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The 11 Best Electric Bikes [For All Types of Cyclists]

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Do you find that it is harder to get around these days?

Right now, many public places are closed or have limited space. In some areas, public transportation is shut down or limited. Travel and movement have changed drastically in only a few months. Some of us may simply want to get away for a little while on their bike.  Luckily, there is a solution available.

Electric bikes (or E-bikes) have gained popularity in recent months. They are great for short-to-medium distance travel, and you do not have to be physically fit to use one. With no carbon emissions, e-bikes are much better for the environment than driving a car.

E-bikes come in many styles, such as cargo-bikes and mountain-bikes. There are great e-bikes for every lifestyle and they are very easy to ride if you are familiar with riding a normal bike.

Most e-bikes in the U.S. come in three classes.

Class 1 has a small motor (750 watts) that assists in pedaling, up to 20 mph. The Class 3 e-bike, or “speed pedelec”  also has a 750-watt motor that assists in pedaling up to 28 mph. The Class 2 e-bike has a throttle that can jump bikes up to and maintain 20 mph without the need for pedaling.

What follows is a list of some of the 11 best electric bicycles on the market. You may need a bike with a lot of power for hilly or rainy climates. If you have children or have things you need to transport, a cargo bike may be better for you. Or, you may want a bike that is great for your commute and also to try some of the trails in your local park. The prices and functions of these bikes vary, allowing you to find the perfect e-bike for the cyclist in you.

Gazelle Ultimate

The Gazelle Ultimate is a sleek and stylish commuter e-bike. The aluminum-frame bike is powered by a Bosch Performance Line Speed mid-drive motor and a 500-watt battery, allowing you to ride up to 28 mph. With the long-lasting battery, you can ride up to 55-miles before needing to recharge (25 miles if using the turbo feature).

Unlike other urban commuter bikes, the tires on this bike are not as wide. This feature allows for a much smoother ride. The Suntour 80-mm travel suspension fork makes up for any lost bump absorption due to the thinner tires. An adjustable stem allows for easy adjustment of the handlebars for a more comfortable ride. The rear-rack also comes with a bungee cord to help secure a small haul.


Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 3 Lefty

If you want to do some off-road biking, look no further than the Cannondale Topstone. The rough-riding gravel bike will easily take you up to 28 mph through bumpy roads and rough trails. The 30-mm wheels allow for easy control even while riding at higher speeds.

The Bosh Performance motor provides ample torque and power as you ride through the trails. While it is one of the more heavy-duty bikes on our list, it packs enough power to travel at fast speeds and a brand you can trust.

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Swagtron EB5 Pro

For anyone on a budget and limited space, the Swagtron EB5 Pro bike from Amazon is perfect. The folding bike is great for short trips, as the battery will last for 15 miles and tops out at 15 mph. It is a single-speed bike, and when the power features are turned off, it works great as a normal pedal bike.

While it does not have as many bells and whistles as some of the other bikes on this list, this cheap, lightweight bike is great for short trips.

It also comes with the option to add on an extra lithium-ion battery so you can go on longer bike trips and not have to worry about the battery life. With its low cost and easy foldability, this bike is great for those with a small apartment or smaller storage space.

Turbo Vado SL

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL Equipped is one of the best small frame e-bikes on the list. While it does not look much different from a regular pedal bike, do not let that fool you. This bike packs a lot of power. It weighs only 33lbs and is equipped with a hybrid frame, hydraulic disc brakes and flat handlebars allowing for easy maneuverability.

The Turbo Vado SL tops out at 28 mph. A great feature that Specialized has is the Smart Control system. The bike automatically adjusts assistance as you ride, allowing you to not worry about having to adjust manually or having enough battery to get home.

A hidden shock absorber in the head of the bike also cushions the impact of any potholes you may come across or rough terrain when riding along trails. Long flexible fenders also sluice water down and away from you during rainy days. There is also a built-in rack over the rear wheel for packing your gear for long-range rides.

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Blix Vika+

The Blix Vika+ is not the lightest bike on our list, weighing in at 50lbs. While it is not the most staircase friendly bike, it makes up for this is what it offers the rider and is another folding bike. It has a 500-watt rear hub motor, five levels of pedal assist and a throttle mode (up to 20 mph).  These features can be controlled via buttons on the handlebars and an LCD display which shows speed, range, trip meter and odometer.

Depending on your assistance settings, the battery will last 20 to 45 miles between charges. You can also turn the electric assistance off, allowing you to ride the Blix Vika+ like a traditional 7-speed bike. The bike is also easily foldable allowing for quick packing. With a sizable rear-rack, fenders and head and tail-lights, this bike is very commuter-friendly.

Rad Power Bikes Radrunner 1

If you listen to podcasts, you have likely heard of Rad Power Bikes. This company has recently grown in popularity, and with good reason. The big selling point for these e-bikes is the wide range of accessories and customizability. You can outfit your bike for kids, cargo, kids and cargo, or for some solo offroad biking. The customizability of these bikes makes Rad Power Bikes great for those that enjoy having a unique bike for their own needs and lifestyle.

The Radrunner 1 has a 48-volt battery that helps to power the 750-watt motor. Along with pedal-assist mode or the throttle, the bike can reach a top speed of 20 mph. The bike has four levels of assistance so that you can either turn it off to conserve power or give the extra torque to make it up a steep incline.

