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The 35 Best Gifts For Administrative Professionals Day

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Your office would most likely cease to exist without the help of administrative professionals. Luckily, April 21 is Administrative Professionals’ Day, giving you the opportunity to show them extra love and appreciation! If you don’t know what to buy for the ones who keep your office afloat, here’s our gift guide with the 35 best gifts for every office personality. 

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Leather Portfolio 

Leather Portfolio 

Desktop adventure set

Desktop Adventures Set

Meditation Mug

Meditation Mug

 Haus Kit 

Haus Kit 

What is an Administrative Professional?

The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) recognizes 520 unique job titles that fall under the category of administrative professional. With over 500 job titles in the mix, it’s no wonder it can be challenging to determine who does and doesn’t fall into this category!

Typically, administrative assistants, executive assistants, receptionists and people who fill job roles that cover secretarial duties are all considered to be administrative professionals. But here’s where it can get tricky! Executive assistants are often considered part of the management team, not part of the administrative division, primarily if they are overseeing staff. 

In fact, I’ve worked as an administrative professional, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that there is serious confusion as to who holds this title. But it would always become clear on Administrative Professionals’ Day who did and didn’t fall into these categories! 

There was one manager who always had the idea that the other managers should take the ladies in the office out to lunch on Administrative Professionals’ Day. I was included in a few celebrations after a promotion that took me out of that department while other staff filling those roles were not included. 

This did not go over terribly well. To avoid situations like this from unfolding, it is essential to properly classify your administrative professionals as such because the people who fill these positions keep your workplace together. Their knowledge bases and skillsets are typically incredibly vast as they must know everyone’s positions in order to properly fill theirs. 

In a study from 2018, approximately 50% of the administrative professionals who were surveyed were expected to be available outside of regular business hours. As such, administrative professionals are likely the hardest working, most knowledgeable individuals in a company or at the office. 

In my case, many of the other ladies in the office had never worked in the Administrative Department. While they held technical positions that were difficult in their own way, neither could do the other’s job. 

But before we dive into gift ideas, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that only women will receive recognition on this day. Male staff members hold somewhere from 5% to 18% of these administrative job titles, though the exact percentage will fully depend on the definition your company uses.

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Gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day

What originally started as Secretaries’ Day in 1952 falls during the last full week of April. Always on a Wednesday, Administrative Professionals’ Day is a holiday designed to show appreciation for the often unseen work that administrative professionals conduct on a daily basis. This day is also part of a larger celebration that is known as Secretaries’ Week. 

This year, Administrative Professionals’ Day is April 21, 2021. So, why give a gift? Well, it helps to reference the numerous studies that have shown the link between workplace satisfaction and overall job performance. 

One study found that when employees were happy and satisfied, there was a 31% increase in productivity. A great way to bolster workplace satisfaction? Ensure employees are adequately recognized for their contributions.

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide of the 35 best gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day for all the office personality types. We hope it helps you find a way to show your appreciation to all of your administrative professionals! 

The Office Green Thumb

Someone giving a thumbs up to the camera from behind a whole bunch of indoor plants

For your office green thumb this admin day, consider one of these terracotta grow kits. Each kit comes with a chic terracotta pot that contains everything they need to start growing a new plant right from their desk. 

Daisies are an especially great choice. They’ll show that you appreciate all of the hard work your administrative team does in a season-friendly way. But maybe your office green thumb already has enough plants to the point where their cubicle looks like a miniature rainforest. 

If that’s the case, opt for a gift that still fits the theme. This desk lamp looks like a cute potted plant though it also doubles as a pen holder! 

  1. Terracotta Grow Kits
  2. Desk Lamp 

The Workaholic

Close up of someone working on their laptop

If your resident workaholic is always hustling on the side or their favorite coffee mug proudly sports the words “Girl Boss,” show them that you support their entrepreneurial endeavors with this Sparkle Hustle Grow Entrepreneur Box. It’s a fun subscription-style box gift for women who have their eyes on big things. 

Each box is $67, and they typically come with four to five office supplies or tech items, plus access to a community of other professionals and monthly training sessions. Past boxes have included lifestyle books, planner stickers, note cards, headphones and more! 

While your office workaholic definitely benefits the team with all their drive, you also might want to encourage them to slow down. Burnout is real after all! 

This 30 Day Challenge Box will give them suggestions on ways to slow down and enjoy the little things in life on a daily basis for the next month. Pair it with a gift card, Hallmark card or bouquet of flowers and you’ll have an Administrative Professionals’ Day gift ready to give! 

