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17 Great Brother-In-Law Gifts

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In-laws tend to get a bad rap for being mean, nasty and hard to be around. But the fact is, a lot of us love our in-laws! After all, they are family. 

And, like all family members, in-laws can be tricky to buy holiday gifts for, especially those brothers-in-law that you don’t hang out with that much. So rather than driving yourself crazy in search of the perfect gift, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Looking for gift ideas for a birthday gift, Christmas gift or Father’s Day gift? No matter what he’s into, here are 17 of our favorite gift ideas that your brother-in-law will love.

Apple AirPods Pro

We already know what you’re thinking… I’m not spending that much on my bro in law!

Assuming that you have the money to spend and that you actually like your brother-in-law, Apple Airpods Pro are one of the best gifts you can give him.

For one, he can use them all day, every day. He can wear them while he’s working out, when he’s on Zoom calls for work or when he’s listening to his favorite podcast or tunes. If it’s in your budget to splurge on an Apple gift, AirPods Pros are the way to go.

You can even personalize the case by adding his name, initials, or a fun emoji.


Personalized Golf Balls

For the guy that loves to play golf, there’s no better gift than golf balls. And while a regular box of Titleist or Callaway balls might win him over, we always prefer a personalized set.

These personalized golf balls are hilarious, so if your golfer has a sense of humor, he’s sure to get a kick out of these. Packaged in a set of three, these golf balls can be customized with photos, names, words or phrases. We’re particularly fond of the ones that say, “if found return to this guy.”


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Brother-In-Law Mug


A brother-in-law mug is the perfect gift for the guy who drinks coffee all day. Available in all sorts of colors, styles and designs, coffee mugs are great inexpensive gifts. You can even fill them with fresh coffee beans if you know his favorite roast.   

Is he the best brother-in-law ever? Get him a mug that says so! Want to make him laugh? Opt for one with a snarky saying.

With so many designs to pick from on Etsy, it’s easy to find a coffee mug that says exactly how you’re feeling. If you can’t find one you like, have one customized for him.


Video Games

Does your brother-in-law love playing video games? If he’s a diehard gamer, a video game always makes a great gift.

As long as you know which type of game system he has, you can win him over with a new game to play. Just be sure it’s a brand new one (if he’s that into gaming, he’s probably already played the ones that came out last year).

Resident Evil Village, Halo Infinite, Far Cry 6 and Little Nightmares II are all set to release this year. Our suggestion? Pre-order him a game that isn’t out yet and let him know that it will be delivered to his door the day it drops!


Yeti Rambler Tumbler


The Yeti Rambler Tumbler is one of our favorite guy gifts, in part because it comes in so many cool colors and partly because it can keep drinks hot or cold for hours.

The Rambler Tumbler comes in different sizes, but we like the 30 oz. size. It comes with a mag slider lid, it’s made from double-walled stainless steel and it’s dishwasher safe. Basically, he has no excuse but to keep it clean.


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CREMAX Magnetic Screwdriver Set

The CREMAX Magnetic Screwdriver Set is a cool gift for the guy who’s super handy around the house (or pretends to be). Featuring a set of 14 different screwdrivers in different sizes with different heads, this set is a must-have in every guy’s garage or toolbox.

These screwdrivers can be magnetized or demagnetized. They feature comfortable grip handles and come in a toolbox for easy storage. They’re perfect for the brother-in-law who’s prone to losing and misplacing tools!


FRESHe TECH Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If he’s into gadgets, your brother-in-law will love the FRESHe TECH Bluetooth Shower Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker has a small round shape with a suction cup on the back so that you can stick it to any shower wall.

Easy to sync to any Bluetooth device, this speaker comes with a micro USB charging cable and can play back up to eight hours of music on a full charge. It’s the perfect way to encourage singing in the shower!


Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain

Is your brother-in-law a military guy? A hunter? An avid gun enthusiast? If he fits into one of those categories and also loves beer, the Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain is one of the most unique gifts you can buy him — and it won’t break the bank.

Made from an actual de-militarized bullet that the military has discharged, this keychain features a slender design with a dangling bullet and a bottle opener built into the back. It can also be engraved with your brother-in-law’s name to make it an even more thoughtful gift.


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Williams Sonoma BBQ Gift Set

He can do some grilling in style with this four-piece BBQ Tool Set from Williams Sonoma. Packed in a sleek metal storage case, this set includes a slotted spatula, a basting brush, a fork and tongs — everything he needs to flip burgers, grill veggies or BBQ meat.

This set looks as good as it functions. Plus, each piece is detailed with an extra-long handle so that he only gets grill marks on his steaks — not on his hands or arms.


Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Set

Looking for funny gifts that you know your brother-in-law will love? If he likes some heat, check out this Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Set

This set features 30 different international flavors of hot sauce inspired by countries around the world. It includes all sorts of taste profiles, such as Hawaiian lava, bourbon pepper, Baja heat mango and Smokin’ Jamaican hot sauce.

This set includes a wide range of flavors and heat levels ranging from mild to extreme. He can pour them on his wings, use them to make Bloody Marys, or use them to top eggs, burgers or quesadillas. With hot sauce in this many flavors, the options are endless.


Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses

If your brother-in-law likes to enjoy a glass of whiskey now and then, a set of Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses will encourage him to drink it like a pro.

A stylish addition to any home bar, these whiskey glasses are shaped so that you can properly “nose” the aroma of your whiskey. They’re made from lead-free crystal and feature a modern yet timeless design that never goes out of style.

Whether he’s a fan of whiskey, bourbon or Scotch, these glasses will encourage him to drink it like a gentleman rather than toss it back as shots.


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Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Does your bro-in-law prefer wine over whiskey? The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is the perfect brother-in-law gift for the guy that loves to chill out with a glass of cabernet or pinot noir.

This wine decanter has a high-quality design without the high price tag, making it one of the best-selling decanters on Amazon. It’s hand-blown from lead-free crystal glass and features a wide, flat base that allows your wine to aerate and breathe before drinking it.

It also has an angled pour spout to help eliminate spills and drips.


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Pig of the Month Club Bacon Subscription Box


You know what’s better than bringing home a pack of bacon? Having a gift box full of it shipped to your door every single month. 

The Pig of the Month Club Bacon Subscription Box is the gift box that keeps on giving!

Each month he’ll get two pounds of bacon — and we’re not just talking about ordinary bacon here. They ship two unique flavors each month. Current and upcoming flavors include peach sriracha, lemon pepper, jalapeno lime and bourbon smoked black pepper.

Trying not to spend too much? You can also ship him a one-time box without committing to a subscription.


H&M Loungewear Pants

H&M Loungewear Pants

Let’s face it — we all like to lounge! And coming out of a year where we all spent A LOT of time at home, there’s a good chance his pajama wardrobe can use a refresh.

These H&M Loungewear Pants are super affordable, super soft, and come in a set of two, so he can always have a clean pair to wear. They’re lightweight and comfy in soft jersey cotton with a drawstring waist and cuffed ankles.

He can wear these with any of his favorite t-shirts or rock them with a cashmere sweater when he’s feeling fancy. The basic colors make them easy to mix and match with any and every top.


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Milk Bar Desserts


Does your brother-in-law have a sweet tooth? Win him over by shipping him some yummy desserts from Milk Bar.

Milk Bar makes everything from gooey chocolate cakes to truffles to cookies to assorted samplers. Everything is shipped fresh to ensure quality and flavor, but the best part is that it’s the type of gift he can share with the whole family. It’s perfect if you want your sibling, nieces or nephews to enjoy a little treat too!


An Experience

A crowd with their hands raised at a concert

Whether he’s a fan of live music, loves the theater or lives and dies for sports, tickets to an event are always a great gift.

With COVID-19 still looming, it may take some time before he can get out and about again. A gift card to Live Nation, Ticketmaster or his favorite sports venue is a great way to get him excited for things to come!

Amazon Gift Card

Box with an Amazon gift card in front of it
Nicole Glass Photography /

Some guys are super hard to buy for, no matter the occiasion. Some already have everything. Some just never seem to like what you give them. If this sounds familiar, you may want to fall back on the timeless gift card. We hate to end our gift guide on such an anti-climactic note, but the fact is, an Amazon gift card is a great gift!

It’s hard to imagine that your brother-in-law (or anyone for that matter) wouldn’t be able to make use of an Amazon gift card. If he hates shopping on Amazon for some reason, he can always re-gift it when he needs a quick gift for someone else.

What Are the Best Gifts for Brothers in Law?

Every brother-in-law is different, and some are harder to buy for than others. Whether you want to get him something little or are looking to splurge, be sure to buy a gift that’s within your budget.

So think about what he’s into. Think about what he has. Think about what he might need. And don’t go into debt buying something expensive that you can’t afford.

No matter who you’re shopping for, always remember: it’s the thought that counts.

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17 Best Brother-In-Law Gifts: 

  1. Apple AirPods Pro
  2. Personalized Golf Balls
  3. Brother-In-Law Mug
  4. Video Games
  5. Yeti Rambler Tumbler
  6. CREMAX Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  7. FRESHe TECH Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  8. Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain
  9. Williams Sonoma BBQ Gift Set
  10. Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Set
  11. Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses
  12. Le Chateau Wine Decanter
  13. Pig of the Month Club Bacon Subscription Box
  14. H&M Loungewear Pants
  15. Milk Bar Desserts
  16. An Experience
  17. Amazon Gift Card

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