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The 8 Best Razors For Men [And 4 Subscription Boxes]

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Whether you are just getting started or having been shaving for decades, you need the right tools to get the best shave. It also requires a little technique and a whole lot of patience. Avoiding cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs all while getting a close shave starts with a quality razor. 

We will share the best razors for all types of skin and hair for the best shaving experience. From sensitive skin to a thick hairy beard, whatever facial hair you have, we’ve got you covered. 

No matter what razor you decide on make sure it’s sharp and you have the time! No one ever got ahead in the shaving game with a dull razor and a lighting fast shave speed. 

Here are the eight best razors for men. And a few subscriptions, because auto-delivery is pretty sweet. 

Types of Razors

Before we get into the best razors, it’s important to understand all the different types of razors out there. There are four primary types of razors: straight razors, safety razors, disposable razors and cartridge razors. 

Straight Razors

The straight razor is the OG of razors. You might remember your grandpa shaving with a straight razor. This is also the type of razor they will use if you get a professional shave at a barbershop. Even though it is the oldest type of razor, it’s arguably the most effective. This is not the razor for beginners. If you don’t know what you are doing you it will undoubtedly end in a bloody mess. But, if you do know how to use a straight razor, we are guessing you are a total badass. 

Safety Razors 

A safety razor is on the other end of the spectrum from a straight razor. A safety razor is probably the most common type of razor used and is great for beginner shavers. As the name implies, a safety razor is just that, safe. The blade is set at a safe angle with a protective barrier and designed to minimize cuts and nicks. 

While the safety feature is great at all, it does take some control out of the shave making it a tad more difficult to get specific angles on your face and chin. These are great razors for people with sensitive skin. 

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are pretty self-explanatory. They are great for traveling, one time use in a pinch and are very cheap. A disposable razor is all one unit where the handle and the blade are connected. As it suggests in the name, they are not intended for long term use. Once the blade gets dull you will need to toss them. If you don’t, your face will pay for it. 

Cartridge Razors  

A cartridge razor is another popular type of razor. This is where you buy the razor cartridges separate from the handle. These range in quality more than any other type of razor and are definitely not the cheapest option. But, with the steeper price tag, you will avoid cutting yourself and get a close shave. Cartridge razors are great for people with a quick morning routine that want to get out the door but need to shave before they go. 


The Best Razor for Beginners: Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor

Schick has been making men’s razors since 1926. They know how to make a high-quality razor that will give you a close shave without breaking the bank. The Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor has five blades for an extremely close shave but is great for new shavers. It’s great for sensitive skin too, and the gel lubricating strip helps keep your baby skin hydrated.

The Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Gillette SkinGuard Men’s Razor

Anyone with sensitive skin will tell you that shaving tends to be a nightmare. Not only do you have to worry about cutting yourself, but on top of it you have to worry about skin irritation, razor bumps, redness and more. The Gillette SkinGuard Men’s Razor is specifically for sensitive skin with a different blade guard, which might not give you the closest shave, but it will stop the irritation and redness. This lubricated razor from Gillette won’t give you baby soft skin, but it will prevent a rash.  

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The Best Affordable Razor: Harry’s Razors for Men

Harry’s might not be the most commonly know razor brand out there, but they work really really well. With their Truman handle, Harry’s Razors for Men is a great German-engineered razor that won’t break the bank. This razor pack comes with a razor, travel blade cover a, 2 ounces of shaving gel and 5 blade refills. 

These razors work well for all skin types, and the rubber handle makes it easy to maneuver and get those hard to reach places. They also pride themselves on their customer service, if you aren’t happy with the product send them a message they will surely take care of you. 


The Best Straight Razor: Feather Black SS Japanese Straight Razor

If you want to unleash your inner Sweeney Todd, then you need to grab a Feather Black SS Japanese Straight Razor. There is no funny business with this straight razor, the blade is extremely sharp and normally seen in professional salons. 

Japan is known for their sharp blades and this straight razor is no exception. With its stainless steel, heat resistant body and silicon resin handle this straight razor is made to last. It’s super easy to replace the blade and clean. If you don’t want to spend the money at a barbershop, but want a professional level shave, this is the razor for you. 

