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How To Work Towards Building A Bigger Booty [You Got Buns?]

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If growing a bigger booty is a focus of yours, I can assume one of two things. Either you follow social media accounts that promote “peach-growing” content (causing you to feel the need to put more attention there), or you understand the importance of a strong rear – for power, posture and injury prevention.

Maybe it’s both?

There are many ways to engage your booty and build muscle. A bigger booty will not only fill out your shorts and pants better, but will offer many more long-term health benefits as well.

What Muscles Make Up My Booty?

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Three main muscles make up your derrière. They are:

  • Gluteus Maximus – largest muscle (the bulk of your booty)
  • Gluteus Medius – smaller, higher muscle situated to the side of your hip (hip stability)
  • Gluteus Minimus – smaller, deeper muscle beneath gluteus maximus (hip stability)

Why Are Strong Glutes Important?

Some of the amazing benefits of strong glutes are:

  • Improved posture
  • Improved power, stability, and strength
  • Decreased low back pain (and even hip, knee, and ankle pain)

The longer you sit every day without working on strengthening your glutes, the more likely you are to suffer from “butt amnesia”, tight hip flexors, poor posture and chronic back pain. That’s enough to kick your butt muscles into shape, isn’t it?

9 Essential Booty Activation Exercises

Because many of us sit for hours a day, our various glute muscles forget how to fire correctly. This causes other muscles (hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, back) to engage instead.

To gain a bigger butt, you need to train it how to engage first!

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These nine booty activation exercises are perfect as a quick home workout and even better used before a glute-focused lifting session. Each exercise targets your glutes and lower body, therefore waking up the proper muscles that should be working when doing exercises like sumo squats, deadlifts, etc.

All of the following are shown with resistance bands, but you can certainly do without. Adding additional resistance aids muscle growth by adding difficulty to your workout routine.


1. Clamshell


2. Fire Hydrant


3. Bridge


4. Bridge – Pulse Out


5. Bridge – Pulse Up


6. Monster Walk


7. Banded Squat Pulse


8. Squat Hold – Pulse Out


9. Deep Squat w/ Kickback


Check out this fully informative and interactive Body Reset guide if you want specific sequences and workouts with resistance bands.

5 Essential Loaded Booty-Building Exercises

If you are new to the booty building life or feel like you have struggled to see real results, please incorporate the previous banded exercises. Once your booty knows how to fire properly, it is time to move on to these classic booty-sculpting exercises.

All are shown with kettlebells but can be done with various equipment or your bodyweight (dumbbells, barbell, etc.).

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1. Lunge


2. Single Leg Deadlift


3. Deadlift


4. Goblet Squat


5. Lateral Lunge


Your bigger booty is not far away! Incorporating some or all of these exercises a couple of times a week will certainly pay off with a bigger bum.

Also, adding cardio and strength training to your workout routine will help shed excess fat and make your booty, and whole body, feel great.


If you want full workouts and tutorials, check out boopbod’s Instagram feed.

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The 14 Best Exercises to Grow a Bigger, Rounder Booty:

  1. Clamshell
  2. Fire Hydrant
  3. Bridge
  4. Bridge – Pulse Out
  5. Bridge – Pulse Up
  6. Monster Walk
  7. Banded Squat Pulse
  8. Squat Hold – Pulse Out
  9. Deep Squat w/ Kickback
  10. Lunge
  11. Single-Leg Deadlift
  12. Deadlift
  13. Goblet Squat
  14. Lateral Lunge


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