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The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love [Buyer’s Guide]

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Father’s Day is on the horizon and, with it, the fear of not finding the best Father’s Day gift. After all, dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for, especially the ones who say they don’t need or want anything. And, if you have a dad who already has everything he wants or needs, and anything else he wants, he just buys for himself — well, then you have another problem on your hand. 

And then don’t even start on a budget. Money is tight for a lot of folks right now, and you might not be able to buy your dad the latest and greatest tech gadget or another pricey luxury gift. 

Don’t panic just yet, though. There are some foolproof dad gifts that just about any dad can enjoy (and no, none of them are a tie). Check out these 10 Father’s Day gifts every dad will love.

1. A Nice Wallet

Paul Smith Wallet

Most, if not all dads, have a wallet. If your dad’s wallet is looking a little worse for wear, get him a new one (and maybe include a photo of yourself inside!). It’s a nice item he’ll use every day and think of you as he does. 

You can go somewhat luxurious, with this $100+ wallet from Paul Smith, or you can go with a more budget-friendly option, like this $30 travel wallet with RFID blocking technology. This is the perfect gift that they will actually use. 

2. A Stylish Pair of Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Rb3539 Erika Metal Round Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fail-proof gift for just about everyone. After all, how many people do you know have just a pair of old, throw-away sunglasses that they paid maybe $10 for, and they just keep breaking over and over? 

Upgrade your dad to a luxury pair of sunglasses that fit his style. You can easily find a high-end pair of sunglasses for less than $80 (but you can also splurge if you feel like it). That way he can stylishly rock his dad jokes while manning the BBQ. 

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3. A Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit

Does your dad travel? Like, at all? Whether he’s headed to the woods, on a business trip or just to visit his favorite child (you, of course), a Dopp kit will come in handy.

(What exactly is a Dopp kit? It’s basically a toiletry bag for men that still carries a name used in World War II.) 

Dopp kits are a fantastic budget gift as well, because they look luxurious, but cost very little.

4. Socks (No, Really)

Darn Tough mens Hiker Merino Wool Micro Crew Socks Cushion

You’re an adult now. You know that socks are no longer a dreaded gift at Christmastime. You might even request socks on your holiday wishlist. They’re useful! 

Dads feel the same. A good pair of socks are always appreciated and make great gifts for every occasion. 

These high-end, Vermont-made socks will last him a long time and they’re only around $20. 

5. A Streaming Service

Man looking at ipad of streaming services
Ivan Marc /

We all use streaming services, and we all love them, let’s just face it. Few of us have all of the different streaming services out there, though, and many offer a range of different shows, both classics and originals.

Get your dad a subscription to whatever streaming service he’s yet to sign up for, whether that’s Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or another. You’ll not only be giving him the gift of hours of endless entertainment, but you also might find something new to talk about, as you give him all your favorite show recs. 

If you already have a streaming service at home, maybe you can get him an Apple TV or a Fire Stick from Amazon so he can stream wherever he is! 

6. A Shave Set

Herry's Shave Set

Most dads have to shave at least once in a while. Get him everything he needs for the smoothest, best, cleanest shave ever, with an affordable shaving kit from Harry’s

For just $25, you can send your dad a die-cast zinc and chrome razor handle with three-blade cartridges, a shave gel or cream, travel protector and more. 

(And if he’s not the shaving type, you can always get him a beard grooming kit!)

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7. A Subscription Box

Man smiling while he opens a box on his couch

There are tons and tons of different subscription boxes out there. Find one that will fit your dad’s interests and likes and give him a gift that just keeps on giving. 

Whether your dad prefers jerky or hot sauce, bourbon or bacon, music or mysteries, there’s a subscription box for him. Plus, many subscription boxes are relatively affordable, and you can pay on them as you go, starting at under $10 per month. (And, after all, isn’t dad worth it?)

8. A Personalized Gift

Personalized cutting board that says Dad's BBQ Grill Master

Who doesn’t like something personalized with their name, kids’ names or even photos? If your dad is the sentimental type, look through the excellent Father’s Day gifts listed on Etsy. You can personalize just about anything with the helpful community of makers and artists.

Put your dad’s face on some socks. Engrave a special message to your dad on the handle of a pocket knife. Put your and your sibling’s names on a stylish leather men’s bracelet. Put the cartoon version of your family on a mug. 

Whatever you do, a personalized gift is sure to be a memorable one that he’ll cherish just as much as that macaroni bracelet you made for him in the first grade.

9. Your Time

Man playing and jumping around with his kids on a windy beach

While we’ve all been self-isolating the past few months, it’s seemed to make it more apparent just how important our relationships with our family, found family and friends are. 

So, if you’re tight on cash this Father’s day, one of the best and most appreciated things you might be able to do is simply spend time with your dad, whether that’s (safely) in person, via a video chat or on the phone. 

10. And If All Else Fails…

Family on couch giving dad cards

And if nothing else on this list caught your eye, get him a gift card to his favorite store. Maybe he likes grilling? Maybe he needs a new t-shirt? We’re all doing a fair bit of online shopping from home these days. He’ll have a fun time browsing and picking his gift, and you’ll know he actually got something he wanted. 

Whether your dad is celebrating his first Father’s Day as a new dad or his tenth as a veteran dad, finding a thoughtful gift will stick with him for a lifetime. Uncommon Goods and Etsy are two of our favorite shops to find great gifts and gift sets for any occasion. DIY is also never a bad option when it comes to gift-giving. 

No one knows Dad better than you. Show dad he is the best dad around with a heartfelt Father’s Day card and a gift he will treasure. 

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