15 Best Wine Decanters on Amazon [Functional and Fancy]

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Love to kick back and relax with a few glasses of wine over dinner? At the end of a long day at work, popping a cork on a bottle of wine and then guzzling it down within the hour may seem like a good idea at the moment. But experts will tell you that that’s not the best way to drink and enjoy wine.

We’re not suggesting you need to become a sommelier. We’re not even suggesting you take wine that seriously. But we do know that by storing it and aerating it the right way, it will taste better.

And that means decanting.

High-end decanters can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But those aren’t the ones we’re talking about today. If you’re ready to experience wine the right way, here are the 15 best wine decanters on Amazon. (Spoiler alert: they’re all affordable).

What Is the Purpose of a Wine Decanter?

Pouring wine into a decanter isn’t just for show or for the sake of being fancy. There’s actually quite a bit of science behind it.

Decanting allows wine to breathe. Wines are filled with tannins — naturally occurring compounds that come from the skins, seeds and stems of the grapes used in the winemaking process. Tannins are typically what causes wine to create that dry sensation in your mouth, and all wines have them to some degree.

By aerating an uncorked wine, you expose it to oxygen, which helps to soften the tannins and release the gases that have built up inside the sealed bottle. As the wine is exposed to oxygen, it also releases flavors and aromas.

Decanting serves another purpose as well — separating sediments from the liquid.

Look at a bottle of red wine, especially older wines, and you’ll probably see some sediment at the bottom. By pouring the wine slowly into a decanter, you can separate the sediment, resulting in a more pleasant taste.

And, of course, a decanter just looks way nicer on a tabletop or bar cart than an open bottle with wine dripping down the label. It’s more common to decant red wine than white wine, although both can benefit from allowing the wine to breathe.

Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter

We’re kicking off our list with the Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter, in part because it’s our favorite and partly because it’s one of the most expensive one on this list. This crystal wine decanter is handmade and features a sleek and elegant silhouette with a wide, flat bottom that provides a great surface area for your wine to breathe. The smooth silhouette and simple shape make it easy to coordinate with a variety of different wine glasses.

This high-quality decanter is dishwasher safe, but at this price, we recommend hand washing.


Godinger Wine Decanter Aerator Carafe

Perfect for the wine enthusiast on a budget, the Godinger Wine Decanter Aerator Carafe costs less than $20!

Made from lead-free crystal, this decanter has a broad pour spout and a wide base that can easily hold a standard 750ml bottle of wine.

The look is simple and chic, making it easy to mix and match with all sorts of wine glasses. No matter what type of wine you like to drink, it’s the perfect addition to any bar or dinner table setting.

Aside from the incredibly affordable price, this aerator is a great choice because it has a slanted top to prevent spills and drips.


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Menu Wine Decanter

Made from glass with silicone rubber, the Menu Wine Decanter features a unique design with a clear steel lid and that familiar wide base.

This decanter is the perfect way to let your wine breathe, and the way it’s constructed makes it incredibly easy to pour your wine inside.

Just hold your bottle upright over the decanter and let it drain inside. If you want to save some of the wine to drink at a later date, you can invert the decanter and pour from the decanter back into the bottle. Just be sure to cork the bottle to keep it fresh!


Luigi Bormioli Crescendo Decanter

The Luigi Bormiolo Crescendo Decanter is made from machine-blown glass and features a classic design that makes it easy to pour wine into and out of for every use.

This lead-free crystal glass decanter features a large-mouth pour spout and a broad base that promotes excellent oxygenation and aeration.

Perfect for anyone who loves red wine, this decanter is dishwasher safe, so you won’t ever have to worry about getting a brush or sponge into those hard-to-reach bottom curves.


Spiegelau Authentis Decanter

Aerate your wine in centuries-old style with the Spiegelau Authentis Decanter.

Another option crafted from lead-free crystal, this decanter features a sturdy and durable design curved in such a way that it’s super comfortable to hold and pour.

Use it to aerate red wine or serve white wine — either way, it looks stunning on a table set for a casual brunch or a fancy dinner.


Vintorio GoodGlassware Wine Decanter

With its wide base and a punt at the bottom, the Vintorio GoodGlassware Wine Decanter is the perfect way to aerate your favorite wine.

Made from 100% lead-free glass, this sleek decanter boasts a spacious base and a slender neck that makes it easy to pour.

The punt at the bottom isn’t just decorative (though it does look pretty cool). It’s actually there to help separate the sediment in the wine bottle from the wine itself.


Simplified by Jess Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

If you’re the type of wine lover that can polish off two bottles in a night, the Simplified by Jess Crystal Glass Wine Decanter is an excellent option. Unlike most decanters, which are designed to hold one bottle, this decanter is large enough to hold 1200ml, almost two standard bottles of wine.

This lead-free crystal decanter boasts a unique silhouette with an open cut out in the center that makes it easy to grip and pour. It’s detailed with a slanted spout and features smooth, elegant curves, making it a beautiful (and functional) addition to any tabletop.


