8 Ways to Make Your Anxious Cat Happy

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Being a cat owner is fun, but it can be equally challenging. The challenges are even more apparent when your cats have anxiety. Dealing with anxious cats can understandably take a toll on you. However, there are a few viable techniques that you can try that will make your anxious or nervous cat happy.

When dealing with cats, there is a need to be slightly creative to accommodate their needs. Every cat reacts differently, so you may need to try a few methods before figuring out what works best for your cat. Let us look at eight ways that will make your cat happy.

1. Make Sure Your Cats Have Their Own Space

All cats value their own private space. If your cat has anxiety, you need to ensure that you give it enough space to move around. Many cats do not like being confined in small spaces, so you need to ensure that you give your cat enough room to be comfortable.

Something as simple as allowing your cat more space to breathe will help it out significantly. If you have other pets or other animals in your house, you should ensure that you allocate a separate area for your anxious cat. You can purchase a mat or a cat bed that no other animal should use. Your cat will instantly feel much more relaxed when it sees that no one else will interfere with its private space.

2. Avoid or Reduce the Number of Things that Scare Them

Some cats get scared quickly. It would help if you observed your cat’s behavior to monitor the things that threaten your cat. Once you have successfully identified the items that scare your cat, you should remove them. At the very least, ensure that those things are not near your cat.

A cat’s anxiety can stem from many sources, so it is essential to ensure that your cat is not scared of any physical objects in its surroundings.

3. Give Them Space

Ragdoll cat, at home

In addition to giving them physical space, you also need to provide them with emotional space. Our natural reaction is to comfort an anxious animal. However, some cats may not like this response. If you try to relax your cat, and it is not going well, it is probably best to leave it alone.

Soon enough, your cat will calm down, and then you can proceed to comfort it. If your cat is actively trying to move away from you, do not try to force it to stay close. Just like humans, cats also need their own space to feel safe.

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4. Close The Curtains and Try Playing Music

Many cats are averse to outside surroundings. If you live in a noisy or dense neighborhood or have a lot of traffic noise that comes into your living space, you should try closing the curtains. Additionally, you can also try playing some soothing music. When you reduce the noise and eliminate the additional lights that come in from outside, your cat may feel more comfortable.

5. Introduce New Things Slowly

If you want to introduce new things to your cat’s surroundings, you should do it slowly. It would help if you took new things slowly, which also includes activities. Your cat may not appreciate sudden changes in its routine. If you want to introduce a new exercise to your cat, make sure you take your time with it. Do not introduce multiple objects or activities to your cat at once. If you present many new objects all at once, your cat may get overwhelmed.

Giving your cat ample time to adjust to new things is crucial for it to feel comfortable. 

6. Keep A Few Litter Trays Inside

Some cats do not want to go outside. So, it will be constructive if you keep a few litter boxes inside your house. If you do this, your cat will feel at ease knowing that it does not need to go out unnecessarily. Keeping some litter trays inside will undoubtedly prove beneficial for you because you can clean up the mess conveniently. 

7. Try Giving CBD to Your Cat

CBD Edibles, CBD-Infused Snacks

In addition to all the creative steps above, you can also try giving your cat Sunday Scaries. CBD is an excellent and comprehensive remedy that will help your cat relax. Cats have endocannabinoid systems in their bodies, just like humans. So, they can also feel the effects of taking CBD. CBD does not contain any significant quantity of THC, so your cat will not get high after taking it. It is an excellent resource because it allows your cats to experience all the benefits of the cannabis plant without facing any unwanted adverse effects. You can quickly purchase some CBD for your cats online. It is highly effective in treating the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Soon after you administer it to your cats, you will notice that they are much more comfortable. It also offers many other benefits for your cats. Some cats lose their appetite when they are anxious. When you give CBD to your cat, it will stimulate your cat’s appetite. 

It is straightforward to give CBD to your cats. You can purchase CBD oil or CBD capsules that you can administer to your cat. You can either give CBD oil or CBD capsules to your cats directly. Alternatively, you can get creative. You can conveniently mix CBD oil with your cat’s food. Your cat will not notice anything different. Using this method, your cat will experience all the benefits of taking CBD while enjoying its favorite meals. Always take extreme care to ensure that you administer the appropriate dosage of CBD to your cats. Since cats are significantly smaller than human beings, they are more sensitive to CBD. So, gain a deeper understanding of the appropriate dosage before you administer it to your cats. Your cat’s safety is the topmost priority, so ensure that you take all the requisite precautions while administering it to your cat.

8. Contact Your Veterinarian and an Accredited Behaviorist

If none of the above creative solutions work for your cat, you should probably contact your cat’s veterinarian. In addition, you can also get an accredited behaviorist. This consultation with medical professionals will help ensure that you take all the necessary steps to help your cat. Having a conversation with your cat’s veterinarian will also help you assess the other remedies you can offer to your cat.


If your cat is feeling anxious, you should take all the necessary steps to help it feel better. Many creative ways exist through which you can make your nervous cats happy. If none of these methods work for you, you should visit your cat’s veterinarian.

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