20 Baby Shower Games That Don’t Make You Want to Throw Up

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I don’t know about you, but when I hear the phrase “baby shower game,” I either want to groan, run for the hills or vomit. Does anyone really want to guess how many squares of toilet paper can fit around mom-to-be’s waist or decide which candy bar has been melted in a diaper? (Um, no judgment if you do).

So in the hopes of rescuing baby showers from these kinds of horrors, we have handpicked a list of baby shower games that are actually fun to play. With races, word games, emoji anagrams and even a drinking game, there’s plenty to choose from.

Take a look at our list of baby shower game ideas, and we’re sure you’ll find more than a few options that will keep your guests entertained. Or at least not make them want to hurl.

Baby Name That Tune

There’s nothing that gets a party rolling like a few jams. Now you can turn it into a fun party game with a little help from Spotify. Make a playlist of any song with the word “baby” or “babe” in it. You can mix it up by choosing songs from different decades.

“Baby” by Justin Beiber, “Baby’s Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot, and “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice are just a few examples of hundreds of tunes with the word “baby” in them.

You can either play a snippet from the song and ask your guests to name that tune or use a pre-made “Name That Tune” sheet. Whoever names the most songs first wins!

Who’s That Baby

Madison Quinn 

Baby pictures can run the gamut from adorable to downright hilarious (which is why this game is so fun). Have your guests bring a favorite baby picture of themselves to the party. You can then tape them up on the wall or pin them up on a corkboard for a fun guessing game.

Number the pictures and have each of your guests make their best guess as to who’s who. This can be a great icebreaker to help get your guests past those awkward, “so what do you do, again?” moments. Whoever gets the most correct matches is the winner.

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The Baby Drinking Game


This is a popular game to play at co-ed baby showers. Fill a bunch of baby bottles with a drink of your choice. To make it more fun for the guys, you may want to consider beer.

Now count to three and make everyone chug their bottle as quickly as possible. The first one to drain the contents is the winner. We suspect some guys may clamor for multiple rounds.

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Bobbing for Nipples


This one of those PG-13 baby games that will also liven up a co-ed party. To play, set up a row of buckets and fill them with water. Next, throw a bunch of baby bottle nipples in each one, although you can also add in various other baby items.

Just like in bobbing for apples, the guests will have to fish out as many nipples as possible using only their mouths. Set your timer for 1 to 2 minutes and let the slightly suggestive fun begin. The person who grabs the most nipples wins!

Feed the Baby


Let everyone relive their babyhood with this hilariously messy baby shower game. First, you’ll need to divide everyone into teams of two. Each member of the pair will be given a bib, a blindfold, a jar of baby food and a spoon.

The idea is to time each pair as they feed the food to each other while blindfolded (while the rest of the group looks on and laughs hysterically). This one is pretty much guaranteed to have everyone falling out of their chairs with laughter. And it can be a great chance for the new mom and dad to hone in their baby skills. But hopefully, no one pees their pants.

Name That Mush

In this game, your baby shower guests will be challenged to a blind taste testing of 10 different baby foods. Take off the labels and make each invitee guess the flavor after eating a spoonful. For some, it may all taste like indistinguishable mush. But the keenest palettes at your party may actually be able to guess the flavor.

Whoever guesses the most flavors wins. Though they may possibly lose their appetite.

Diaper Messages


This is a simple game to play, but it can be super entertaining. As we all know, parents are going to have to survive a lot of late-night diaper changes. So why not give them some encouragement or a little laugh as they muddle through their endless pile of dirty diapers?

Just give all the guests a diaper and a marker and ask them to write something funny or inspirational on it. Think things like, “It’s a smelly job, but someone has to do it,” “Just 60,000 more diapers to go,” or “Look what I made you mom!”

Everyone can share what they wrote when they finish, and the parents will get a little chuckle when they actually put the diaper on their little one.

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The Great Onesie Challenge


Run with a crafty crowd? Then they’ll be into this onesie decorating challenge. Buy some fabric paint or markers and a bunch of white onesies in different sizes. You can stretch them over a piece of cardboard to make decorating them easier.

Now give your guest some time to create their onesie masterpieces. Some friends may surprise you with their talent. Others may have you laughing hysterically with their lack of it. Either way, it will be super fun to see what people come up with.

The parents can use the best onesies for outings and the not so great ones for nap time. Everybody wins!

The Baby (Egg) Race

Cambridge Fair 

This game will get your guest up and moving. First, give them an egg and a little paint and have them decorate it like a baby. Once the eggs are ready, give each of your guests a spoon to put the egg on.

Now comes the competition. With the egg and spoon in their mouths or in their hands, set up a start and finish line. The guests will have to race to see who can cross the finish line first without breaking their egg baby.

Obviously, this is a great game for outdoors. But it can be played with raw or boiled eggs depending on how much of a mess you want to clean up.

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Who’s Going to Pop First?

This is another fun game that you can play with a large group. First, split up your guests into teams of 4 or 5. Next, have the first person in the group blow up a balloon as fast as they can and stick it under their shirt. Then the next person on the team does it until they all have a balloon baby.

Now comes the loud part. Each person on the team must use a pin to pop the balloon while it’s still under their shirt. Just like blowing up the balloons, each team member goes one by one to break their balloon. The first team to pop all of their balloons wins. The best part? No one has to yell, “My water broke!”

