63 Bathroom Essentials That’ll Spice Up Any Washroom

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It doesn’t matter whether you rent a tiny studio apartment or own a huge house. Every home has one thing in common: they all have at least one bathroom with a toilet, a sink and a shower or tub. 

And while those may be the three most important elements in the room, there’s a lot more that you’ll need. In fact, there are 63 other items that you’ll want to add.

Regardless of your style or your personal design aesthetic, here are the 35 bathroom essentials that every home needs.

Functional Items That Every Bathroom Needs

Modern bathroom with white brick wall, concrete sink and a round mirror

Like every room in the home, your bathroom needs to be functional. It won’t do you much good if you can’t flush the toilet, run hot water in the sink, or drain the water from the tub. 

To make your bathroom function as it should, you’ll need the following 13 things: 

1. Shower Curtain

Unless you have glass doors that cover your stall or close in front of your tub, a shower curtain is a must. 

Shower curtains come in just about every color, pattern and texture.

In a small bathroom with limited space, it may be one of the few chances you have to show off your personal style! Just make sure it’s the right width for your tub or stall and that you have the right kind of hooks and rod to hang it on.

2. Shower Curtain Liner

A shower curtain may provide the privacy you need when you’re in the bath, but without a shower curtain liner, you could end up with water all over the floor. Hang a plastic or vinyl liner behind your curtain and drape it inside the tub so that water can’t escape.

3. Bath Mat

There’s no way to avoid it — bathroom floors get wet. To prevent yourself from slipping when you get out of the tub, have an absorbent bath mat on the floor in front of your shower. Stepping out of the tub with wet feet can pose serious danger.

4. Towels

Unless you like to drip dry, you’ll need some towels. Invest in a set of durable bath towels or bath sheets to dry off after a shower. The more towels you have, the less often you’ll need to do laundry!

It’s also helpful to have a wall hook or a towel bar near your shower so you can reach your towel when you get out.

5. Toilet Paper

There’s nothing fun about using the toilet only to realize that there’s no TP nearby. Toilet paper is one of those things you can never have too much of in your bathroom. It doesn’t go bad, doesn’t go out of style and it will always be put to use.

Sign up for a toilet paper delivery service so you never have to worry about running low.

6. Toilet Paper Holder

There are so many ways to store toilet paper — a basket on the floor, a wall-mounted dispenser, a freestanding paper hanger, ect. Wherever you choose to store yours, try to keep a spare roll nearby for when your roll is running low.

7. Hand Soap Dispenser

Good hygiene habits are a must, so put a soap dispenser on your sink so that you can wash your hands after using the toilet. That way, you’ll never have to grab the bathroom door handle with dirty hands! 

8. Toothbrush Holder

If you have an electric toothbrush, you can do without a toothbrush holder, but if you use the manual kind, it’s essential that you have one. Place it on your sink or vanity, stash it inside your medicine chest or store it in a cabinet near the sink. 

With so many small and inexpensive toothbrush holders out there, there’s no reason to lay your toothbrush flat on the edge of the sink. 

9. Mirror

A mirror is a bathroom must-have, and it’s not just so you can admire yourself and revel in how cute you are. It’s a must so that you can check yourself to make sure you don’t have toothpaste running down your chin when you finish brushing your teeth! 

10. Trash Can

Even if it’s small, it’s important to have a trash can beside your toilet or sink. You may not make a lot of trash in your bathroom, but if you have guests over, you’ll want to make sure they have a place to toss tissues and feminine products.

Do yourself a favor and add a trash can liner so that the inside doesn’t get gross! 

11. Non-slip Shower Mat

Showers and tubs get slippery. According to the CDC, about 235,000 people visit an emergency room every year because of a bathroom injury. 60% of those injuries happen while getting in, getting out of, or slipping in the shower or tub.

Minimize your risk by adding a non-slip shower mat inside your tub. Many of them have suction cup feet so that they won’t move around. Just remember to peel it off and clean the underside of it regularly. If you don’t clean the bottom, mold can form.

12. Plunger

Every bathroom needs a plunger. Pipes get clogged, toilets stop functioning and water sometimes overflows. Always have a plunger handy in case of a toilet emergency.

13. Tissue Box

It’s normal to breathe in dust while you sleep, so it’s common to want to blow your nose when you wake up in the morning. Keep a tissue box on the back of your toilet tank or on a shelf in your bathroom so you’ll know right where you can find a tissue when you need one.

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Get Your Bathroom Organized

Woman grabbing some towels from an organized bathroom shelf

Ready to get organized? These eight bathroom storage essentials will make it easy to assign a place for everything and keep everything in its place! 

