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The 15 Best Craft Subscription Boxes [For Your Crafty Friends]

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Do you consider yourself a craft lover but never seem to have all of the supplies to complete your craft projects? Or maybe you run out of fun new crafts to try? With a craft subscription box, you can get all of the goodies delivered to your doorstep and keep the creative juices flowing! 

Crafting is a great hobby, but it is even better when you have all of the right supplies at your fingertips. From crafting newbies to veteran crafters, these craft kits are sure to get you going! 

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Color My Cookie

Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box

Craftsman Crate

Check out our 15 favorite craft subscription boxes for all ages. 

1. The Adults & Crafts Crate

Adults & Craft Crate

This monthly craft subscription box is excellent for adults and teenagers. For $30 per month, you will receive a new craft each month. Past boxes have included crafts like engraving, woodburning kit, candle making, clock making and more. This craft box is perfect for a date night, family night or a girls’ night. 

The Adults & Crafts Crate keeps it fun and helps you learn a new skill each month you might not have picked out on your own!  

2. Craftee DIY Box

Craftee DIY Box

Craftee DIY Box is a monthly craft subscription box filled with all of the supplies you need for a colorful art project that your social media followers will definitely give a thumbs up! Past monthly packages include crafts like create-your-own agate-like coasters, seasonal wall hangings, DIY candles and dip-dyed macramé. This monthly subscription box starts at $42 and ships on the 20th of each month. 

3. Color My Cookie

Color My Cookie Box

Everybody loves cookies, but not all of us are masters at the decorating part. With the Color My Cookie monthly subscription, you will become an expert decorator in no time! 

Each month your box will come with pre-iced cookies and all the decorations you could imagine. Things like sprinkles, edible glitter, paintbrushes and more. This monthly subscription box for $28.75 also comes with a video tutorial so you can watch real pastry chefs in action. This is the best art project to give you a monthly sugar rush!

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4. Poppy’s Hobbies

Poppy's Hobbies

Wanting to up your home decor with some DIY projects that don’t look like a child-made them? Poppy’s Hobbies provides all of the art supplies to make seasonal themed crafts for $35 per month. Each month you will get something new to make that is wood or MDF based and all of the other supplies to make your craft. 

Each box includes extras like paint, decals, ribbon and more to personalize your monthly art project. This subscription box is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas or a birthday for your crafty family members.

5. Club Scrap 

Club Scrap

Scrapbookers and stampers, if you haven’t heard of this subscription box, you are going Scrapbookers and stampers, if you haven’t heard of this subscription box, you are going to want to jump on it! The Wisconsin-based team has curated original designs for all of your scrapbooking needs.

Club Scrap comes with high-quality paper and fully embellished pages, but it also comes with a monthly workshop-style video! Monthly plans start at $29.95, and if you ask us, this is one of the best subscription boxes on the list. 

6. Home Made Luxe 

Group of women with homemade crafts

Looking for some Pinterest-worthy art projects? The Home Made Luxe subscription box will satisfy all of your arts & crafts needs. These DIY crafts also double as home decor. 

Each box is $25.99 and comes with a new craft and all of the materials you need along with video instructions, making it easy to follow along. They take all of the work out of it, so all you have to do is follow along and enjoy your masterpiece. This would be a great subscription box for a girl’s night, wine club or date night! 

7.  We Craft Box 

Connecting through crafts is one of the best ways to bond with your family, significant other or children. With the We Craft Box, each month has a new theme, new materials and, of course, a new craft. 

You can shop single boxes like a DIY Superhero Face Mask Fit, Camping Critters and Pirates and Mermaids box if you sign up for a monthly subscription. Single packages and month-to-month subscriptions are $29.99, but they also offer a 3,6 or 12-month plan option. Just select your plan and let your imagination run wild! 

8. Rag Tag Box

Embroidering is a hobby that has seen a massive comeback in recent years. Hop on the bandwagon with this Rag Tag Box from Spot Colors, which features a stitch kit that includes photos, patterns, instructions, thread, fabric, needle, hoop and colors list in every monthly box. The kits are based on a fun fandom theme each month, covering categories such as brunch, plant life, slowing life down and Krampus. 

