The 19 Best Extra-Deep Couches For Your Home [Full Guide]

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Are you thinking about an extra-deep couch for your home? Maybe your ottoman just isn’t giving you enough anymore.

If you are seeking someplace where you can curl up or stretch out, have some solitude on an island of cushiony comfort or host a party with a group of friends, a deep couch with a larger inside depth (the space from the seat back cushion to the edge) may be just what you need.

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Rolled Arm Chesterfield Leather Sofa

Rolled Arm Chesterfield Leather Sofa

Mirren Modular Reversible One-Arm Chaise Sectional

Harmony Sofa

Harmony Sofa

Here are 19 of our favorite extra-deep couches.

Best Couch for Hosting Your Book Club – Wedport 3-Pc. Fabric Sofa Return Sectional Sofa with Cuddler

Wedport 3-Pc. Fabric Sofa Return Sectional Sofa with Cuddler

Your book club requires a sophisticated space with lots of seating. If you want everyone to be comfortable and in a good position to interact with each other, consider a sectional-style extra deep couch.

The Wedport 3-Pc. Fabric Sofa Return Sectional Sofa with Cuddler from Macy’s in an up-to-date steel gray includes a slightly angled “cuddler” that makes it easy to have a conversation.

We love the crisp lines and loose pillow backs on this versatile piece from West Elm, offering both width and depth choices.

Best Couch for Binge-Watching – Lottie Square Arm Sofa

Lottie Square Arm Sofa

Binge-watching requires space for at least two people to lounge comfortably. These extra-deep options allow you to stretch out, reach the popcorn and have plenty of space for multiple episodes of your favorite shows or get super comfy for movie night.

Wayfair offers a dark grey or linen fabric sofa, the Lottie Square Arm Sofa with loose pillows, reversible cushions and a depth of 35″ for perfect TV watching.

This beautiful, rich blue velvet-colored Stockholm Sofa from Ikea is deep with multiple loose cushions for both sitting and lounging is another great option.

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Best Couch for Sharing with Pets – Briar Leather Sofa

Briar Leather Sofa

We love our fur babies, and of course, they MUST share our furniture, but no one likes battling pet hair or having material torn by sharp nails. Try these couches and accessories for pet-friendly options for your living room furniture.

Leather is an option for pet owners, although it may scratch easily depending on your pet. This Briar Leather Sofa from Joybird is low profile with no tufting, buttons or extras to entice your pet to chew or scratch. You and your furry friends can just sit back and enjoy the deep seat.

Another leather option, the Thurston Tuxedo Arm Sofa, can be found at Wayfair.

Pet owners may also want to consider a slipcovered sofa, such as this one from Pottery Barn. The covers are removable and can be cleaned or even replaced, thereby protecting your original sofa investment.

If you’re really concerned about keeping your sofa protected from pet damage, consider purchasing a pet cover for your sofa, such as this one from Amazon, which is offered in a multitude of colors.

Best Couch for Gaming – Best Choice Products Faux Leather Modern Convertible Folding Futon

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Modern Convertible Folding Futon

Who says your extra-deep couch can’t be fun?

If you’re using it in a game room, home office or space where you routinely play video games, consider these options with a few built-in extras and the ultimate casual style for your space.

Here’s a very budget-friendly and durable not-quite-extra-deep couch from Amazon that has drink holders and converts to a futon. Great for a college kid’s apartment or your own game room.

The gamers in your house might enjoy the elbow room in this Norvel Reclining two-seater deep couch with a center storage console from Wayfair.

Best Couch for Cocktail Parties – Cannella Reversible Sofa & Chaise

Cannella Reversible Sofa & Chaise

If you love to entertain, your extra-deep couch should be inviting and provide as much seating as possible. If you want people to mix and mingle at your party, then choose a sofa that is easy to walk around and provides a firmer seat so that guests don’t sink into it for the entire evening!

The Cannella Reversible Sofa & Chaise is a sophisticated update for people who like to entertain.

A great advantage of choosing a sofa with a bench cushion is that the number of people who will sit on it is not limited to the number of seat cushions! A great choice from Crate and Barrel for people who love to party. Plus, you can always add some throw pillows and change them up to style by season with different pillowcases!

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Best Kid-Friendly Couch – Rug-Printed Sofa

Rug printed sofa

You may have rules about kids and juice boxes on the couch, but there are always going to be sticky fingers and a few accidents before your little ones go off to college. Here are some extra-deep sofas with fabric options or colors that work well with kids.

The secret to family-friendly furniture is finding the most durable fabrics. For something different, The secret to family-friendly furniture is finding the most durable fabrics. For something different, consider this rug-upholstered petite couch from Anthropologie. The colors and designs are inspired by the Turkish kilim rugs that we love so much, and the structured look will keep up with all the wear and tear from your kiddos.

Best Couch for Romance – Ava Slipcovered Sofa

Ava Slipcovered Sofa

Lower the lights, build a fire, light the candles, and put the records on for a romantic evening at home. Here are our choices for couples to enjoy.

This inviting, deep couch from Grandin Road is available in several different slipcovers and is perfect for snuggling with your lover.