Celebrity Baby Names

Cuddle Palette 

Apple, Rumor, North. If you recognize any of those bizarro celebrity baby names, you’ll probably be good at this game. Make a handout with a list of celebrity baby names on one side and a list of celebrity couples on the other.

Then ask your guest to match the baby name with the right famous couple. Hopefully, the parents-to-be won’t get any weird ideas about what to name their child. You kind of need to be famous to pull off a name like Moon-Unit.

Name That Baby

Celebrate Life Crafts 

This is a simple word game that’s easy to set up and play. Write down the first, middle and last names of each of the parents to be.

Now give your guests a sheet of paper and make them write as many baby names as they can using only the letters from the couple’s names. People will definitely come up with some weird ones. (Some of which any celebrity parent would probably be proud to use.)

Nursery Rhyme Mad Libs

Print out snippets of nursery rhymes but leave the end off or leave parts of it blank. Your guests will have to fill in the missing part with the right words. And if they don’t know the right words, they’ll have to make something up.

You’ll have fun going around and reading people’s crazy responses to the parts they didn’t know. And, of course, the person with the most right answers wins.

Baby Animal Names

Did you know that a baby swan is called a cygnet and a baby alligator is a hatchling? This game will test your guests’ knowledge of the wild kingdom.

Give them a printout with a list of animals on one side and the correct baby name on the other. Then have them match the right animal with the right name for their baby. The person with the most correct answers wins. Or should at least get a red star on their test.

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A Star Was Born

This is the celebrity version of the “Who’s That Baby” game. Instead of using baby pictures of your guests, use celebrity baby photos (and, yes, there are lots of them floating around). Give your guests a list of the famous people in the baby pics and have them guess who’s who.

It’s fun to see what the stars looked like when they were babies. Some of them are equally gorgeous, while others could have won an ugly baby contest. (Which actually gives a lot of hope to parents of ugly babies.)

Baby Pictionary

In this baby version of Pictionary, you have your guests write down baby related phrases and throw them in the hat. Now split your group into teams and have your guests try to draw the phrases just like they do in the regular game. For a unique twist, you can also opt for an emoji based game of Pictionary.

It may be a classic party game, but it’s still fun.

Baby Bingo 

Baby Bingo is another classic that shouldn’t be overlooked. And it can be played by anyone, regardless of the number of drinks your guests have had.

You can find printable bingo boards online that have baby items.

For a trivia twist that requires a bit more brain power, you can fill the card with fun facts about the guest of honor.

Baby Emoji Game

Most of us are used to talking in emojis these days, which makes this game appealing to just about anyone.

You can print out or order a list of baby-related phrases written in emojis (yes, they exist!). Then have your guests try to figure out the word or phrase. If you’re a millennial, you’ll probably be extra good at this.

The person with the most correct answers wins.

Pass the Pacifier

Play Buzz 

This is a game with a lot of action and laughs to it. All you need are some straws and baby pacifiers. Split your guests up into teams of 4 or 5 people and have them put the straws in their mouths.

Now the first person on every team puts the pacifier on their straw. When you say “go,” they have to pass it to the next person on the team, straw to straw (no hands allowed). The first team to pass the pacifier all the way down to the line wins.

Bad Moms Game

All new moms have a lot of questions. In this game, have each guest write down a possible question from an expectant or new mother on a notecard. It could be something like “How can I burp my new baby?” or “How do I take my baby’s temperature?”

Now the writer of each question passes their original question to their right. On the back of the new notecard, they now write the correct answer to their original questions, which makes for a load of really bad baby advice.

For example, “How can I burp my new baby?” with the right answer for taking the baby’s temperature would read something like, “Insert the thermometer in the baby’s butt and wait for 45 seconds.”

This game usually gets a lot of laughs. And does at least provide the new mom with answers about what NOT to do.

Wishes for Baby

Wishes for Baby is a good way to wrap up a baby shower and can be very poignant or even funny, depending on what your guests write.

You can either print out or write a list of open-ended statements like:

I hope you never forget…………..

I hope you grow up to be…………

I hope you love……………

I hope you laugh when………….

Print out a copy of the list for every person at the party and give them 10 or 15 minutes to come up with their answers. When everyone is finished, they can read their responses aloud.

And if you hold on to all of the sheets, your child can even keep them as a keepsake when he or she gets older. (So make sure everyone signs their name on the bottom!)

Let the Games Begin

Baby shower games can be fun for everyone and even make space to welcome in the dad-to-be. If none of these games are your style, you can always opt for the classic Diaper BBQ, where packs of diapers result in raffle tickets and a grand prize.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a party successful, and baby showers are the same way. It’s hard to have a bad time with good food and good friends.

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Fun Baby Shower Games

  1. Baby Name That Tune
  2. Who’s That Baby
  3. The Baby Drinking Game
  4. Bobbing for Nipples
  5. Feed the Baby
  6. Name That Mush
  7. Diaper Messages
  8. The Great Onesie Challenge
  9. The Baby (Egg) Race
  10. Who’s Going to Pop First?
  11. Celebrity Baby Names
  12. Name That Baby
  13. Nursery Rhyme Mad Libs
  14. Baby Animal Names
  15. A Star Was Born
  16. Baby Pictionary
  17. Baby Bingo 
  18. Baby Emoji Game
  19. Pass the Pacifier
  20. Bad Moms Game
  21. Wishes for Baby

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