Our 20 Favorite Gender Reveal Ideas [Another Reason for Cake]

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Is it a boy or a girl? Why simply answer the question when you can make an entire party out of it? We’re all about celebrating life these days. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some clever gender reveal ideas.

And sure, you can still make a cake with pink or blue frosting inside. But these creative ideas will definitely up the fun factor.

And P.S: If you’re still social distancing, a lot of them can easily be converted to mailers or even be done on a zoom get together.

Now let’s get these party ideas started!

1. Baby Bump Art – (Put That Baby To Work!)

If you’re not shy about showing your belly, decorating it with pink or blue art is a cute way to reveal your baby’s sex. When you’re ready to make the big announcement, give your friends and family a peek at your tummy.

Too timid to bear it all alone? Get your husband and kids (if you already have children) to paint their stomachs too. If there’s enough of you, you can even spell out boy or girl! 

(It also makes a cute photo-op or the climax of a family zoom get together if you’re still social distancing). 

2. Colored Powder ( Holi Gender Reveal!)

In India, participants in the festival of Holi throw colored powder at each other to celebrate the arrival of spring every year. To celebrate the arrival of your boy or girl, have your guests dress all in white. Then hand out cloth bags of colored pink or blue powder and let the fun begin!

Once everyone is covered in pink or blue, be sure to take a photo for any faraway relatives that couldn’t make it to the party.  

3. Fur Baby Announcement (Let your pet do the talking.) 

fur baby gender reveal announcement

Pets are an important part of the family so why not include them in your big announcement? 

Trot your fur baby out in a cute pink or blue bandana at your party and you’re sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. And once your newborn arrives, your pet may have a hard time stealing the spotlight for a while. Let them soak up the attention while they can!

Posing with your pet in an announcement photo is also a creative way to get the news out while still social distancing.  

4. Piñata Fiesta (Hola, baby!)

Want to keep it lively? Smacking a piñata until it rains pink or blue confetti is sure to spice up your party. Just make sure it doesn’t send mom into labor. 

5. Ultrasound Art (Baby’s first masterpiece)

ultrasound artwork

This makes a great mailer or can even be used in an envelope at a live party if you’re not social distancing. Make copies of your ultrasound and add either pink or blue touches. It’s an artsy yet scientific way to make your announcement.

6. Bun in the Oven (See what’s cooking.)

bun in the oven acnnouncement

But a pink or blue cupcake in this cute cardboard stove and have your guests open the door at the same moment. Who doesn’t love a sweet surprise?

7. Colored Lightsabers (Now coming from a galaxy far, far away…)

gender reveal light sabers

Hey Star Wars fans, this one’s for you. Reveal the sex of your little Jedi with these lightsabers in pink or blue. And may the Force stay with you as you face all the challenges of parenting!

8. Powdered Filled Football (Celebrate your little champion.)

football gender reveal

This is a fun idea for sports fans. Punting a football filled with pink or blue powder will have your guests cheering. More of a baseball, soccer or golf family? They have those too! Go baby, go!

9. Bubble Gum Announcement (Before mommy pops!)

This is another cute photo op that a couple can send in an announcement or email blast. Just use pink or blue chewing gum and blow the biggest bubbles you can. It’s a snap!

10. Fortune Cookies (Is a boy or a girl your destiny?)

fortune cookie gender reveal

Another cute and simple idea is to put your announcement inside of fortune cookies your party guests can open. They pair great with egg rolls and kung pao anything. Whatever the sex of your baby, we see big changes in your future!

11. Pink or Blue Fire Flames (Are you in camp boy or camp girl?)

colored powder flames gender reveal

Want to make your announcement really magical? Wow your guests by throwing some colored fire powder into the flames of a bonfire. It’s kind of outdoorsy. Kind of rock and roll. And definitely dramatic!

12. Colored Water Guns (Act like kids while you can.)

This is another gender reveal where you want your guest to dress in white. Then let them run around and shoot water soluble paint at each other. It’s sure to make a splash. 

13. Dart Game (See who was on target.)

gender reveal balloons

A dart game is another way to get all of your guests involved in the action. Place a pink or blue confetti-filled balloon among the regular balloons and have your friends and family take aim until someone pops the news. Literally.

14. Colored Sparklers (Your boy or girl’s independence day is almost here!)

Pink or blue sparklers are another festive way to announce the news. Have your party guests light up at the same time and let the swirling and twirling begin. And to think that kid was just a gleam in your eye not long ago. 

15. Color Changing Dragon Eggs (King or Khaleesi?)

color changing dragon egg gender reveal

Were you obsessed with Game of Thrones? Then this idea may be for you. This magical egg changes color when it reaches room temperatures. Reveal whether you have the mother or father of dragons on the way. 

16. Silly String (Let loose!)

gender reveal silly string

There’s a reason Silly String has been around so long. It’s just fun! Give all of your guests a pink or blue can and let them spray away. Everyone likes to feel like a kid sometimes.

17. Balloons and Confetti (Simple but classic)

gender reveal confetti

Releasing pink or blue balloons is a more traditional way to go. To up the fun factor, hang a big box from the ceiling and also fill it with confetti, glitter and maybe even pink or blue candy. Now it feels like a party!

18. Sorting Hat (Wand-ering what the sex is?)

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Bring a little magic to your party by revealing the gender of your little witch or wizard with the sorting hat from Harry Potter. Tap the hat with a wand, lift it up and reveal a pink or blue onesie underneath. Riddikulus but fun!

19. Blacklight Reveal (A little night time magic)

Looking for a little more drama? Write the gender of the baby on t-shirts or a big poster with a blacklight marker and turn off the lights for the big moment. You’ll be sure to get a few oohs and ahhs.

20. Big Brother or Sister Reveal


If your new arrival is going to be part of your growing family, get your older kids in on the act. Dress them in t-shirts that say,” I’m waiting to torture my little brother or sister.” Okay, maybe leave the torture part out. They don’t need encouragement. 

Reveals Gone Wrong (What not to do)

Can reveals go wrong? Sure, sometimes. But even when they do, it’s pretty fun. 

Here are a few moments from gender reveal parties to give you a laugh. And maybe a little trepidation.

But don’t worry, announcing the sex of your baby is not nearly as hard as the rest of parenting. Usually. 

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