Essential oils can also be helpful when encouraging your workaholic to relax. Pair these essential oils with a diffuser for an office environment that’ll instantly put anyone at ease.

If you’ve noticed that your workaholic is constantly struggling to keep their meeting notes, business cards or other must-have items in one place and ready to go at a moment’s notice, help them out with this stylish leather portfolio

A notepad, business cards, writing utensils, and important documents can easily fit inside of it, making it not only helpful but versatile as well. You can have the portfolio customized for an extra special touch.

  1. Sparkle Hustle Grow Entrepreneur Box
  2. 30-Day Challenge Box 
  3. Essential Oils 
  4. Stylish Leather Portfolio 

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Team Tea

Close up of loose leaf tea brewing in glass mugs

For a tea infuser with a more whimsical touch, check out this Baby Nessie Tea Infuser. Adorable and dishwasher safe, all you have to do is fill the cryptid’s body with loose-leaf tea and add it to your favorite mug. The result is a charming little Loch Ness monster that pokes over the rim.

If your Team Tea members are always looking to try something new, go with this Art of Tea mixed sampler. Each variety pack includes a selection of caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas, all inside of eco-friendly pyramid tea bags. Included varieties range from classics like organic breakfast tea to fun options like coconut creme white tea and pomegranate green tea.

  1. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser
  2. Art of Tea Mixed Sampler

Team Coffee

Three friends cheersing with their coffee cups in the middle of the screen

Maybe your Team Coffee member needs to get more caffeine in their system STAT, even before they’ve even stepped foot out of the shower. This caffeinated soap can help. Each bar smells like peppermint, and they can provide anywhere from 200 to 250 milligrams of caffeine per use.

If your Team Coffee member is a fiddler through and through, give them something to do with those busy fingers while they drink their morning cuppa. This meditation mug features a unique design that allows the user to mindlessly trace their way to a greater state of caffeinated bliss.

However, if they hardly have time to even make their cup of joe each morning, help them out with this simplified cold brew coffee maker and carafe. All they need to do is add water to the grounds at night before going to bed. Once it’s been able to sit at room temperature for 12 hours, the maker can deposit the cold brew coffee directly into the carafe.

From there, it will stay at the most ideal cold temperature for up to 24 hours. With this tool in their repertoire, they can literally just wake up and start sipping their coffee immediately.

  1. Caffeinated Soap
  2. Meditation Mug 
  3. Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Carafe 

The One Who Works to Support Their Travel Habit 

Overhead shot of man packing his carry on suitcase

You can spot The One Who Works to Support Their Travel Habit by the incredible adventure photos around their cubicle. They are always finding new ways to maximize their vacation time, and they have the most amazing stories of places you have never even heard of. 

They most likely bring a backpack to the office and know every trick for booking last minute flights. They are passionate about their careers as it allows them to do the thing they love most. This may be one of the more difficult staff members to give presents to, but it’s not impossible!  

When experiences are your currency of choice, tangible items don’t often hold as much value. But that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from various physical gifts, like a multi-tool box, which can come in handy when they least expect it. Plus, it’s easy to tuck away in their travel bag. 

You can also help them keep their eyes on the prize with this Desktop Adventure Set. Tiny wooden figures don’t take up much desk space but will hold a silent vigil for their next adventure. 

Give them inspiration with the help of a fun travel book. From there, slip a note that lets them know they’ll also get an extra day off to go on their next travel adventure. 

  1. Multi-Tool Box 
  2. Desktop Adventure Set 
  3. Travel Books 

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The “Who Brought the Cookies?” Culprit

A cookie with a bite taken out of it on a white backdrop. Is it chocolate chip? Is it raisin? We'll never know.

You’ll find this staff member either sheepishly or proudly admitting that they were in fact the one who put all of those freshly baked cookies in the breakroom. You look forward to their Christmas cookie tray every year, and somehow, on top of everything else that they already do for the office, they make it a point to bake a birthday treat for every staff member. 

You love them, yet you secretly blame them for those pesky five pounds that you can’t lose. The cookie culprit will never be sad about receiving fun baking accessories or a bunch of interesting ingredients. For instance, a classy apron and some stirring spoons would make for a very thoughtful gift for him or her. 

Similarly, a set of cookie cutters in unique dog and cat shapes will make the next plate of cookies for the office even more pawsome. You can also give them the gift of unique flavors with a dessert and baking salt set. After all, any good baker knows it’s not only about the sugar. 

  1. Cute Apron
  2. Set of Cookie Cutters 
  3. Baking Salt Set 

The One With Their Pet on Their Mousepad

Woman's arm reaching out to touch her black cat while the cat reaches to her hand

This office professional is not hard to spot at all, especially because the name is basically your first clue. The One With Their Pet on Their Mousepad will be over the moon about their pet in a way that’s impossible to hide. 