Available in various coastal-inspired colors and fabrics, this vintage-look deep sofa from Serena & Lily offers a bench cushion, beautifully turned wood legs and a length that works great for stretching out.

Best Extra-Deep Couch for Sleeping – Mirren Modular Reversible One-Arm Chaise Sectional

Mirren Modular Reversible One-Arm Chaise Sectional

A sleeper sofa is never a bad investment, but they aren’t the only option when it comes to transitioning your couch to a bed. If you have ever slept on a sleeper sofa, you know they are not the most comfortable, and frequently you wake up wishing you slept on the regular couch. 

The Mirren Modular Reversible One-Arm Chaise Sectional could easily fit two adults comfortably. You can fluff up the cushioning however you like with the removable pillows. So if you sleep with a pillow in between your legs and your partner needs a few under their head, there are plenty of pillows to go around and added room with the chaise lounge. With the endless options for rearranging, you could even take off all the cushions and make the couch feel like a daybed. It comes in several different fabrics and colors, from crosshatch weave to velvet to linen, and punch, twilight and beach, making it easy to match any space. 

Another super cozy option for sleeping is the Meridian Furniture Serene Collection Modern Contemporary Cloud Modula. This extra-deep couch is perfect for lounging or sleepovers. The modular sofa option makes it easy to configure in any space, giving you the freedom to set it up however you want. The cushions look like pillows, and we can’t promise you won’t fall asleep quickly on this comfy option.

Best Extra-Deep Couch for Small Spaces – Harmony Sofa

Harmony Sofa

It can be challenging to find a comfy deep couch for a small space. The Harmony Sofa from West Elm comes in a variety of widths, with the smallest one being 76 inches and the longest at 104 inches. This cozy couch is perfect for a studio apartment or a family living room. There are endless options to match your home decor with multiple fabric options from twill to distressed velvet and basket slub. We love the wood frame accents on the bottom of this deeper sofa.

Best Extra-Deep Couch for a Formal Living Space –Rolled Arm Chesterfield Leather Sofa

Best Extra-Deep Couch for a Formal Living Space -Rolled Arm Chesterfield Leather Sofa

A chesterfield sofa might not match everyone’s space, but there is a time and place for a formal seating area. And just because you want a more formal setting doesn’t mean you can’t have an extra-deep sofa that looks classy. 

The Chesterfield Leather Sofa from Pottery Barn is extremely swoon-worthy if you want to go the leather route. It comes in 4 different widths and 31 different leather options. We especially love the legacy forest green color. 

Best Extra-Deep Couch as a Statement Piece – Goleta Sofa

Goleta Sofa

Are you looking to upgrade your space with a statement piece of furniture? Anthropologie is a great place to shop for statement pieces, and these extra-deep couches are magazine-worthy. While we know these couches might not match everyone’s style, Anthro is a great place to look for something out of the box, whether it is a couch, a coffee table, or dining room furniture.

The Goleta Sofa is a great piece that blends modern with comfy cozy.

Before You Buy

Man and woman measuring out their space

There are a few things to consider before finalizing your purchase. Make sure that your new, extra-deep couch will be able to pass through all doorways, stairwells or elevators. ** Measure those dimensions in your home and compare them to the furniture you are interested in. If you have questions about whether it will fit properly, consult a professional mover or interior designer for advice.

If your household includes adults on the petite side, make sure your couch has plenty of plush throw pillows to use along the back for those times when you want to be seated with both feet on the floor. Shorter individuals will need the back support to be comfortable. You might want to measure the arm height and seat height too to get an idea of the true feel for your deep sofa. 

It is also important to keep in mind what type of upholstery you want on your couch. If you aren’t sure exactly what fabric you like, most stores will let you order swatches to see the exact color and style. Typical couches come in wool, leather, cotton, linen or chenille. The insides range from foam to feathers to a blend of polyester and more. Each gives a different look and feel. 

Keep the scale of your room and other furniture pieces in mind when choosing your extra-deep couch. Higher ceilings and larger rooms can handle taller pieces of furniture, such as a tall back on your couch. Smaller rooms with large pieces of furniture usually look best when the pieces are low-slung. Not all seat depths match every living space. And functionality is key. 

You may want to use a room layout app or draw your own floor plan to see how your planned purchase works in your room. You can also use blue painter’s tape or kraft paper to outline where your furniture pieces will go to ensure you aren’t blocking any windows, doors or pathways. If you want to add a chaise, make sure it is on the right side or interchangeable (not all of them are). And if you want to add a loveseat, make sure you measure enough space.

Once you’ve chosen the best deep seat sofa for your home, consider getting a furniture protection warranty from the retailer or manufacturer to maintain its beauty and durability for years to come, no matter how many Taco Tuesdays and Sunday morning mimosas have been enjoyed there!

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Our 19 Favorite Extra-Deep Couches: 

Best Couch for Hosting Your Book Club

Best Couch for Binge-Watching

Best Couch for Sharing with Pets

Best Couch for Gaming

Best Couch for Cocktail Parties

Best Kid-Friendly Couch

Best Couch for Romance

Best Extra-Deep Couch for Sleeping

Best Extra-Deep Couch for Small Spaces

Best Extra-Deep Couch for a Formal Living Space

Best Extra-Deep Couch as a Statement Piece

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