The Best Cartridge Razor: Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor

It’s not a surprise that we are featuring another Gillette razor on this list. Sticking to a classic brand is never a bad idea. The Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor is a great compromise between a safety razor with a single blade and a razor with five blades. 

This three-blade razor is made to last you about 15 shaves and has the same lubricating strip as the SkinGuard razor and this particular pack comes with two replacement blade cartridges. This Gillette razor will give you a nice clean shave, won’t set you back on the price tag and is available at pretty much any drugstore or grocery store, and of course, available on Amazon. 


The Best Safety Razor: Merkur FUTUR Adjustable Safety Razor

The Merkur FUTUR Adjustable Safety Razor is a small and mighty manly man’s tool. As with any safety razor its a pretty simple concept, and this German-made safety razor takes shaving to the next level. It can tackle a thick grizzly beard or an afternoon shadow. With six different adjustment levels, you’ll get the perfect smooth shave every time you use it.  

The Best Disposable Razor: BIC Twin Select Men’s Disposable Razor

Bic has been making razors since the ’70s so it is no surprise they made the list. They’ve been in the game for a while, and the BIC Twin Select Men’s Disposable Razor is a classic. 

Pop one of them in your gym bag, carry on or backpack for when you are out and about. The twin blades allow for quick stubble touch-ups but are not great for your everyday needs; remember it is a disposable razor after all. 

The Best Electric Razor: Philips Norelco One Blade

The Philips Norelco One Blade is a hybrid razor, giving you the best bang for your buck! It is an electric razor and trimmer and can be used anywhere on your body. Yes, anywhere. Hair doesn’t just grow on your face and this bad boy will give you a close shave anywhere you use it. This electric shaver also comes with a variety of guard lengths to swap out depending on your hair thickness, length and needs. 


The Best Shaving Subscriptions  

Remembering when to replace your razor is almost as hard as remembering when to replace your toothbrush. With a subscription, you don’t have to remember. 

Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club takes your shaving game to the next level. Not only is it auto-delivered to your doorstep, but it also includes face scrubs, lotions and other grooming products. Your first box starts with sample sizes so you can get to know your true shaving needs. 

You can add and remove products and cancel at any time. A standard Dollar Shave Club box comes with an ergonomic razor handle, a razor cartridge, shave butter, post-shave dew and a prep scrub. And if you are feeling really fancy, you can also get the shower subscription box with even more goodies! 


The-Personal-Barber subscription box comes to your doorstep every 2 months and ships worldwide all the way from the UK. This classic shaving kit comes with two full-size grooming products, shaving cream/soap and 10 replacement blades every other month. The products change every time, offering the best shaver experience. The razor blades from The-Personal-Barber are 100% recyclable and will not leave you with razor bumps, razor burns or rashes. 


Another UK based subscription that will elevate your shaving experience is Hommage. This is a monthly shaving subscription and each box comes with everything you need for the perfect shave. Whether you are dealing with stubble or a full beard this is a great investment. The first box will come with a shave oil, shaving cream, shave balm, double edge safety razor, feather double edge blades, stand and styptic matches. Have you ever used styptic matches after getting a cut when you were trying to get a close shave? Hommage is a luxury shaving experience you will definitely want to check out. 

Beard Care Club

Okay so the Beard Care Club subscription box doesn’t come with any men’s razors, but if you have a beard, you are definitely going to want to check it out! This monthly subscription comes with beard oil, beard cream and beard balm. You can upgrade to beard shampoo, wash, conditioner and more. There are 10 different subscription options to fit all your beard needs. If you are rocking a strong beard you probably have a quality beard trimmer and aren’t looking for a close shave every week. 


There you have it, everything you need to know about how to find the best razor. Maybe you are in the market for a new straight razor or maybe you need a double edge safety razor. Maybe you need to find the best razor for your sensitive skin or you are looking for the right razor for traveling. 

Whatever you choose we want your shaving experience to be the best it can be. There are hundreds of great razors on the market so to save you some time we’ve narrowed it down to the best options depending on your hairy needs. Whatever you do, don’t forget the shaving cream and aftershave! Oh, and remember to replace those razor blades in a timely manner. 

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