20 GIFs from the ‘80s That Will Instantly Take You Back

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1. Fabio-My-God!

He lept straight off the cover of romance novels and into the limelight. Fabio and his flowing hair carved a career for themselves as a model and spokes-hunk during the ‘80s. 

One of his biggest claims to fame was his “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” Commercial. Between that, the modeling and playing parodies of himself in like a million cameo appearances, his career actually lasted well beyond the ‘80s

But his biggest starring role was probably in his fan’s bodice-ripping fantasies. Yeah, you know who you are. And, hey, whatever you’re into. 

2. Don’t You Forget About These Sunglasses

They were the shades that you could take you from geek to almost chic, as witnessed by Anthony Michael Hall here. Okay, maybe a popular girl still wouldn’t date him. But she might pause for a moment before asking her quarterback boyfriend to plunge his head in the toilet. 

3. Purple Cape, Puuuuurple Cape!

Prince and his gender-bending fashion sense always gave us something to talk about. Why was purple his color of choice? Probably because he was a Winter.

4. Miami Fashion Police

But most guys couldn’t pull off a sparkly purple cape, which is why a lot of them went for the blazer and t-shirt look like Don Johnson in Miami Vice. They almost spent most of their time at parties pushing up their jacket sleeves.

This did not make it easy to hold a drink.

5. Desperately Seeking An Acting Career

In 1985 Madonna got her first major role on the big screen in Desperately Seeking Susan. It seems like she’s been desperately trying to learn how to act ever since. Nuff said. 

6. Pee Wee’s Big Bust

Adults and kids loved the ultra campy Pee Wee’s Playhouse starring Paul Reubens. Yes, it was all fun and games until he got arrested for indecent exposure in a theatre. Which lead to Pee Wee’s big adventure getting fingerprinted. 

7. Hell Phones

This was the era when cell phones were as big as your head. Depending on how big your hair was. Either way, you could definitely build your biceps with those suckers.

8. Karma Not Much of a Chameleon

Boy George and the Culture Club had what? Six hit songs? 

It’s hard to say because they all sounded exactly alike. Which is maybe why they went from “you come and go” to “you came and went.” Props for what was considered his breakout sense of fashion though.

9. The Boombox Workout

This is what we considered to be portable music in the ‘80s. If you wanted to share it with your friends, you turned up the volume. It also doubled as a workout for those not into jazzercise. 

10. Top Dog

Spuds MacKenzie first starred in a 1987 Bud Light commercial and was an immediate smash. Sales rose by 20%, and soon this party animal was showing up on t-shirts, posters and a whole lot of other ‘80s paraphernalia.

Wonder if he got a lot of tail?

11. Mr. T-ed Off

He wore copious amounts of gold jewelry, yet Mr. T form the A-team still managed to intimidate us. Guess it was the muscles. And the mohawk. 

I pity the fool who ever took a knuckle sandwich with all those rings. 

12. My Little Pony Up the Bucks

It wasn’t just  a popular ‘80s toy. It was a feature film, two animated specials and a television series. Those horses were definitely on a run. 

13. The Frisbee Dudes. Where Are They Now?

Everyone knew one of these guys. They could be spotted at the beach, at the park and all over college campuses, usually without a shirt.

I wonder where they all are now? A special reserve where they can still play frisbee wild and free? One can only hope. 

14. Jazzer Guys and Gals

This is what passed for exercise in the ‘80s. Oh, how I would love to see them try a crossfit workout. I’m thinking 5 burpees max and they’d quit.

15. The Fanny Pack Your Sense of Fashion Away

Fanny packs. They should have been banned immediately. Not even the Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, could make it look good.

And PS: Dwayne definitely got hotter with age. Probably because he no longer sports a fanny pack.

16. Fast Times at Your Typical High School

Sean Penn gave a tour de force performance as the stoner dude from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. I mean, he perfectly embodied that loadie we all knew in high school. How the Academy ever skipped over him that year is a mystery.

But they made it up to him later with two Oscars for Milk and Mystic River. Awesome, dude!

17. Extra-Terrestrial Breakfast

We all loved that little alien. But did you know he hocked food for General Mills? ET go home and eat your cereal.

18. Weird Al’s Take On It

Some people made fun of the ‘80s when they were still living in the ‘80s. Like Weird Al Yankovich, who was famous for his video parodies like this one dubbed “Just Eat It.”

Mmm. I want pizza.

19. Sunscreen? What sunscreen?

If you grew up in the ‘80s, chances are you skipped the sunscreen and used tanning oil instead. This girl probably looks like a leather handbag by now.

20. A Little Story About Sam and Diane

If you didn’t have a date on Thursdays, you stayed in and watched Sam and Diane on Cheers. They were the ultimate I-Hate-You-So-Much-I-Want-To-Sleep-With-You couple. 

The chemistry jumped off the screen. Definitely not the couple you wanted to model a relationship on though. 

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