They’ll bring their dog into the office whenever possible, and you’ve seen more pictures of their cats than you have of your new niece. Show them your appreciation with a special something for their pet. 

The Fiesta Pet Collection has all the accessories to make their pet feel like a prince. Or what about surprising them with a custom portrait of their pet?! 

Grab a photo of their beloved furry friend and turn it into a classic masterpiece, like a painted work of art. I have personally seen the tears that can come along with gifting one of these, and it’s pretty amazing. 

  1. Fiesta Pet Collection 
  2. Painted Pet Wall Art 

The One Who Never Misses Happy Hour

Fancy cocktail with dried fruit and fresh herbs sitting solo on a wooden tray.

Let’s face it — one of the few perks of working in the office is when the boss takes everyone out for a round of happy hour drinks. If you’ve got that administration professional on your team who never, ever misses happy hour, consider giving them a gift that will allow them to indulge a bit, even on Fridays when you don’t take everyone out for a round of drinks.

A wine delivery subscription could be the gift that keeps on giving. After all, you appreciate your administrative professionals every day of the year, right? So why not give them a gift that will make them feel loved on a daily basis? Choose between a consistent, monthly delivery or surprise them with a gift box of several wine varieties. 

You’ll have lots of options to pick from. However, if you know your resident wino is more of a hands-on and DIY type of person, you might consider gifting him or her a make-your-own-wine kit instead. Available on Etsy, this option will give them everything they need to make a gallon of wine, which is approximately five standard bottles, including merlot juice sourced from Chile! 

For the office spirits lover, a Haus kit can upgrade their at-home mixology experience. Choose between a Haus cocktail kit or a spritz kit. The former comes with four classic Haus flavors, whereas the latter comes with four Haus aperitifs.

  1. Wine Delivery 
  2. Make-Your-Own-Wine Kit 
  3. Haus Kit 

The Tech Wizard

Laptop slightly open with wallpaper lighting up the black background

Is your administrative professional always helping you figure out how to work your latest gadget or helping you reconnect your laptop to the wireless printer yet again? Are they your go-to person when it comes to figuring out how to edit PDFs or export your documents? 

If so, you might just have a tech wizard on your hands. While you definitely need to figure out that printer issue on your own, recognize your administrative professional’s tech prowess with a tech-friendly gift.

Apple AirPods are a good choice, especially if your administrative professional is always on the go. If they’re constantly jumping from desk to meeting room and conference space to coffee shop, AirPods will make it easy for them to listen to their favorite tunes or podcasts the entire time, all without any interruptions.

You can also help your tech wizard reminisce about simpler times with these upcycled floppy disk notepads. You might find yourself needing to explain exactly what a floppy disk is if he or she is a lot younger than you, but just think of it as a learning experience for the both of you.

If you have a team of MacBook users, you might want to invest in some stylish docking stations. Useful both at home and at the office, this option is handmade using solid wood and stainless steel.

For the professional who’s admittedly tech savvy yet somehow still always forgets to mute themselves during conference calls, consider throwing in this mute button. Not only is it easy to use, but it also provides people with additional peace of mind, especially for the administrative professionals who need to double- or triple-check that they’re muted before they mutter a few choice words.

You can also help them stay charged up and ready to go with this linen wireless charger. Stylish, sleek, and minimalistic, this tool can charge multiple devices at once while keeping other items in arm’s reach, like keychains and spare change or anything else in between.

Eating at your desk often comes with a few safety hazards, but sometimes you have to on days where it’s not easy to get away from the office for lunch. The least you can do to help your tech wizard out in these situations is to provide them with a colorful keyboard cover. Suitable for MacBook laptops, these keyboard covers are both budget-friendly and durable.

Every tech whiz knows the importance of good cable management. Help your administrative professional stay organized. Give them tools to keep all their cables out of sight and out of the way, like this cable management box that keeps things both stylish and accessible. Plus, the heavy-duty exterior keeps things safe even if the box is placed under a desk, as do the tight lid and the rubber feet designed to prevent slipping.

  1. Apple AirPods
  2. Upcycled Floppy Disk Notepads 
  3. Docking Stations
  4. Mute Button
  5. Linen Wireless Charger 
  6. Keyboard Covers
  7. Cable Management Box

The Office Gym Rat

Woman looking at herself in the mirror as she grabs weights

Does your office offer a gym? Either way, if your administrative professional is a true gym rat who’s either always headed to spin class before their 8 a.m. meetings or running out at 5 p.m. in their gym clothes, present them with one of the following gifts to help them stay healthy and fit, regardless of their job demands.

