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The 17 Best Bamboo Sunglasses [And Why You Should Have Them]

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Sunglasses can make or break an outfit. Sure, their main purpose is to protect our eyes from the sun, but let’s be honest – a lot of us wear them because we like how they look. From Wayfarers to aviators to cat eyes, sunglasses come in endless shapes, sizes and colors. They also come in different materials. 

Today we’re talking about one of our favorite sunglass materials: bamboo. 

Bamboo sunglasses are right on trend, partly because they offer a unique look and partly because they’re eco-friendly. They come in various shapes, colors and price points. And, unlike some of those cheap plastic sunglasses out there, wood frame sunglasses give any outfit a style boost!  

Not sure if wooden glasses are right for you? Here are the 17 best bamboo sunglasses of 2020. 

Why Choose Bamboo?

If you care about the environment, it’s time to pick up a pair of bamboo shades. Here’s why: 

Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen into the air. It’s also renewable – chop it down, and its root system will continue to grow new shoots. 

And if those reasons weren’t enough, it’s also anti-bacterial. It contains a natural bio-agent that prevents 70% of bacteria from growing on its surface. The fewer germs that grow on something you wear on your face, the better.

And let’s not forget one other fact: bamboo sunglasses are super stylish!

AZB Cat Eye Wood Sunglasses, $18.60

In a cool retro-inspired shape, the AZB Cat Eye Wood Sunglasses add serious style to any outfit on any occasion. 

Composite, polarized lenses offer UV400 protection to block those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Sculpted arms and bold frames provide loads of style (and eco-friendly bragging rights). 

Add to that the blue lenses, and you’ve got a perfectly chic pair of UV protection shades. 

Not into the blue lenses? These sunglasses are available in green, orange and neutral options as well.  

Woodies Custom Polarized Sunglasses, $40


Detailed with a sun and waves motif, the Woodies Custom Polarized Sunglasses offer a cool, laidback look with island-inspired style. These shades feature the classic Wayfarer shape, making them a unisex option for both women and men. 

Polarized lenses block 100% of UV rays, while a combination of bamboo and plastic construction gives them a totally natural look. They’re lightweight and detailed with double spring hinges, making them super comfortable to wear. 


TruWood Weekender Sunglasses, $99

The TruWood Weekender is one of our favorite frames – and that’s because it has a cool aviator shape and multi-colored sunset lenses. They’re constructed from 100% natural bamboo arms with metal alloy frames around the lenses. 

From the front, they look like a classic pair of aviators. But from the side, the bamboo makes it clear that these aren’t your ordinary metal frames. 

Polarized lenses offer added protection against those harmful UV rays. The unisex shape makes them perfect for both men and women who love the aviator shape.

Woodies Wooden Sunglasses with Mirror Lens, $29.00


The Woodies Wooden Sunglasses with Mirror Lens are incredibly functional, but they’re totally stylish as well.  

Like several of the other products in this “best of” list, these sunglasses are constructed in the classic Wayfarer shape. And there’s a reason that so many bamboo glasses are made in this silhouette – it’s timeless, it’s unisex, and it’s flattering to every face shape. 

Made from 100% real bamboo, these sunnies feature plastic frames, bamboo temples and polarized lenses. You’ll look cool, and you’ll protect your eyes whenever you’re out in the sun. 

Shiner Everest Sunglasses, $39.95

The Shiner Everest sunglasses have an outdoorsy, rugged look, and it’s not just because they’re made from natural bamboo. It’s because of the mountain range artwork carved into each arm.

These sunglasses feature square frames, black polarized lenses for added eye protection, and a Shiner logo on the inside. 

But there’s one other thing that makes these shades super cool: they float in water. 

Wear them to the pool, while you’re hiking a waterfall, or when you’re hanging by the lake. If you drop them in water, you won’t have to worry about them sinking. 

Rowlin Wood Square Sunglasses, $24.99

Shield your eyes from annoying sun glare with the Rowlin Wood Square Sunglasses. Featuring UV400 lenses with a squared-off top and rounded bottoms, these shades will take any outfit up a notch. 

Bamboo arms give them a unique look from the side, while flexible rubber nose pads allow you to adjust them to fit the bridge of your nose. 

They’re built with composite lenses that have an anti-scratch and an anti-reflective coating. That means you won’t have to worry about squinting when you’re outside in the sun.

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Wear Panda Robinson Sunglasses, $120

We love the Wear Panda Robinson Sunglasses for their low profile, flattering rectangular shape, and natural bamboo construction. Detailed with a subtle logo on the arm, these glasses feature 100% polarized lenses, offering both fashion and function at all times. 

The Robinson frame is made from FSC-certified bamboo, so they’re lightweight and super comfortable to wear. The silhouette looks good on just about everyone, but they work especially well for people with a wider face shape. 

These shades come in a microfiber pouch and a bamboo case so you can make sure they are always protected. 


Shiner Tribe Sunglasses, $17.95

Engraved arms and contrasting frames make the Shiner Tribe sunglasses a stylish addition to any guy or girl’s wardrobe. Super affordable at less than $20, these sunglasses are made from natural bamboo, so they’re both lightweight and comfortable to wear for all-day use. 

Polarized UV400 lenses protect your eyes, while the two-tone design creates one look from the front and a different look from the side. The tiki-inspired etchings on the arms add texture and give them an island-inspired vibe. 

TruWood Ultimate Sunglasses, $129

The TruWood Ultimate sunglasses are understated, laidback and always functional. In light wood bamboo with silver lenses, these high-quality sunglasses have a natural look, making them perfect for pairing with any casual outfit. Plus, they’re in the Wayfarer shape that looks good on just about everyone. 