14. Storage Basket

Storage baskets are great for holding towels, rolls of toilet paper, and all types of miscellaneous items. With a few small ones or one large one, you’ll have a stylish place to stash and hide all sorts of things. 

15. Shower Caddy

Don’t let the corners of your tub or the floor of your stall shower fill up with bottles of shampoo and body wash. Hang a shower caddy with one or two shelves over your shower nozzle to keep all of your personal bath products in one easy-to-reach location. 

16. Storage Cart

A rolling storage cart with drawers or shelves is a great way to organize everything from cosmetics and lotions to extra towels. They’re ideal for holding hair products and styling tools as well as paper supplies, such as extra TP and extra tissues. 

17. Storage Containers

A few small storage containers inside your medicine chest or beneath your sink are all you need to organize a small bathroom. If you hide them in a cabinet, save some money and buy the clear plastic ones. If you want to leave them out on a shelf, opt for something more decorative. 

18. Canisters

Canisters aren’t just for holding sugar, flour or coffee beans in the kitchen. Small canisters are also perfect for holding cotton balls, cotton swabs and makeup sponges. 

19. Drawer Trays

Tired of opening your vanity drawers only to have to dig through a mess of things to find the one little item you need? Invest in a drawer organizer or a utensil tray. Those little compartments are perfect for holding extra toothbrushes, razors and all sorts of little items. 

20. Storage Cabinet

If you have a large bathroom, add a freestanding cabinet with multiple shelves or doors and drawers. You can use them to hold everything from towels to storage containers to decorative accents. 

21. Hamper

Unless you like wading through a pile of wet, dirty towels on the floor, get a hamper. When you get out of the shower, just toss your wet towel into the hamper so it’s out of sight! 

22. Over-the-Door Hooks or Wall Hooks

Installing some over-the-door hooks or wall hooks in your bathroom can help keep wet items off the floor or from around your baseboards, where they can cause mold issues, and keep dry items dryer when you’re getting in and out of the shower and bath. 

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Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Woman cleaning her bathroom sink

No one likes to shower in a dirty bathroom. To keep yours clean from top to bottom, you’ll need to have these seven cleaning supplies on hand at all times. 

23. Toilet Brush

There’s no way to avoid it — toilets have to be scrubbed from time to time. Get a toilet brush that stores in its own stand and stash it behind or beside your toilet. 

24. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

You can use different cleaning products to clean multiple surfaces, but a specific toilet bowl cleaner makes the job a little bit easier. Look for one with an angled neck so you can get up and under the bowl with ease. 

25. Room Spray

Bathrooms can get stinky from time to time. Have a fresh-smelling room spray to spritz in the air so that it’s always ready for the next person to use. 

26. Tub And Tile Cleaner

Soap scum won’t just disappear on its own. In fact, the longer you wait to clean it, the more it will build it and the harder it will be to remove. Get a tub and tile cleaner so you can spray down your shower or tub after every few uses.

27. Glass Cleaner

Keep those windows and mirrors streak-free! Store a bottle of glass cleaner beneath the bathroom sink so that it’s right there when you need it. If you have extra cabinet space, keep a roll of paper towels nearby as well! 

28. Disinfectant Wipes

Sink faucets are full of germs. Just think about it — every time you use the toilet you then have to touch your faucets with your dirty hands before you can wash them! Pretty gross.

Keep disinfectant wipes in your bathroom so that you can wipe down those faucet handles as well as the flush handle on your toilet tank. 

29. Rubber Gloves

Do you cringe at the thought of having to clean a toilet or scrub a tub?

Keep a few pairs of rubber gloves on hand to make it a little less painful. Plus, some cleaners contain harsh chemicals, so gloves are a good way to protect your skin and hands! 

30. Multi-Surface Cleaner

In addition to having specific cleaners at the ready for cleaning scum off your shower or stains off your toilet, you may also want to have a gentle, multi-surface cleaner handy for cleaning all those random spots that don’t really fall into the toilet or shower category. Think the fronts of your vanity cabinets or your baseboards around the bathroom.

31. Stain Remover

Inevitably, you’ll get some stains on your bath towels or bath rugs. Be ready for those stains with a gentle but effective laundry stain remover.

32. Pumice Cleaning Stone

If you’re dealing with difficult stains in your toilet bowl, you might want to forgo just using the dedicated toilet cleaner and toilet brush and, instead, pick up a pumice cleaning stone. The dense stone scrubs away calcium, limescale, hard water, rust and iron with ease. Once you have one in your cleaning arsenal, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to give it a try. 

