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How To Style Any And All Florals In The Fall [Fashion Guide]

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Did you know way back in the day people used real flowers to decorate their clothing? Not only did flowers provide an arousing scent to your outfit, but they personalized your style.

Flowers, known as a symbol of beauty and feminity for hundreds of years. They capture gazes from afar by both men and women. Floral prints might be the longest-lasting fashion trend of all time.

For some reason, floral prints tend to be synonymous with spring and summer.

But, floral prints can and should be worked into your fall wardrobe. Be bold with your florals, live on the edge and incorporate them into your everyday fall attire.

Most people tend to think florals are bright colors with exotic flower patterns. While this look is great for summer and spring, fall florals look a little different.

When looking for a fall floral print fabric stick with a dark black, navy, or burgundy backing. These colors make the item feel more fall appropriate. A nice burgundy is bound to match those changing maple leaves in your backyard.

Que photoshoot! 

This Julia Tiered Ruffle Mini Dress from Urban Outfitters is perfect. It has a black backing and the flowers are yellow and orange, which fall right in line with that fall hue. The great thing about this dress is it can be dressed up and down. You can make it work for many occasions.

Laying different items on top of this dress makes transitioning to cooler temps so easy.

For a night out with your hubby or a night out on the town pair with some black leather booties. Complete the look by adding a leather jacket. This adds a touch of edginess to your floral print.

For an everyday look, pair the dress with a cardigan and booties. Skip the hat to make the outfit office-appropriate or keep it for a super chic fall look. We love this Brixton Wool Fedora. This hat is timeless and you will have it in your closet forever!

To wear the dress into the late days of Fall and early days of Winter, add this cream Slouchy Scoopneck Sweater overtop and pair with over the knee boots to keep your legs warm.

Have fun with your layer and wear your florals proudly.

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