An engraved stainless steel water bottle can help them meet their daily water quota in style. There are so many options from Etsy, many of which come in a range of colors and can be customized to say whatever you’d like as the engraving.

If they already have a favorite stainless steel water bottle, you might want to give them a water bottle alternative that offers something totally different and unique. These fruit-infusing water bottles feature an internal cylinder that your employee can pack with all of their favorite fruits for a tasty treat and added hydration, no matter how long their work days are.

If they’re really struggling to mix up their workout routine lately, help them add a little bit of variety to their daily trip to the gym with the help of some fitness dice. Another great question to ask is, “Are they already using a standing desk for its fitness benefits?”

Similarly, do they have a blow-up balance ball handy for those moments where they’d like to work on their core muscles while typing away? Help them level up their at-work workout further with this standing desk balance board

Designed to increase the benefits of a standing desk, this balance board can help them work on their muscle tone throughout the work day.

  1. Engraved Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  2. Fruit-Infusing Water Bottles
  3. Fitness Dice
  4. Standing Desk Balance Board

No Shame in Playing It Safe

Flowers are beautiful, but you know what’s better than just flowers on their own? Flowers and chocolates. This gift box comes with a dozen gorgeously-arranged roses alongside a selection of Lindor chocolates in a matching hue. 

It’s all tucked away in an elegant hat box. While you’re shopping around for the perfect gift card, consider checking out the available gift certificates at your local luxury spa as well. 

After all, everyone could always use a little relaxation, and your administrative professional is often someone who’s under a lot of stress, given the fact that he or she is the gatekeeper for you and your entire team. So, encourage them to relax by presenting them with a full day of pampering

And on that note, consider giving them the day off, too. Sometimes, all your employees really want is just a day away from the office. So, on Administrative Professionals’ Day this year, go ahead and give them an awesome gift paired with the day off. 

Also, make sure you don’t blow up their phone or email them all day long while they’re away. Keep in mind that Administrative Professionals’ Day is a public holiday designed to recognize the work of secretaries and administrative support professionals who keep your office running. 

As such, try not to bother them while they take the day to themselves! And whatever you do, show your professional team a little bit of added appreciation and recognize the holiday’s name change. This isn’t National Secretaries’ Day or National Secretaries’ Week anymore!  

  1. Gift Box 
  2. Spa Day and Day Off Work

Gifts You Should Never Give Your Admin Professional

No matter which industry you work in, there are going to be certain gifts that are generally off limits when it comes to presents you should give people in your workplace. Here are a handful of gift ideas to steer clear of this Administrative Professionals Day: 

  • Jewelry 
  • Undergarments of any kind 
  • Overly expensive or luxurious items 
  • A paid-for lunch they have to plan themselves 
  • Flowers because they might be allergic 

Happy Gifting

In the end, everyone just wants to feel valued and appreciated. It is especially important to connect with our professional teams and let them know how important they are to us, especially during times where social distancing is the norm. 

Many administrative professionals are now working from home, balancing a new normal while staying on top of their hectic work life. Thankfully, the power of technology makes it easy to order a gift from the comfort of your laptop and have it shipped directly to them. 

Administrative professionals hold a lot of power in the office. Take our advice and show them you appreciate everything they do for you! 

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The Best Gifts for Administrative Professionals’: 

  1. Terracotta Grow Kit
  2. Potted Plant Desk Lamp
  3. Sparkle Hustle Grow Entrepreneur Box
  4. 30-Day Challenge Box 
  5. Essential Oils 
  6. Stylish Leather Portfolio 
  7. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser
  8. Art of Tea Mixed Sampler
  9. Caffeinated Soap
  10. Meditation Mug 
  11. Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Carafe 
  12. Multi-Tool Box 
  13. Desktop Adventure Set 
  14. Travel Books 
  15. Cute Apron
  16. Set of Cookie Cutters 
  17. Baking Salt Set 
  18. Fiesta Pet Collection 
  19. Painted Pet Wall Art 
  20. Wine Delivery 
  21. Make-Your-Own-Wine Kit 
  22. Haus Kit 
  23. Apple AirPods
  24. Upcycled Floppy Disk Notepads 
  25. Docking Stations
  26. Mute Button
  27. Linen Wireless Charger 
  28. Keyboard Covers
  29. Cable Management Box
  30. Engraved Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  31. Fruit-Infusing Water Bottles
  32. Fitness Dice
  33. Standing Desk Balance Board
  34. Gift Box 
  35. Spa Day and Day Off Work

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