The 15 Best Bunk Beds For Kids [On The Market Right Now]

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Sure, bunk beds are fun, but there are many more reasons why you might choose to purchase a bunk bed for your child or children.

Bunk beds save room in small spaces, they add a layer of privacy for older kids who have to share a room and they come in far more varieties and with far more perks than the bunk beds you probably grew up with. But don’t just go to the furniture store and pick out the first (and possibly only) bunk bed you see.

Check out our 15 favorite best bunk bed options for kids.

Bunking Done Right

From traditional bunk bed designs to designs that will leave your children fighting for the top bunk, check out these great options available right now.

Stork Craft Hardwood Navy Bunk Bed

This rubberwood plus composite bunk bed is simple and sleek. It features full guardrails on the top bunk, so there’s no worry that your child will roll out into the floor during the nights, and if needed, you can separate the bunks into two individual beds. That feature alone makes this bunk bed a good choice for those currently living in a small space with plans to move to a larger home or apartment.

Each bunk can hold up to 225 pounds, meaning it’s suitable for up to most college-age children.

Walker Edison Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

If you’d rather have a metal bunk bed over a wooden option, you may like this bunk bed from Walker Edison. It has a modern, industrial feel and full-length guardrails on the top. It comes in multiple sizes, but we like the twin-sized option.

Many bunk beds feature mattresses that are slightly smaller than your standard twin-sized mattress, which is a pain, especially if anyone other than a small child uses the bunk bed, but that’s not the case with this model.

Each bunk has the ability to support up to 250 pounds, and there’s a clearance of 44 inches between the bottom mattress and the bottom of the top bunk, meaning fewer worries over hitting your head when the bottom sleeper wakes up in the middle of the night.

Dorel Living Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

If you have one child who’s a few years older than their sibling, you may want to go with this Dorel Living bunk bed that features a larger full-size bed on the bottom, with a smaller twin-size bed on the top. The metal frame can be separated into two individual beds, and the bunk bed comes in three different colors.

Unfortunately, the top bunk does have a 165-pound weight limit, meaning it might not be ideal for all users. However, if you’re looking for something that will fit a small child and an older child, they can easily share this bunk.

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Donco Kids Mission Bunk Bed

But what if you could have a bunk bed that sleeps three children rather than just two? That’s what you get with this Donco bunk bed that features two full-size beds and one trundle bed.

The sturdy, solid frame makes this bunk bed a good pick for many users, but it’s convenient for those families with multiple children who frequently invite guests for sleepovers.

Home Accent Furnishings Sunrise Metal Twin-Over-Futon Bunk Bed

If you have an older child or children who protest that bunk beds just aren’t cool anymore, opt for this Home Accent metal bunk bed that features a futon on the bottom and a bed up top.

It’s far cooler than your traditional bunk bed, and it gives your preteens or teens a place to hang out during the day, but then easily transitions to two beds at night, so everyone has a spot to sleep.

Wayfair Lawanda Twin Bunk With Bookcase And Drawers

This bunk bed option from Wayfair comes with a lot of perks. For one, instead of a ladder, it features a small staircase so that the top bunk includes a truly full guard rail that’s nearly impossible to fall over in the middle of the night.

Additionally, the bottom full-size bunk includes storage, and the end of the bunk bed is a bookshelf.

Dorel Living Milton Junior Twin Loft Bed

Okay, so this isn’t a bunk bed per se… but it is pretty cool. It gives you some of the benefits of a bunk bed while being best suited for one child. The loft bed gives you a standard top bunk, but underneath, your child has extra space to play rather than a bottom bunk. So, you get a bed, but you don’t have to sacrifice any floor space.

Coaster Home Furnishings Stephan Full Over Full Bunk Bed

If you’re worried that a bunk bed will make your child’s room feel crowded, cramped and dark, you’ll want to seriously consider this bunk bed option. It forgoes the heavy wood and dark walls that some bunk bed designs incorporate and opts for a minimalistic metal frame that lets in as much light as possible.

Despite the minimalistic design, each bunk can support up to 400 pounds of weight.

Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed

Sure, you could buy a bunk bed that features a trundle, but if you’ve never been a fan of trundles, but you still need to sleep three, consider this triple bunk bed from Dorel Living that stacks three sleepers in a row. The design is just like any traditional bunk bed, but with three beds instead of two.

Separate ladders allow access to the middle and top beds, and each bed is twin-sized. When you have a little more space handy, you can separate all three beds for individual use.

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Dorel Living Clearwater Triple Bunk Beds

Another triple bunk bed that takes up a little more space, this corner-friendly bed features a traditional bunk bed design, but then a second top bunk that’s positioned perpendicular to the other top bunk. Beneath the second top bunk, you’ll find extra floor space, perfect for a desk or storage.

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed

Another bunk bed that features extra space under the top bunk, rather than a bottom bed, this option from DHP Studio really tries to maximize its usefulness.

The bottom portion is essentially a little office for your preteen or teen, featuring a full desk, shelving and bookcase, all in that one space.

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed

If you can have a bunk bed with a slide, why would you not have a bunk bed with a slide?

This super-cute twin-sized bunk bed from Max and Lily features a top bunk with a ladder and a slide for extra fun.

