The 15 Best Swing Sets For Kids Of All Ages [Complete Guide]

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Summer is coming, which means it’s time to get your backyard in tip-top shape. And, if you are a parent, that also means turning that space into a place both you and your kids enjoy. Ideally together.

Consider the addition of a swing set or to your playspace.  Swing sets are available in sizes to fit almost any backyard and are available in materials to meet the needs of your kids and family.

Skip the trip to the park and bring the park to you with one of our 15 best swing sets for kids and adults.

The Best Wooden Swing Sets

Wood swing sets are a great option because of their durability and overall appearance. The wood material elevates them past traditional plastic playground equipment. With a little maintenance, they age well and come in every configuration you can think of.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II

We start with the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II because, according to pretty much everyone on the internet, this is the swing set to beat all swing sets. Here’s the thing, it’s back-ordered, everywhere, we looked.

With its crow’s nest lookout, sandbox, wave slide, monkey bars and rock climbing wall, it’s easy to see why everyone is losing their minds for this swing set. It’s an all-in-one playhouse with an extras situation. It is a beast, so you’ll need plenty of space to accommodate it, and assembly is understandably challenging. There are interactive assembly instructions available, and you’ll want to grab a buddy.

Suitable for ages 3-10+

Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set

Featuring a sandbox, chalkboard, shaded canopy and two belt swings, this Big Backyard Swing Set will keep your kids happy without taking up the entire yard. With easy assembly taking only a few hours, everyone will be having fun in no time.

Suitable for ages 3-12

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Little Tikes Real Wood Adventures Bobcat Ridge Outdoor Playset

With its multi-tiered clubhouse, suspended rope bridge, rock wall and cargo net, the Bobcat Ridge Swing Set is ready for some serious adventure play. Includes two classic rope swings, a nest swing and the cutest built-in picnic table you have ever seen.

Interactive assembly instructions are available, and this is going to be a two-person job.

Suitable for ages 3-10


KidKraft Falcon Ridge Swing Set

If fun features are what you’re looking for, the Falcon Ridge Swing Set should be on your shortlist. While it does have two belt swings and a glider swing, what we’ve got here is essentially a clubhouse with a deluxe kitchen, dormer, shiplap and lots of windows. Throw in the coveted Twist N’ Ride tube slide a rock climbing wall and two, side-by-side wave slides this backyard swing set has basically every accessory known to swing sets.

The panelized construction claims to make putting this wooden playset together much more straightforward, but it still will take a day or two with some help from a buddy.

Suitable for ages 3-10

Backyard Discovery Beach Front Wooden Swing Set

Hello, beachfront property! Ok, more like a kiddie pool adjacent property, but that’s how you will feel under the striped canopy umbrella in the Backyard Discovery Beach Front Wooden Swing Set. A steering wheel and telescope mean your little ones can set sail on the high seas and still be home in time for dinner.  The swing beam holds two belt swings and a trapeze bar.

Interactive assembly instructions are available, and parents reported installation could be completed over a weekend.

Suitable for ages 3-10

The Best Metal & Plastic Swing Sets

While metal, vinyl and plastic might not be quite durable as wood, the traditionally affordable price point and low-maintenance make them desirable materials for swing sets and playsets.  Plus, no splinters to worry about for your little ones.

Lifetime Adventure Tower

Made from UV-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with an upper-level observation deck and lower level clubhouse with two access doors and four storefront windows, this swing set is ready to inspire imaginative play from your little ones. The Lifetime Adventure Tower includes two chain swings and a trapeze bar, plus a climbing wall and wavy slide.

Installation is described as “a series of never-ending connections” by one parent but also “worth it in the end,” so take that for what it’s worth. If you live in a humid environment, consider taking extra precautions against rust.

Suitable for ages 3-12

Nova White Vinyl Swing Set

The clean lines and stylish appearance make the Nova While Vinyl Swing Set a perfect option for those who don’t want to deal with the maintenance of wood but want a similar look. Featured include a wave slide, two belt swings, a trapeze bar and sandbox.

Made from pressure-treated pine tucked inside high-quality vinyl sleeves, by hand in Amish country.