The kit is for beginner and intermediate level stitchers, so if you’re looking to start anew with this hobby or have some skills under your belt already, this is the box for you.   

9. The Paper Crate

Paper comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors, and The Paper Box gives you all the styles of paper you can think of to create your perfect greeting cards. Each monthly kit comes with four originally designed cards plus a stamp set, embellishments, tools, instructions and other valuable items to help you complete your cards. If you’re looking to start sending our more “thank you” cards or letters to friends or family you’ve lost touch with, this is a great box to consider. 

A bonus? You get a free, additional Welcome Kit with your first order. 

10. Lit Kit Art Box

You can go with the regular Lit Kit Box, which includes step-by-step painting instructions in each box, but we recommend you can go with the Deluxe box, which adds:

  • All the supplies needed to paint what’s on the painting instructions 
  • A link to a monthly, live Zoom session called “Wine Down Wednesday” (21+) to help you enhance your painting skills even further
  •  Mystery art items

11. Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box

Charcoal Expressions drawing Box

Charcoal drawing might sound intimidating, but Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box is here to crush that perception and show you that anyone can get started drawing with charcoal. In each box, you’ll get: 

  • Two drawings per month 
  • A magazine
  • Video tutorials
  •  Supplies needed to craft your charcoal art
  • Paper
  • Mattes for simplified framing

You don’t need any drawing experience to get started with this box, so beginners or curious artists are encouraged to check this box out. 

12. The Inky Box

If you’ve always been interested in calligraphy or the art of lettering, The Inky Box has everything you need to get started and master the art form. Each month you’ll receive a selection of lettering and calligraphy tools, supplies to practice your calligraphy and greeting cards from industry-leading lettering artists.

If you’re not 100% sold on the idea of getting this box, we suggest trying The Inky Box Mini, which is half the price and comes with three to five lettering tools from the month’s box and downloadable practice sheets.  

13. Paletteful Packs

Love to use watercolors, markers, pens, acrylics or pastels? Paletteful Packs brings you all the supplies you need each month to create your masterpieces. There are three monthly box options to choose from that allow you to narrow down the number of items you receive, named the Premier Pack, Petite Pack and Young Artist Pack. 

The item that makes this box stand out in the crowded craft subscription box world is the card that comes with each package containing information about each supply you’ve received, how you should use it and some tips and techniques to conquer everything in the box.

14. Craftsman Crate

If you like to build things with your hands, the Craftsman Crate is perfect for you and your family. It comes loaded with real tools that you can continue to use after completing the monthly project, full instruction on properly building the craft and all of the necessary supplies, so you don’t have to bring anything except your desire to create.

15. Green Kid Crafts

This one is for the whole family. If you’re a crafter and want to have some fun with your kids, check out the Green Kid Crafts subscription box. Each month, you’ll receive supplies for either science experiments or art projects that can create up to six activities. The supplies also come with a 12-page educational magazine with puzzles, games, book recommendations, and additional project ideas related to the monthly theme. The box is recommended for children ages 2-10, but it’s encouraged for the parents to get involved. 

Don’t believe this is a quality crafting box? They’ve been featured in Wired, Redbook, Real Simple, NYT and Good Housekeeping, so they have a track record to back their crafts up. 

Crafting Done Right

DIY projects are fun when you have all of the supplies. Sign up for one of these 15 craft subscription boxes and never run out of art projects. With a different craft project to look forward to each month, you will never be bored, and who knows, you might discover a hidden crafting talent you never knew about! 

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The 15 Best Craft Subscription Boxes: 

  1. The Adults & Crafts Crate
  2. Craftee DIY Box
  3. Color My Cookie
  4. Poppy’s Hobbies
  5. Club Scrap 
  6. Home Made Luxe
  7. We Craft Box
  8. Rag Tag Box
  9. The Paper Crate
  10. Lit Kit Art Box
  11. Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box
  12. The Inky Box
  13. Paletteful Packs
  14. Craftsman Crate
  15. Green Kid Crafts

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