The 7 Best Electric Griddles On The Market [Not Just For Breakfast!]

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Looking for an electric griddle to add to your lineup of kitchen countertop appliances? Don’t settle for the first, possibly subpar griddle you see on the shelf at your favorite big box store. Go with a model recommended by real home cooks around the world.

But Why Would You Need an Electric Griddle?

If you’ve never used an electric griddle, you’re missing out. An electric griddle is essentially the same as a griddle that you might see at your favorite diner or breakfast spot — that huge, expansive, flat cooking surface where cooks whip up piles of pancakes, sizzling slabs of bacon, piles of eggs and more.

An electric griddle takes that cooking experience and sizes it down for the home cook. You get a fraction of the size, something that’ll nicely fit atop any counter and that just plugs into any wall outlet. The cooking surface is still totally flat, and the heat is consistent across the entire surface. You can choose from non-stick surfaces or cast iron surfaces as well as temperature control or straight griddle plates depending on your cooking needs.

Most home cooks use their electric griddles around breakfast time in particular (especially when you want to cook up a big breakfast and you don’t have enough room for everything on your stove), but electric griddles are also popular for anything else you might cook in a non-stick pan, such as a grilled cheese, burger or sausages.

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The Pros of Using an Electric Griddle

There are a lot of reasons why you might choose to use an electric griddle:

  • There’s no need to fire up your stove if you just want to use the griddle.
  • It uses less electricity.
  • You get a consistent temperature and heat control across a large space.
  • It has an easy cleaning surface area.
  • It keeps food warm and waiting until you’re ready to eat.

Here are the 7 best electric griddles to up your breakfast, lunch and dinner game.

Best Large Electric Griddle – Black & Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle

While electric griddles are, overall, large and offer more space than what you might get just cooking on your conventional stovetop, some electric griddles are larger than others. If you want something on the larger end of the spectrum, go with the Black & Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle.

For less than $50, you can cook up enough food on this large cooking surface to feed any entire sleepover’s worth of kids or the whole family at Christmastime. It can fit 15 pancakes and one whole pack of bacon across its 200 square inches. Home cooks have even found it handy for whipping up fried eggs, french fries, steaks, shrimp and chicken.

The plate heats up to 400 degrees. A drip tray catches any grease that might run off your food.

The only downsides? Users report that the griddle does show wear and tear fairly quickly, and the drip tray fills up quite fast — sometimes before you’re even done cooking, which can be a pain.

However, the fact the griddle is dishwasher safe may make up for that, as that’s not always a feature on all griddles, which means you can pop it and the spatula in to be cleaned while you go enjoy your pancakes!

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Best High-End Electric Griddle – Broil King Professional Portable Non-Stick Griddle

While the Black & Decker Family-Sized Electric Griddle is certainly large, it’s not the most high-end griddle you could buy. That would be the Broil King Professional Portable non-stick Griddle from Amazon.

While this model from Broil King does cost a little over $100, double what you might pay for a standard electric griddle, it does have several features that make it stand apart. Testers report a more consistent cooking surface and the ability to more minutely control the temperature overall on this gourmet sizzler. The adjustable legs allow you to change the incline of the griddle, to run any grease immediately down into the grease trap, and a backsplash keeps greasy foods from popping oil up onto your kitchen walls and easy cleanup.


Best Grill-Meets-Griddle Option – Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Countertop Electric Griddle

At some point, someone at Hamilton Beach decided that just having a countertop electric griddle was not enough. Home cooks needed more. They needed the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Countertop Electric Griddle.

While, at first glance, this option may seem a bit gimmicky with all its features, it truly is a good choice for those who don’t know if they’ll use an electric griddle all that often, and who wants to get the most function for their money.

The griddle is made with two, removable, PFOA-free non-stick cast iron plates. One is a traditional, flat griddle. The other is a ridged grill. Both heat up separately, up to 400 degrees. A grease tray in the center removes grease from both sides and is dishwasher safe.

So, you could grill a steak for breakfast on one side, and fry up your eggs on the other on this griddler, without running back and forth between two different cooking surfaces.

The only downside is that the total cooking area is on the smaller side, at 180 square inches.

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Best Small Electric Griddle – Presto Liddle Griddle

If you live in an apartment or just have a small kitchen in general, you may want a flat surface griddle that will take up as little counter and cabinet space as possible.

If that’s your situation, you may want to consider the Presto Liddle Griddle. At just $35, it’s the perfect option for singles or couples who want to cook up small quantities. The non-stick cooking surface griddle is just a little over 80 square inches, with no removable drip tray. The handles, legs and electric plug can be removed for easier cleaning (don’t put it in the dishwasher!) and storage.

Best Reversible Griddle – Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Reversible Grill

If you are looking for a dual-purpose griddle, the Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Reversible Grill is a perfect choice. This griddle has a reversible griddle pan and grill pan so you can cook up flapjacks in the morning and grilled chicken in the evening.

This griddle is a bit of an investment at $159, but the drip tray and cooking plate are both dishwasher safe! And the Oster electric griddle has a ceramic coating free from PFOA and PTFE, so you don’t have to worry about anything peeling or chipping off onto your perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs.

With the adjustable temperature controls, warming tray and drip tray for easy cleaning, this is a top-notch nonstick electric griddle.


Best Gourmet Electric Griddle – Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler

The Zojirushi gourmet sizzler electric griddle brings fine dining right to your kitchen. With an extra-large cooking surface, this is a great option for families or busting out for a dinner party. This handy dandy griddle has cool-touch handles, nonstick titanium coating, an immersible cooking plate and body guard.

The low profile design was made with safety in mind, as the cooking plate sits inside the body guard with dual ceramic layers to prevent any scalding.

The buying guide also comes in English and French for any bilingual users! From pork chops to Korean BBQ, you can pretty much whip up any cuisine for the whole family to enjoy.

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Best Non-Electric Griddle – Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle with Handles

Okay, so you came here looking for an electric griddle, but hear us out on this option. The Reversible Cast Iron Stovetop Griddle from beloved cast iron cookware brand Lodge is a nice choice for those who want the large cooking area of a griddle, but who have no extra counter space (it’s also superb for the frequent camper).

You get a huge griddle area to cook on, you just need another heat source to heat it up. You can place the grill/griddle atop your stove, a grill or over a campfire.

Even those who already have an electric griddle sometimes prefer this non-electric option, just because it can get hotter than most electric griddles. Plus, grill plates are easy to pack camping, which makes them super versatile on the go if you don’t have a power source.

Shopping for an Electric Griddle?

Before you purchase any electric griddle, whether you want a pro griddle, something huge to feed the entire family or something small and budget-friendly, consider a few things.

Take into account not only the size you want, but the size you really need. How often do you really need to cook 20 pancakes at once? Can your cabinets even hold a griddle that big? Are you looking for an indoor grill for wintertime?

Additionally, what cooking surface do you want? Something with non-stick coating, or cast iron? Something easy to clean?

Lastly, look for any handy features that may be important to you, such as drip trays, warming trays, heating elements, adjustable or removable legs, a grilling side or anything else.

Electric griddles are great for serving large families, offer easy cleanup and more regulated cooking temperatures and heat distribution for making your favorite breakfast favorites, from crispy bacon to fluffy french toast.

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