The 10 Best Electric Skateboards [For All Levels Of Boarders]

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The electric skateboard is one of the newest modes of transportation to get a motor attached to it, and the community is continually growing. Since Boosted Inc dropped the first electronic skateboards in 2011, the features, quality and safety of electronic skateboarding have only gotten better. 

Like motorized scooters or bikes, these are great for commuting to work, bombing down a hill for a fun-filled ride or simply cruising around town. No matter what purpose you want your electric skateboard for, you need to know a few things before buying your first set of wheels. 

What to Call Your Electric Skateboard

An electric skateboard has been given many titles over the years, ranging from electric longboards and motorized skateboards to e-boards and e-skateboards. However, don’t let the names fool you. They all essentially mean the same thing. They are all traditional riding boards strapped with lightweight motors and powered by rechargeable batteries. They also all control speed and braking mechanisms by a handheld LCD remote control device. The main difference between them all is how long the board is. Longboards are the longest, skateboards are average, and cruisers are the shortest skateboard options.

Like any motorized transportation device, electric skateboards tend to be more expensive, but they offer more versatility for your weekend trips or weekday commutes than a board without a motor. Most e-skateboards can be used with the motor or as a traditional board by pushing with your foot. 

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Electric Skateboard Safety 

And just like their traditional counterparts, they can be dangerous if not used properly. It is always recommended to wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding, even if it’s just around the block. One wrong turn or bump can result in serious injuries. 

When riding in unclear conditions or at night, attach a light to your board and helmet (just like a bike rider would) so that other pedestrians and motorized vehicles can clearly see where you are and how quickly you are approaching. 

Finally, one huge piece of safety advice that circulates the e-board community: ride as defensively as you can. Think about your next moves, always have an escape plan in place and never take your eyes or focus off the path in front of you. You can go from cruising to falling in a matter of seconds, especially as your speed increases. So you should always be prepared for the worst (in the best way possible). 

The Best Electric Skateboards

Now that you understand what your skateboarding experience will look like, check out a list of the best electric skateboards on the market and get ready for the skate of your life.

Blitzart Hurricane 38″ Electric Longboard 

This Blitzart E-longboard has a very traditional look to it with all the non-traditional bonus features you love to see. The premium grip tape and concave board keep the rider’s feet firmly in place, giving riders a more stable, controlled ride while bombing hills or weaving in and out of obstacles. 

If that doesn’t convince you of its sturdiness, the board is made up of a seven-ply maple wood decking in between two layers of bamboo on the top and bottom of the board. Talk about protection. 

It only reaches a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour and will last up to 10 miles on a single charge, which is lower than most boards on this list. That’s not the purpose of this board, so if you’re looking for the fastest, slimmest option, this board is not for you. For those looking to have a reliable and sturdy experience when riding in extreme conditions, we highly recommend the Blitzart Hurricane. 

Exway FLEX 

The Exway Flex offers a professional feel at a decent market price. With a range of 20 miles and a top speed of 25 miles per hour, this e-board has many small features that any true skater will appreciate. The head and tail of the e-board are angled in order to increase handling abilities and make it easier to pick up when you’re done riding. 

The board itself is composed of alternating layers of multi-directional fiberglass and bamboo and has shock-absorbing foam grip tape to top it off. Exway also has its own app to control your board and check out your board’s specs and the smart battery’s functionality right from your phone

Overall, this is a great option for any rider looking to ride like a pro at a moderately affordable price. 

Raldey Mt-V3 

The first thing you notice about this Raldey e-board is its wheels. They were crafted for high rebound and shock absorption for those bumpier, off-road rides. The rubber wheel is centered on a high strength aluminum alloy wheel hub, perfect for impact resistance, and is driven by a high power hub motor. The motor on the Raldey Mt-V3 has a single hub motor that has reached 900W, which is the largest hub motor driving skateboard currently on the market. 

The deck is made up of eight layers of maple wood and helps you reach speeds up to 29 miles per hour and 12 miles on a full charge. What are we trying to get at? Essentially, this board was made for those looking to avoid the smooth rides and take the roads less traveled. If you’re doing that, you’re going to need a board that can withstand the elements with you. 

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Backfire Zealot 

The Backfire Zealot uses a 21700 lithium battery of 50.4 volts, meaning it offers a high-efficiency, eco-friendly ride when using the motor. The board itself offers a bit of efficiency as well with its bamboo structure and added fiberglass for extreme flexibility and durability. Plus, if these features are starting to have you sold, you’ll love the LED lights added to the board for style and safety when riding. 

The board will last you up to 22 miles and can reach top speeds of 28.5 miles per hour. 

Evolve Carbon GTR  

The Evolve GTR Series is the best combo package for battery life and top speed. It is said that this e-board can last for up to 31 miles and reach speeds past 24 miles per hour. 