Just note, because of the slide’s positioning, there are two areas where a smaller child could potentially fall from the top bunk, as there are openings in the guardrail both at the head and the foot of the bed.

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Pottery Barn Tent Bunk

But, as we said, part of the fun of bunk beds is that they’re… well, fun. Go beyond a boring bunk bed for your kids with this tent-style bunk from Pottery Barn that features a vaulted tent topper above the top bunk.

This bunk is a bit different because the ladder sits in the middle of the top bunk, rather than all the way at the end, which could prove a hazard if your child is on the smaller side and moves around a lot in the middle of the night. They may need a bunk with a full-length guardrail versus one that splits, like this.

Otherwise, your kids will love this whimsical bunk bed, and you’ll probably need to break up a fight or two over who gets that tent-style top bunk.

Pottery Barn Treehouse Twin Bunk

Very similar to the Pottery Barn tent bunk, this Pottery Barn Tree House bunk bed features a treehouse-style sleeping space up top, complete with tiny windows and a slanted roof. The treehouse bunk’s ladder sits in the middle of the bed — making it somewhat tricky for smaller kids — but if that’s not a worry for you, then your kids are sure to love this option.

The top bunk offers plenty of privacy plus that cool design. Again, you may just have to break up a fight over who gets the more-superior top bunk.

Camper Van Bunk Bed

Okay, so we’ve seen several bunk beds that offer the top bunk sleeper a cool space, but what about the bottom bunk sleeper?

Where this Camper Van bunk bed is concerned, it’s all about whoever’s stuck on the bottom bunk, as the entire bottom bunk is hidden away inside a retro-style Volkswagen van shell. The top bunk is designed to look identical to hauled luggage, and the ladder? It’s a surfboard.

The one downside? These bunk beds are custom-built, so they don’t exactly come cheap.

Shopping for Bunk Beds

If you’ve never purchased a bunk bed before, what should you take into consideration? Here’s what you need to know.

Types of Bunk Beds Available 

There are lots of different bunk bed designs that you can choose from. Traditional bunk beds feature two twin-size beds stacked one on top of the other. Beyond this, though, you can find bunks in an array of sizes, from slightly smaller than a twin size to full size to a combination of sizes.

You can also find bunk bed designs that incorporate futons, trundle beds and different types of storage options.

Bunk bed ladder designs also differ. Some bunk beds come with stairs, some come with ladders and some come with rungs or slats. Consider which options will be safest and most comfortable for your child.

Bunk Bed Materials

Bunk beds are made from a variety of materials, too. Many are made from wood, and wooden bunk beds can often support more weight and are more durable. However, always be sure to check a bunk bed’s weight limits before you make your purchase.

Metal bunk beds are becoming more popular, especially for those seeking a minimalist, contemporary or industrial aesthetic.

You can find some plastic bunk beds designed for younger children. Still, they aren’t usually a great idea since your children can usually only use them for a concise timeframe before they outgrow them and need to move to a sturdier option.

Bunk Bed Safety

Safety is an essential consideration when shopping for a bunk bed. There are many ways a bunk bed could prove hazardous to your children. The top bunk could fall onto the bottom bunk, injuring both top and bottom sleepers. One of your children could fall out of the top bunk. Someone could trip on the ladder or stairs.

To ensure your bunk bed is as safe as possible for your children, read up on all of the bunk’s reviews, warranties and/or recalls.

Check the weight capacity.

Additionally, consider purchasing professional assembly for the safest, most secure assembly possible (after all, we’ve all probably put together a wobbly piece of furniture or two — the last piece of furniture that you want to wobble is a bunk bed). If you’re purchasing your bunk bed on Amazon, and you don’t necessarily trust your assembly skills, call in a more experienced friend or family member to help you put together the bed frames.

Beyond this, carefully consider whether or not your children are old enough or mature enough for a bunk bed in the first place. If you’re worried their roughhousing could result in an accident, you may want to hold off on this particular purchase. In general, bunk beds are not advised for children under 6.

Perks of Using a Bunk Bed

But don’t let the safety concerns scare you off. There are many reasons why you might choose to use a bunk bed versus two (or more) traditional beds. Bunk beds save tons of space; they’re often very cost-effective and they’re flexible. Many can be used separately after your children are older, and many offer various storage solutions that you don’t get with a traditional bed.

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The 15 Best Bunk Beds For Kids: 

  1. Stork Craft Hardwood Navy Bunk Bed
  2. Walker Edison Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
  3. Dorel Living Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
  4. Donco Kids Mission Bunk Bed
  5. Home Accent Furnishings Sunrise Metal Twin-Over-Futon Bunk Bed
  6. Wayfair Lawanda Twin Bunk With Bookcase And Drawers
  7. Dorel Living Milton Junior Twin Loft Bed
  8. Coaster Home Furnishings Stephan Full Over Full Bunk Bed
  9. Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed
  10. Dorel Living Clearwater Triple Bunk Beds
  11. DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed
  12. Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed
  13. Pottery Barn Tent Bunk
  14. Pottery Barn Treehouse Twin Bunk
  15. Camper Van Bunk Bed

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