33. Shower Squeegee

Keeping a squeegee in your shower is an easy way to keep things clean between your weekly scrubs. This squeegee comes with a suction cup, so it easily attaches to your shower wall and is made from stainless steel for a sleek, clean look. Whenever you take a shower, just give the shower walls a few quick swipes with the squeegee, and you’ll find your next deep clean is exceptionally easier. 

34. Mop

Mopping your bathroom can sometimes be a challenge. There are all these little oddly-shaped nooks and crannies. You’re dealing with surfaces you might not have elsewhere in your home. You could just do your best, call it a day and try to forget about that grime lurking behind the toilet … Or you could purchase a mop that’s a little more equipped to deal with the challenges of bathroom mopping. 

This mop is more of a scrub brush on a long, extendable stick, outfitted with various types of brush heads to fit your needs while small enough to fit into those weird corners and the spots behind your toilet and vanity. It allows you to more thoroughly clean your bathroom than your awkward and unwieldy Swiffer might.

35. Broom and Dustpan

If you don’t already have one elsewhere in your home, pick up a broom and dustpan to keep your bathroom tidy. Don’t have a lot of space? This handheld set will take up minimal space and be easily hidden in a closet, drawer or under the sink. 

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Add Some Style With Decorative Details

Close up of a bathroom vanity with eucalyptus plant, round mirror and blue stone soap dispenser and toothbrush holder

Ready to make your bathroom one of the most stylish rooms of your home? These seven bathroom accessories will do exactly that. 

36. Vanity Set

A vanity set that includes a soap dish and a toothbrush holder can add serious style to your sink or countertop. Coordinated sets in wooden or metal finishes are easy to mix and match with all different types of décor. 

37. Hand Towels

There’s no better way to show guests that they’re welcome than to have a few hand towels draped over a rack or a towel hook by the sink. Some people like to have one set to use on a daily basis and a special set to put out when guests come over. 

38. Candles

Nothing adds ambiance like a few flickering candles. Store a few in your bathroom so you can create a spa-like atmosphere the next time you relax in a long, hot bubble bath. 

39. Artwork

There’s no reason to keep your bathroom walls bare. Hanging a framed print or two on the wall is a great way to add some personal style to your bath. 

40. Wall Shelves

Whether you have a tiny bathroom or a spacious master bath, adding a few floating wall shelves is the perfect way to create room for decorative items. Hang one over your toilet tank or hang two or three in a row — they can hold those candles and storage containers we mentioned earlier. 

41. Blinds or Curtains

A bathroom requires privacy, so if you have a window, cover it. From wooden blinds to roller shades to fabric curtains, window coverings are a must — unless you want people to be able to see inside. 

42. Lighting

From wall sconces to vanity lights, your lighting fixtures can make or break your entire bathroom design! Choose finishes that match your faucets and other fixtures to create a perfectly coordinated look.

Take Care of Yourself and Guests with Health & Beauty Items

Plus size woman during a morning skin care ritual - applying body care cream onto her body.

But beyond all the furnishings, organizational items and cleaning products, you also have to stock your bathroom with all the necessary health and beauty items. Whether you’re outfitting your master bathroom in your first home or stocking your guest bathroom to ensure your guests’ comfort, here’s what you need to pick up.

43. Hair Care Products

You already know your personal favorite hair care products. Pick up a few extras of your favorites at the store and stock them in your bathroom so you’re always ready in the event you unexpectedly reach the bottom of the bottle.

If you’re stocking a guest room, though, add a few full-size hair care products for guests to use as needed. There’s no reason to go expensive or excessive. A bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner will suffice.

44. Body Wash

Similarly, pick up some extra bottles of body wash. You can buy a two-pack of body wash on Amazon, so you can stock up your own bathroom, as well as throw a bottle into the guest bath.

45. Face Wash

You likewise already probably have your own skincare preferences, favorite brands and routine. However, to stock your bathroom for the unexpected guest, add a bottle of face wash and makeup remover below the sink or in your medicine cabinet so they have something handy. 

46. Lotion

There’s just something about slathering on lotion after a nice shower or bath. Your skin is your biggest organ, so if you are going to cover yourself in a product, be sure it’s full of quality ingredients that you can pronounce.

47. Mouthwash

Grab a multi-pack of mouthwash while you’re at it. Even if your guests aren’t staying overnight, most will likely appreciate the opportunity to freshen up when they visit the restroom, especially if you’re hosting a dinner party or similar food-focused event or if you anticipate some romance in your future. 