Evolve is a household name when discussing e-board brands; however, they are on the pricey side when comparing options. Another perk with the GTR is that you can change out your wheels for street riding and off-road it with the all-terrain options. Overall, you get all the amazing qualities you could want in a new board with this price tag–you just have to be ready to drop more than $2,000. 

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Boosted Mini S

Looking for an e-board with all the bells and whistles packed into less than 30 inches? Then the Boosted Mini S is for you. Considered the “stash-and-go” version of the Boosted Boards, the Mini S will take you up to seven miles and can reach top speeds up to 18 miles per hour. 

The remote to control your E-board’s motos automatically connects to your board once they are both turned on. However, the Mini S also offers a Bluetooth connection for multiple ways to help you stay connected to your board. The Boosted Mini X is the upgraded version of this e-board that reaches up to $1,000 at market value.

Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard 

This Teamgee electric skateboard is one of the slimmest options on the market. At only .59 inches thick, the lithium-ion battery pack is hidden within the deck and makes the board perfect for commuters who are looking for a powerful yet portable e-board. The thin frame is protected by fiberglass, so you won’t have to worry about snapping it in half once you stand and start bouncing as you ride. 

You can reach up to 22 miles per hour and travel up to 11 miles on a full charge. Another great feature about this Teamgee option is that the braking system will charge itself when the rider is going downhill and not using the motor. This is a feature on most high-end e-boards, and this option would be great for those looking to have a reliable commute without all the hassle of lugging around a huge board. 

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Affordable Electric Skateboard Options 

Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a new board? The electric skateboards are much more affordable. From longboards to cruisers, there is something for everyone on this list. 

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser 

Cruiser is in the name, and that’s what you’ll be doing with this VOKUL e-board. About half the size of the average e-board, this cruiser is 29.5 inches long but gives off about the same amount of firepower as its full-length counterparts. You’ll be able to ride at speeds up to 13 miles per hour and travel at least 10 miles with a full two-hour charge. 

With it carrying high-quality features and a lower end price, this cruiser is considered one of the most cost-effective high-end options on the list at $249 (on Amazon).

Apsu Board X1 

Made from seven layers of Canadian Maple wood and one layer of bamboo, this sturdy Apsuboard is one of the more affordable high-quality boards on the list. The board only weighs in at 15.4lbs, so you can carry it around with ease after you’ve taken your e-board out for up to 18 miles on a full battery. Take advantage of the sale associated with this board, bringing it down to the $400+ range with a great warranty attached to it.

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Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 

Another (even cheaper) Apsuboard that’s considered high-quality. What more could you ask for? This version has a lot less battery life but can reach a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour, which is quicker than the Apsboard X1 mentioned previously. 

Another difference is that this e-board does not have as smooth acceleration and braking as other Apsuboard options. So this is the board for you if you’re looking for crazy fast speeds and are not as concerned with the length of life your rechargeable battery will offer. 

Electric Skateboard Accessories to Consider:

Accessories are always something to consider with any hobby. From safety to convenience, there is something for everyone. 

Helmet + Padding

As mentioned previously, helmets are highly recommended by the skateboard community. Head and spine injuries are common among skaters, and the odds of getting injured increase when you add a motor to your board. You can find an affordable helmet and pad sets like this one from JBM so you’re fully protected and ready to hit even the most ruthless paths. 

Electric Skateboard Carrying Case

A carrying case is not an essential accessory, but it is a smart decision to help protect your board from the elements. Most boards are water-resistant, but they can only take so much downpour before you start to notice the damages, which can ruin any electric device over time. 

The case doesn’t have to be fancy to keep your board protected, either. This Gravo 120Cm Long Skateboard Bag, for example, will only set you back $10 and is definitely long enough to fit even the longest board on our list above. Make sure you pick a bag that fits your specific electric skateboard. You don’t want one that the board won’t fit in or will be flopping around on your back or shoulder. 

Ready to hit the streets?

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to pick the electric skateboard that’s perfect for your everyday needs. Whether you want a powerful single motor or dual motors, smooth acceleration, multiple speed modes or a top-notch off-road board, we’ve covered it all in the list above. All that’s left for you is to pick the electric skateboard that’s best for you and enter the world of electronic skateboarders.

No matter where or how you ride, always stay safe and be aware of your surroundings and don’t forget to check weather conditions before venturing out.

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The 10 Best Electric Skateboards: 

  1. Blitzart Hurricane 38″ Electric Longboard 
  2. Exway FLEX 
  3. Raldey Mt-V3 
  4. Backfire Zealot
  5. Evolve Carbon GTR
  6. Boosted Mini S
  7. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard 
  8. VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser 
  9. Apsu Board X1 
  10. Apsuboard V3 Dual Hub Motors 

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