The bike supports up to 300lbs. The easy step-off design allows you to easily dismount and mount the bike with passengers and cargo.

With a multitude of bikes to choose from, Rad Power Bikes is a great choice for your e-bike needs. Rad Power Bikes ship directly to customers, and it is hard to beat their price and customization options.


Propella 7-Speed

Most of these e-bikes range in the thousands of dollars, so you definitely want to make sure you are serious about using these bikes for the investment. Yet, some customers may not want to invest too much money to start off, but still want an e-bike that will be a good value. If you fall into the latter category, the Propella 7-Speed is a great choice for you.

At around $1,200, this bike will still set you back a little bit. However, there is a lot on offer from this cheaper model. It is good for a cheaper bike that will not buckle once you hit 15 mph. It has accessories such as a Samsung battery and Shimano disc brakes. The bike is lightweight, coming in at only 39lbs and makes a great city bike.

Propella ships directly to the customer, there is no middleman and they allow for some cool options for customizability.

Benno Boost E 100 Speed

The Benno Boost E 100 improves on the original Boost that was released back in 2016.

The Boost Performance Speed Cargo motor will help you to reach speeds up to 28 mph. The 24-inch wheels allow for you to carry a lot of cargo on one bike with a lot of power. You can carry 130lbs on the rear-rack and 45lbs in the front. The Bosch PowerPack 500-watt battery allows up to 75 miles, which can be doubled with a second battery.

This bike also has a lot of great features that make this one of the best bikes around. These include a variety of front trays, Yep baby seats for two, and rail systems for younger riders to hold on to. This bike is great for taking the little ones out for a nice bike ride with confidence in their safety.

Batch Bicycle E-Commuter

With the power of a Bosch Motor, the Batch E-Commuter is a great bike for its $2,000 price tag. The 250-watt Active Line Gen 3 motor and 400-watt battery allow for up to 80 miles of riding on a single charge at a top speed of 20 mph. The bike also features a Shimano Altus 8-speed drivetrain allowing you to pedal through all types of rough terrain.

This powerful bike is great for city commutes as well as biking through hilly terrain. The hydraulic brake discs ensure a fun and safe ride no matter what comes your way on this bike. A spring clip rear rack allows for moderate storage. One feature that this bike does not include is head or tail lights; but you can add them on at checkout.

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Trek Allant 9.9S

The Trek Allant 9.9S is a great bike for the person who has places to be. It has a smooth performance-focused frame and is powered by a Bosch Performance Speed motor that tops at 28 mph. The bike has a Removable Integrated Battery (RBI) built into the frame.  It is also compatible with the Range Boost, allowing you to add a 500wh Bosch battery to the integrated 62wh Bosch Powertube; this effectively doubles your range.

The Allant 9.9S also has the Bosch Smartphone Hub display. This allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth to your bike. You can connect with the COBI bike app to stream music, get turn-by-turn directions, charge your phone, track data and make/take phone calls.

The only drawback is that the rear-rack is not big enough to be of any real use. While it is a great bike to ride around in, it is not the best bike if you need to make a quick ride up to the store for a couple of things.

Tern GSD S10

The GSD S10 has a heavy-duty body but is much different from other cargo-bikes. It gets rid of several traits of other cargo-bikes: long wheelbases, bigger wheels  and an unwieldy ride. Given this, it still packs a lot of power and rideability. With its short wheelbase and 20-inch tires, this bike offers a lot of carrying capacity with nimble handling.

The Bosch 250-watt motor provides power to gain a maximum speed of 20 mph. The bike has room for two battery packs, allowing for up to 150 miles of travel before needing a charge. With the carrying capacity of almost 400-lbs, the Tern GSD S10 is the perfect bike for hauling items or for a nice day trip. The ability to store the bike while resting on its rear end also allows for easy storage. While it is a bit pricey, you can’t beat the features that this cargo bike offers.

The Electric Bike Revolution

The revolution is here, and these e-bikes are leading the way. They provide the electric motor power and convenience to help you to navigate the world around you. Whether you are going on a quick commute, dropping off deliveries or just wanting to get out of the house electric bikes are helping people to do that and are much more versatile than a scooter.

As we have seen, there is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to e-bikes. From this list of bikes, you should be able to find an e-bike that fits your budget and lifestyle. Some bikes are great for city traveling, like road bikes. For offroad travel, there are electric mountain bikes. And there are other e-bikes that are great for long-distance riding. Still, others are better for families or for transporting small cargo items. You can even find folding e-bikes if you are looking to save on space.

The best e-bike for you depends on the terrain you plan to ride and the distance.

No matter what e-bike you choose, always remember to be safe on the road. Use proper road safety practices to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you.

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The 11 Best Electric Bikes: 

  1. Gazelle Ultimate
  2. Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 3 Lefty
  3. Swagtron EB5 Pro
  4. Turbo Vado SL
  5. Blix Vika+
  6. Rad Power Bikes Radrunner 1
  7. Propella 7-Speed
  8. Benno Boost E 100 Speed
  9. Batch Bicycle E-Commuter
  10. Trek Allant 9.9S
  11. Tern GSD S10

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