The 5 Best Adjustable Beds You Can Buy Online From Wayfair

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Are you tired of waking up with back pain? Sick of tossing and turning at night because your significant other snores or has an awkward sleeping position? Wishing your bed could feel more comfortable when you’re reading, watching TV or using your phone or tablet?

If you’re looking for a new way to sleep and lounge, it might be time to consider an adjustable bed.

Forget about those commercials you used to see on TV as a kid – adjustable beds are not just for older people! They’re super comfy, dozens of different brands make them and there are a lot of options that are more affordable than you may be thinking.

And with features like wall-hugging technology, so you still have the room for a nightstand and the ability to pop an adjustable bed base into a regular bed frame, your bedroom can look as sleek and modern as you want—no hospital looking beds here.

If you’re interested in an adjustable bed, today we’re reviewing 5 of the best options that you can buy online from Wayfair right now.

Are Adjustable Beds Better Than Regular Beds?

Before we start talking about specific products, let’s make one thing clear: adjustable beds can provide a lot of health benefits.

An adjustable bed can give you the option to sleep and relax in different positions. You can sleep with your head raised, your feet elevated, or choose to use the adjustable options when you’re sitting and reading in bed.

Those varying positions can relieve pressure on specific areas of the body and assist with some common ailments and health issues.

If you suffer from back pain, sleep apnea, acid reflux or snoring, an adjustable bed is definitely worth considering.

What to Look For in an Adjustable Bed

Different beds offer different features, so make sure you read all of the product details before buying a bed online.

Some come with wireless remotes, while others include wired remote controls. Some include mattresses, and some do not. Some allow you to preset programmable positions, while others may require you to adjust your settings each and every time.

Some adjustable beds include body massage features. Some are built to work within an existing bed frame or connect to an existing headboard.

And, most importantly, some include split bases. If you’re sleeping side by side with another person, a split mattress and split base is the only way to go. Unless the two of you always want to sleep or sit in the exact same position, you’ll want the option to adjust your side of the bed the way you want!

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InKline Remote Adjustable Bed Base and 10″ Mattress

This adjustable bed takes the top spot on our list for one key reason: it includes a 10″ foam mattress. The InKline Remote Adjustable Bed Base and 10″ Mattress features a fully adjustable design that allows you to configure a variety of comfy positions. You can enjoy different sleep positions and angles for reading, lounging, watching TV, working on a laptop or using your tablet.

Designed to increase blood circulation and ease stress, this bed includes a wireless remote control and a quiet motor. It also has adjustable legs so you can customize the height, and a hybrid mattress featuring reactive foam with foam encased coils. This base can fit inside most bed frames or can be used as a standalone adjustable base.

Available in sizes Twin XL – Split California King

Queen size retail price: $681.99 / Wayfair price: $579.99

Life Motion Adjustable Bed Base

The Life Motion Adjustable Bed Base is a great option that’s not overloaded with features. This adjustable bed frame includes a wireless remote that allows you to adjust the head and feet until you reach the most comfortable position and space-saving wall-hugger technology.

The smart and basic design allows this adjustable bed base to ship to your home via UPS or FedEx to keep shipping costs low.

Available in sizes Twin XL – Split King

Queen size retail price: $1,069.00 / Wayfair price:

Beautyrest Luxury Adjustable Bed Base

With a contemporary black base, the Beautyrest Luxury Adjustable Bed Base will add elegance and comfort to any bedroom. This bed base includes a massage function and allows for complete adjustability with the simple use of a wireless remote control that includes a zero-gravity preset.

This bed base also includes USB ports and smart-home enabled Bluetooth features, and it comes with brackets to attach a headboard. Plus, the micro hook technology keeps your mattress in place with the use of a retainer bar.

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And if this adjustable base didn’t have enough features, you can turn on the under-bed lighting for an instant, yet classy, nightlight.

Available in sizes Twin XL – California King

Queen size retail price: $1,859.99 / Wayfair price: $1,569.99

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Adjustable Bed Base

The Tempur-Pedic name is synonymous with high-quality sleep and comfort, and the TEMPUR-Ergo Adjustable Bed Base is designed to enhance both.

Fully adjustable from head to toe, this bed is made to take the pressure off your body while you sleep. It includes a wireless remote with preset buttons so you can save your favorite positions, a massage feature with three levels of intensity, a zero-gravity position preset, USB ports, wall-hugging design and under-bed lighting.

Available in sizes Twin XL – Queen

Queen size retail price: $1,299.99 / Wayfair price: $1,199.00

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Base With Wireless Remote

With the Blissful Nights 14″ Adjustable Bed Base, finding your most comfortable positions is a cinch. Sleep with your head up and your feet down. Sleep with your feet elevated and your head low. Raise both ends to enjoy a semi-seated position – it’s entirely up to you!

This fully adjustable bed includes a wireless remote with a flat button, and you can use it standalone or place it inside a decorative bed frame. You can also program the split bases to move together for use with a solid mattress.

Available in sizes Twin XL – Split California King

Queen size retail price: $1,080.00 / Wayfair price: $509.99

Don’t Forget the Mattress

Keep in mind that most of these beds only include the bed frame, not the mattress. The only bed on this list that actually includes a mattress is the InKline model. If you go with any of our other picks, you’ll need an adjustable mattress to go with it.

If you’re looking to make your entire bed and mattress purchase from Wayfair, check out the Wayfair Sleep 14″ Plush Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress comes compressed and shipped in a box, and it includes a free 100-night sleep trial, so you can test it out.

Many foam mattress brands, like Lull and Purple, are compatible with adjustable bed bases; just be sure to reach out to your mattresses’ manufacturer if you have any questions.

What Are the Best Adjustable Beds at Wayfair?


Adjustable beds can take your sleeping habits to a whole new level, and Wayfair has dozens of options to choose from.

Before you buy, compare prices and features. Do you suffer from heartburn, have back pain, or just like to read or watch tv in bed? Knowing why you want an adjustable bed will help you find the right one.  Adjustable bed frames and mattresses aren’t cheap, so do your homework before you make a purchase, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Most of these adjustable bed bases only have a 30-day limited return policy.

And, depending on the bed you buy, you might need to do some assembly. Wayfair doesn’t provide a white glove delivery service, so when your bed is delivered, you’ll have to carry it into your bedroom and set it up yourself.

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The 5 Best Adjustable Beds You Can Buy Online From Wayfair

Plus, the 3 Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

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