The Ultimate frame is available in a variety of colors with different colored lenses. For an even more unique look, pick up a pair with green, red or blue lenses.

Havern Bailee Rose Wooden Sunglasses, $52.95

In a round shape with tortoise accents, the Havern Bailee Rose Wooden Sunglasses offer a fun look with rose-colored lenses. Natural bamboo temples contrast perfectly against the pale lenses and tortoise frames. At the same time, flexible nose pads offer all-day comfort. 

In addition to being super stylish, they’ll also protect your eyes. The Polarized UV400 lenses are designed to block 99% of UVA and UVB rays.  

Kingseven Handmade Wood Sunglasses, $79.99

Kingseven makes some really cool sunglasses, but their Bamboo Mix model is one of our absolute favorites. Featuring plastic wireframes with bamboo temples, these sunnies have a bold, modern look with a detached brow bar for added style. 

We love the unique shape of these lenses, with rounded bottoms, square top edges and distinctive geometric angles. They look great in every color, but they’re especially stylish in green and pink.

Wootzi Colorful Bamboo Sunglasses, $68.69

Prefer colorful frames to colorful lenses? 

The Wootzi Colorful Bamboo Sunglasses make a bold fashion statement. These sunglasses are made from layers of multi-colored bamboo, creating a striped effect on both the inside and outside of the entire frame and temples. 

Polarized UV400 lenses with an anti-reflective coating offer excellent function and resist against sun glare. The lightweight construction makes them easy and comfortable to wear. 

These aren’t your average sunglasses, and they aren’t for everyone. But if you’re bold enough to rock bamboo glasses in rainbow stripes, these are for you. If you want to be even more extra, you can order them with bright blue or red lenses.

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Wear Panda Rita Sunglasses, $125

With a vintage-inspired cat-eye shape, the Wear Panda Rita Bamboo Sunglasses are the perfect blend of retro and modern style eyewear. They’re made from FSC-certified natural bamboo and detailed with sturdy arms, a contoured brow bar, and semi-rimless lenses. 

The lenses are 100% polarized for added sun protection, and they come in a variety of neutral color combinations as well as colorful options. The shape of the frame is a bit exaggerated, so these cat eyes tend to look best on women with a smaller face. 

Wise Owl Power Green Sunglasses, $49.97

Colorful lenses make the Wise Owl Power Green Sunglasses perfect for anyone who wants to make a bold (and eco-friendly) statement. 

The polarized green lenses on these bamboo wood sunglasses provide more contrast than your standard smoke/grey lenses, but they will give the world around you a slight tint. 

From a functional point of view, what makes them interesting is that you can wear them in both super sunny and low light conditions. From a fashion standpoint, what makes them so stylish is that they’re made from 100% natural bamboo. 

These shades boast the classic Wayfarer shape, making them a great option for both men and women. And if you happen to drop them in the pool or in the lake when you’re swimming or boating, you don’t have to worry. These shades can float, and they come with a bamboo case!  

Kingseven Bamboo New Retro Sunglasses, $79.99

Available in a variety of neutral and colored lenses, the Kingseven Bamboo New Retro Sunglasses feature hybrid construction in a wood/metal combo. 

With polarized UV400 lenses, these bamboo frames feature a bold design with bamboo arms and flexible, adjustable nose pads. 

They’re detailed with a logo accent on the temple, and they come packaged in a cool metal box that makes them perfect for gift-giving.

TruWood Vintage Sunglasses, $99

The TruWood Vintage sunglasses offer a fresh take on the Clubmaster silhouette. They feature a two-tone design with 100% real bamboo wood arms that curve around the ears for the most comfortable fit. 

Black polarized lenses will protect your eyes from all of those damage-inducing UV rays. The adjustable nose pads make them super comfy to wear. Plus, the overall look and vibe prove that you know a thing or two about style and sustainability. 

Wear Panda Joyce Sunglasses, $120

In a vintage-chic butterfly silhouette, the Wear Panda Joyce Sunglasses boast serious style and the eye protection you need when you’re hanging out outdoors. 

If you like a cat-eye shape but prefer something subtler, the butterfly flame is a chic alternative. This frame is constructed from 100% FSC-certified bamboo. You can step out knowing that your shades aren’t just super stylish – they’re also good for the environment.

The lenses are 100% polarized, and the frames are super lightweight, making them a comfortable option from dawn to dusk. 

What Are the Best Bamboo Sunglasses?

Bamboo sunglasses are sustainable, eco-friendly, and totally on-trend for 2020 and beyond. But, like all fashion trends, the style that’s right for you might not be the best choice for your sister, your significant other or your best friend. 

The trick to buying the perfect pair of glasses is to know what frame shapes and silhouettes complement the shape of your face. If you don’t already know what that shape is, it’s time to duck into a sunglasses store and try on thirty different styles.

It might take some time, but once you know what frame looks best on your face, you’ll be able to shop endlessly online. Regardless of what your favorite shape is, you’ll find endless options in every material, including bamboo. 

Even if you only spend a few minutes outside each day, it’s important to protect your eyes with sunglasses. Finding something with UVA and UVB protection is great for your eyes and will protect you from the power of those dangerous UV rays. Make sure to also pick up a cleaning cloth or a microfiber cloth to keep your sunnies in the best shape. 

It doesn’t matter whether you can spend $20 or $200 on a pair of sunnies; you can find bamboo shades at every price point.

Sustainable bamboo sunglasses are more than just a fleeting fashion trend. Sure, wearing wooden sunglasses proves that you’re stylish – but it also proves that you care about planet Earth.

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