Onearf Iceberg Wine Decanter

A silicone stopper makes the Onearf Iceberg Wine Decanter great for aerating, pouring and storing wine. Stainless steel cleaning beads and a drying stand are included, making it super easy to clean after each and every use.

This wine carafe features a unique detail with an iceberg-shaped detail at the bottom.

We love this design because you can pour wine from the bottle into the carafe and from the carafe back into the bottle. It’s made from crystal glass and comes with a durable stopper so that you can keep your wine in the decanter overnight (or until the next time you’re ready for a drink).


Le Chateau Wine Decanter

The Le Chateau Wine Decanter features a wide, flat base that provides maximum surface area for your wine (aka maximum aeration). A slender neck makes it easy to pour, while a slanted spout helps to prevent drips and spills.

With over 3,500 five-star reviews, this is one of Amazon’s best-selling wine decanters, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s timeless, classic and designed to enhance both the flavor and aroma of red wine. Whether you prefer pinot noir, cab, or merlot, this wine decanter offers excellent style, incredible function, and great value.


Smaier Wine Decanter Aerator

Swan-like curves make the Smaier Wine Decanter Aerator an elegant and sophisticated addition to any tabletop or bar. With one wide spout to pour wine into and one slender one to pour it from, this double-ended decanter has a unique look and design.

Sized to hold 1500ml of wine, this decanter is crafted from lead-free crystal glass and features a slanted top to reduce the likelihood of spilling while pouring. The smooth curves make it easy to pair with any of your favorite wine glasses.


Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Decanter

The fact that this decanter is made for whiskey does not stop Jessica Randhawa, head chef and writer behind The Forked Spoon, from using it for wine.

She notes, “The unique shape of the Dragon Glassware allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside the decanter, which is important for distributing aromas of red wine”.

This nontraditional glassware set gets extra points for versatility as it can be used for a variety of beverages.


YouYah Wine Decanter Set

If you’re looking for great wine gifts for a wine lover, this isn’t just a decanter — it’s a complete wine decanter set. The YouYah Wine Decanter Set includes a lead-free crystal glass decanter as well as a cleaning brush, a box of cleaning beads, and a drying rack. It also comes with a stopper for temporary storage.

The decanter itself is detailed with a spacious base for excellent aeration and a slanted spout for easy pouring. But it’s all of the added accessories that make this one a real winner. If you’re looking for an impressive gift for a wine lover, this one is a great option.


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Riedel Cabernet Decanter

With its angular shape and thin glass walls, the Riedel Cabernet Decanter aerates wine and affords a better view of your wine than decanters with a roomy, flat base.

The wide pour spout gives the wine plenty of room to breathe, but the slender, narrow shape makes it a bit easier to see how much wine remains inside. (In other words, it’s easy to see when the wine starts to get too low, so you’ll always know when it’s time to open a new bottle).

This decanter has a rather thin, delicate design, so you’ll want to take special care when pouring and washing.


Rabbit Pura Decanting System

The Rabbit Pura Decanting System is ideal for aerating wine and improving flavor and aroma. Made from lead-free crystal, this decanter features a shallow base that helps to remove sediment and a narrow neck that allows for easy pouring.

A standard 750ml bottle of wine is the ideal size for filling, while a stainless steel filter removes and filters out sediment from the original bottle.


Riedel Swan

If you want a truly regal experience, look no further than the Riedel Swan Decanter. This is favorite for sommelier Melissa Smith with Enotrias who, when given the choice, always opts for this piece for special wines. “It looks intimidating and infinitely delicate, but it is an absolute pleasure to use and pour out of.”

This decanter is the most expensive on our list, but it proves that you can get quality and luxury on Amazon.


Which Wine Decanters are the Best?

All wine decanters are designed to promote aeration, allow for breathing, and increase flavors and aromas. So when it’s time to choose one, it’s mostly a matter of style, preference and budget.

Looking to buy a wine decanter as a gift? Our suggestion is to stick to an affordable decanter and then wrap it up with a bottle (or two, or three) of wine as well. After all, the decanter itself is useless unless there’s some delicious vino inside!

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15 Best Wine Decanters on Amazon:

  1. Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter
  2. Godinger Wine Decanter Aerator Carafe
  3. Menu Wine Decanter
  4. Luigi Bormioli Crescendo Decanter
  5. Spiegelau Authentis Decanter
  6. Vintorio GoodGlassware Wine Decanter
  7. Simplified by Jess Crystal Glass Wine Decanter
  8. Onearf Iceberg Wine Decanter
  9. Le Chateau Wine Decanter
  10. Smaier Wine Decanter Aerator
  11. Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Decanter
  12. YouYah Wine Decanter Set
  13. Reidel Cabernet Decanter
  14. Rabbit Pura Decanting System
  15. Riedel Swan Decanter

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