The 15 Best Prank Videos For April Fools [Pranking Guide]

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April Fool’s Day is almost here. The day when you can trust absolutely no one. But it does give you carte blanche to play embarrassing or scary pranks on your family and friends and expect them to laugh along.

To give you a little inspiration, we’ve gathered some of the funniest prank videos around. Even if you’re not up to pulling a trick on someone, these outrageous jokes should give you a good laugh.

And after all, laughter is the best medicine. Especially when you’re laughing at someone else. Here are the 15 best April Fools Day prank videos.

1. Working Out at Walmart

First up, Kinsey does her workout in the middle of Walmart. I love how cooperative some of the onlookers are. Who needs a gym when you have so many products to lift? I’m thinking of canceling my membership.

2. Punking The Prof

What better payback for all that homework he gives you then a totally embarrassing joke. Glad this guy had a sense of humor. Otherwise, it would have meant detention!

3. Embarrassing Public Phone Calls

All you need to pull this one off is a cell phone and no sense of shame.

4. The Haunted Teddy Bear Scam

Marriage is a long road. You have to find ways to amuse yourself.

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5. Farting at the Airport

As much as I generally hate potty humor, I have to admit this video of guys farting at the airport made me roll. Especially when they get on the plane. Smells like comedy to me.

6. Chair Pulling Scam

Why is watching people fall down so funny? That being said, DO NOT attempt this on your own. You could hurt someone or be beaten to a pulp if they catch you. As the video said, this was executed by “professional chair pullers.”

Maybe I should have gotten a degree in that.

7. Fake Spelling Test

If you’re not up to an elaborate prank, just mess with some elementary school kids. They’re easy to fool.

8. Prof Pulls an Elaborate Joke on His Students

This one wasn’t for elementary school kids. It’s a well thought out and super techie approach to having some laughs in class. This time the joke’s on the students.

9. Prank With a Message

This little scare prank actually had a message behind it. It let people know that leopards were having their habitat encroached upon. By scaring the crap out of passersby.

10. Scamming Your Grams at High-Speed

This joke is so wrong. Wrong but still funny. I’m glad Grandma didn’t have a heart attack.

11. Laughing on the Elevator

It’s amazing how uncomfortable people get when you break elevator etiquette. Geez, they were just laughing, not farting.

12. Embarrassing Questions

Watch out, here comes Kinsey again. Sorry, but this girl makes me laugh. And all the clerks should make employees of the month for trying to deal with her!

13. Holding Hands With Strangers

What I love about this video is how many people actually go along with it when a total stranger walks up beside them and takes their hand with no explanation. Maybe it’s because they’re in California. I think in New York, he would have gotten punched.

14. Fake Book Covers Prank

This joke was a takeoff on another video of people reading books with embarrassing titles on the subway. But I think this one is way funnier.

15. Ellen’s Favorite Pranks

Alright, now let’s see how a real professional does it. Ellen pulls off a couple of great pranks with the help of celebrities. I think it’s the best acting Dennis Quaid has done in his life. And I’m not even joking.

And PS: Bruno Mars is killer! Maybe he’ll win an Oscar someday.

The Last Laugh

Well, I’m afraid that’s all folks. Not enough? Okay, okay, here’s a quick encore. Have a fun April Fool’s Day!

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