25 Of The Best Prank Videos for April Fool’s Day

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April Fool’s Day is here! The day when you can trust absolutely no one. But it does give you carte blanche to play embarrassing or scary pranks on your family and friends and expect them to laugh along. 

To give you a little inspiration, we’ve gathered some of the funniest pranks from over the years. Even if you’re not up to pulling a trick on someone, these outrageous jokes should give you a good chuckle.

After all, laughter is the best medicine—especially when you’re laughing at someone else. Here are the 25 best prank videos that prove we can all be fools. 

1. Escalator Flirt

To start, this short but sweet prank where a stranger randomly flirts with another man’s partner. What’s no joke is the stink eye that our prankster gets from the offended party. He definitely bought into the act!

2. Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank

Yes, this prank was pulled on Halloween and not on April 1st. But a great prank is a great prank. Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to tell their children they had eaten all of the candy they collected, and the kids’ reactions are freaking hilarious. 

Is it wrong to laugh at a kid’s expense? Maybe. But it doesn’t make this video any less funny. 

3. Moaning While Eating

Watch how uncomfortable people get when a total stranger eats something that is apparently orgasmic. All we have to say is ooooh baby, this is gooooood. 

4. Telling People What to Do Video

What we learned from this video is that it’s apparently a lot easier to get people to do what you want than you think. You just have to commit 100% to your commands. 

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5. Hair Cutting Prank

A guy fakes cutting his girlfriend’s hair, and she goes ballistic. If you decide to try this on your partner, dudes, make sure she doesn’t get a hold of the scissors. 

6. Flirting with Boyfriends Picking Up Girls

You have to be gutsy to try to pick up another woman’s man. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a good insurance policy.

7. 13-Year-Old Flirt

And while we’re on the subject of inappropriate flirting, watch what happens when an adolescent boy tries to hit on grown women. By now, that kid must really have his pickup lines honed to perfection. 

 8. Magic Door Prank

Are people really this gullible or are they acting? We’ll let you be the judge. 

9. Whatever Staring at People

This prank proves that you don’t need elaborate setups to play an April Fool’s joke. You just have to break a few social norms. Hang in there until the end of this video for a super funny staring contest that happens. 

10. Funny Runner

Then again, sometimes it takes just a little bit of physical comedy to get people giggling. 

11. Snowstorm Prank

Okay, this prank is definitely an elaborate setup. Leave it to the magic of Hollywood to pull this stunt off.  

12. Improv Everywhere Prank Dance Party

Flash pranks. Corney, but this video will still make you smile. 

13. Marshmallow & Egg

Woody and Kleiny never stop pranking each other. I wonder if that gives you PTSD after a while. 



♬ original sound – woodyandkleiny

14. Girl Pickup Lines

Horrible pickup lines may not work on a lot of women. But guys seem to fall for them pretty easily. Watch what happens when this cheeky gal hits on men with some of the worst lines ever. 

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15. Where’s the Ring Prank

If you’re thinking about getting married on April Fool’s Day, you may want to think twice. 

16. Flower Man Prank

Apparently, flower dudes are a thing. But I think this one is the best of the lot. What we like the most is that while some people are roaring with laughter, others look completely freaked out by his antics.  

17. Pool & Football Player

Again, physical comedy it’s almost always a sure-fire hit. Like a literal hit sometimes. 


You walk into your house and you see this… WYD? 👀😂😂😂😂 #pranks #padlingpool #lol

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

18. Voice Message Prank

We’re not sure how brilliant this joke is. But we love what a kick the prankster gets out of her own bit. 

19. Embarrassing Ringtones

Watch what happens when a grown man puts really embarrassing ringtones on his phone. Our favorite by far: the Taylor Swift song. 

20. Falling Down Pants Prank

All we can say is that it’s amazing what you can get people to do for you when you’re on a pair of crutches. 

21. Road Trip Prank

Road trips can be so long and boring. Here’s how to spice one up. 


Hilarious ROAD TRIP Prank! 🤣🤡 (see my comment) #bestprankever #semitruck #poster #roadtrip #circusclown

♬ original sound – Getti

22. Devil Baby Prank

This list just wouldn’t be complete without a scary prank. And this one definitely delivers the goods. Freaky!

23. Fail Army Pranks

What’s better than a prank video? A compilation prank video. Here’s a series of jokes from amature pranksters.

24. Jimmy Kimmel Wax Figure

But perhaps no one can top a real pro. Here’s another gem from Jimmy Kimmel. Be sure to hang in there for the end!

24. Spreading the Joy of Laughter

This last prank is simple and full of goodwill. It also proves that when you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. Something to keep in mind on April Fool’s Day!

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