Suitable for all ages

Fitness Reality Kids Sports Series Metal Swing Set

This takes your standard A-frame swing set design and turns it into a personal fitness center for your little ones, and features eight activity stations: trampoline, flying saucer swing seat, glider, trapeze bar, traditional swing with plastic swing seat, a basketball hoop/soccer goal, and wave slide. Each station has an 80-pound weight capacity in the Fitness Reality Kids Sports Series Metal Swing Set.

Installation takes a few hours, with a couple of people lending a hand.

Suitable for ages 3-8

Little Tikes Tree House Swing Set

While the Little Tikes Tree House Swing Set is out of stock until August, but it’s completely worth the wait for your younger kiddos. Think about those warm fall nights spent outdoors in the backyard.

The UV resistant plastic makes cleaning up spills and debris a sinch, and there is no worry about splinters or rusty metal. Assembly can be tackled solo and completed in a few hours.

Suitable for ages 3-8

The Best Swing Sets for Small Spaces

If you are working with a standard city lot (or less), your backyard probably doesn’t have room to spare. We rounded up some space-saving options that are small but mighty and still make playtime exciting.

Soumya Unicorn Swing with Chains

While not technically a swing “set,” this was just too fun and funky to not include in our list for small backyards. Made from mold and chip resistant plastic, you can hang this majestic unicorn from a tree or any swing beam. Additional mounting hardware may be needed, so consider your installation before purchase. Two swing chains are included.

Suitable for ages 3-8


Backyard Discovery Mini Brutus Metal Swing Set

Heavy-duty steel A-frame design and coated steel swing chains, make this classic and simple Discovery Metal Swing Set a durable and long-lasting contender. Includes an optional bonus toddler swing for your littlest swingers.

Assembly is simple and can be completed by one person, but is made easier with a second pair of hands. Some parents reported the instructions were not easy to follow, but really are they ever?

Suitable for ages 3-10

Trekassy 40″ Saucer Swing Set with Metal Swing Stand

This giant saucer style swing has a 440-pound weight capacity and is an updated approach to a traditional tire swing. The swing seat is made from UV resistant Textilene fabric and high-quality PE webbing hanging rope.

Assembly is simple and needs no assistance from a second helper.

Suitable for ages 6 months and up

Kids Don’t Get to Have All the Fun

Adults don’t just want to sit in Adirondack chairs and sip iced tea all summer. You want to get in on the action sometimes too! There is nothing better to help feel younger than a little playtime, with or without your kiddos. And while these aren’t technically considered swing sets, they will certainly make your backyard play space enjoyable for all ages.

Personalized Wooden Tree Swing

This tree swing is made from a solid piece of yellow pine and customizable with one line of text. A shout out to anybody looking to recreate that, “I’m casually swinging in a ball gown in a moonlit garden” scene from Cinderella, this is the swing of your dreams. Swing includes a hanging kit with multiple options for installation.

Suitable for ages 4 months and up

Adventure Parks Air Surfer Stand Up Swing

“Surf the Air – Where Big Waves Grow on Trees” isn’t the description of this swing for nothing. Made from solid maple with mold-resistant ropes, this swing challenges your physical skills and keeps your body moving.

Installation is not complicated, but due to the nature of its use, you’re going to want to make sure you follow all instructions correctly when setting up the Adventure Parks Air Surfer Stand Up Swing.

Suitable for ages 8 and up

Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection Lawn Swing

For when that iced tea starts looking lovely, the Montana Woodworks Lawn Swing will let you relax and enjoy the outdoors in an heirloom-quality piece of outdoor furniture. Handmade in Montana from solid pine and utilizing mortise and tenon joinery for durability, this is one swing you don’t want to miss out on.

Some assembly is required and may need two sets of hands since it’s a little heavy.

Suitable for all ages

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Not only may you need additional hardware for installation, but there are also a bunch of fun swing set accessories to add once you’ve selected your playset.


Now that you’ve picked your set, it’s time to level the play area and choose a ground cover like mulch, sand, grass, pea gravel or rubber mats. While leveling is not required, it will help with overall durability and stability.

Adding a little summer fun to your backyard is a snap with one of these backyard swing sets. Bonus, we think swing set assembly parties are going to be the next big thing.

For the cost of a couple of beers or a batch of fresh-baked cookies, your friends will do pretty much anything, right?

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