Synthetic or Real: Which Wig is Right for You?

A row of wigs

There are pros and cons to both synthetic and real wigs.

Going with a synthetic wig does, of course, ensure that you’re purchasing a product that wasn’t unethically sourced. Synthetic wigs are also typically more affordable. 

Unfortunately, they’re also easy to damage, can’t be styled with heat, are often difficult to clean & care for, and they just generally don’t last as long as a wig made from real hair. On top of this, synthetic wigs aren’t exactly sustainable; they’re made from polyester or plastic, in many cases, and take forever to break down in your local landfill. 

Wigs made from human hair, on the other hand, have a more authentic “feel,” blend naturally into your hairline and can last for years of regular use. Human hair wigs, however, are much more expensive than synthetic wigs, and they require a lot more care — just like a normal head of hair.

How much do human hair wigs cost?

As mentioned, AliExpress wigs cost anywhere from $10 to $100, but the final cost of a human hair wig will differ according to the type of hair used. 

Most expensive, virgin Remy human hair is most desirable, as it has never been dyed or treated, and it’s made up of intact, same-direction follicles. Remy hair is next-expensive, followed by virgin hair. 

It’s important to understand the implications of virgin hair, though; typically, virgin hair is sourced from economically challenged regions of the world, where women would not have access to dyes, hairdryers and other treatments or chemicals that would “ruin” the hair.

Because of their poverty, their hair has gone literally untouched for their entire lives. While that makes for desirable wig-making hair, it also means that unscrupulous manufacturers may be taking advantage of the women in question.

 From an ethical standpoint, you’d be best off going with, say, Remy Brazilian hair than virgin Peruvian hair for your wig.

Geographic origin also impacts wig cost. Chinese hair is most popular, making it the most affordable, followed by hair from other Asian countries (such as hair sourced from Indian or Malaysian women). The thicker the hair strands, the cheaper the wig will be. 

European/Caucasian hair is most expensive, as it’s in very short supply. 

The Right Wig is Out There 

Whether you go for real human hair, synthetic, virgin, Remy, transparent lace front human hair wigs, pre-plucked wigs, deep wave frontal wigs or whatever, the right wig is out there — if you’re willing to do a little research. And yes, you can find the right wig even on AliExpress, at AliExpress prices, if you do a little digging and find an ethical manufacturer.

Our 5 Favorite AliExpress Wigs: 

  1. Ali Pearl
  2. Ali Grace
  3. Isee 
  4. Luvin
  5. UNice

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