48. Disposable Cups 

Yes, they’re not the most environmentally friendly and no, we don’t recommend that you stock these in your main bathroom for your everyday use. However, they’re optimal for guest use. After all, guests aren’t going to swig some mouthwash straight from the bottle (and you shouldn’t either!), but you also likely won’t be leaving a single, regular cup out on the vanity for your guests to use. So, keep the regular cup to yourself and put out a few disposable cups for your guests to use as needed. 

49. Razors

Nothing is worse than shaving with a dull razor. With Billie, you can buy extra handles and get replacement blades delivered each month, so you’ll never have to worry about prickly legs or uncomfortable razor burn again. They also offer a series of clean skincare products like this pre-shave body buffer and shave cream to complete your experience.  

50. Toothbrushes

Pick up a bulk of affordable toothbrushes. They’re nice to have around for guests and, again, for those odd moments when you need a quick replacement until you can swing by the store for your favorite brand or order more toothbrush heads online. 

51. Toothpaste

You’re already buying toothpaste for yourself. Buy it in a bulk multi-pack so that you always have some handy, plus some for guests. 

52. Dental Floss

Dental floss is just another item that’s smart to stock up on for both yourself and your guests. It’s cheap, even in bulk quantities, and if you’re never running out of floss, you never have an excuse not to use it every day, at least twice a day.

53. Hair Brush

Slide a hairbrush in one of the vanity drawers, so your guests can look their best after an impromptu sleepover — no walking home with bedhead required.

54. Hair Dryer

Even if you don’t regularly dry your hair, having an affordable hair dryer tucked away in your bathroom is a good idea both for the occasional guest and because of all the unique uses for a hair dryer that go far beyond hair. 

Quickly dry clothing. Remove stickers and price tags with ease. Adjust your glasses. Blow away dust or debris. Quickly thaw something. You’ll be surprised at all the ways a hair dryer will come in handy.

55. Cotton Rounds 

Cotton rounds or balls are good to have around for removing makeup or applying skincare products. However, beyond this basic use, cotton balls and rounds, much like a hair dryer, can also come in handy in a variety of unexpected situations. From craft projects to first aid, cleaning to bug control, cotton balls are a household necessity that will hide neatly below your vanity for quick grabbing when needed.

56. Feminine Hygiene Products

Even if you’re not a menstruating individual, if you ever have guests who are, stock a box of tampons and pads in your bathroom. You’ll immediately become the hero when you save their day by simply having some on hand.

57. Bathroom Scale

Outfit your bathroom with a basic scale. Even if you don’t use it all the time, if you ever want or need to use it, you’ll have one available. Plus, a bathroom scale is small and can easily slide beneath your vanity or into the bottom of your linen closet, out of sight until you want it. 

58. Makeup or Shaving Mirror

If you ever wear makeup or shave your face, a magnifying vanity mirror can come in handy. Quickly shave those challenging spots or perfect your cat eye with ease.

Treat Yourself with Extra Niceties 

Black Female Preparing Bath Adding Bathing Salt And Choosing Natural Cosmetics On Shelf Sitting On Bathtub In Modern Bathroom At Home. Beauty Care Routine, Wellness And Spa Concept

But beyond your bathroom and guest bathroom necessities, there are also a few niceties that you might want to add to your bathroom for that extra-luxurious feel. 

59. Bath Pillow

Even if you only take a bath every once in a while, having a bath pillow on hand for when you do will upgrade your experience immensely. No more sliding around the tub, trying to get comfortable.

60. Bathrobe

Once you become a bathrobe person, you’ll remain a bathrobe person for life. Cozy, plush and warm, a bathrobe keeps you comfy as you’re getting in or out of the bath. It’s also great for your entire getting-ready routine, especially if you live with others and need to get around the house without being fully dressed. 

61. Towel Warmer

Hate getting out of the hot bath and standing there shivering in the cold room until you fully dry off? You need a towel warmer. Step from the hot water and immediately into a hot, cozy towel, so you can dry off in comfort before slipping into your favorite bathrobe.

62. Essential Oil Diffuser

Give your bathroom a spa-like vibe with an essential oil diffuser that makes the bathroom smell great all the time, no need for spraying air fresheners.

63. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

And what at-home spa day is complete without a little spa background noise? Play your favorite relaxing tunes on a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the ultimate zen. 

What Items Belong in Every Bathroom?

Compared to other rooms, bathrooms may be small, but there are a lot of little items needed to create a stylish and functional room design.

Fortunately, the items on this list can be found at all different price points and in all different styles. That means you can stick to your budget and create a bathroom you can be proud to show off!

The 63 Bathroom Essentials Every Home Needs: 

Functional Items: 

Organizational Items 

Cleaning Supplies

Decorative Details

Health and Beauty Items

Extra Niceties:

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