Laundry Folding and Space Saving Hacks [Tidy Up Your Life]

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I don’t really mind doing the laundry. It’s folding laundry and putting away all those sheets, clothes and towels where things start to fall apart.

Sometimes I just can’t seem to fold clothes the right way. And if I do, things always go astray when I try to put them away in my overcrowded drawers.

Then there’s my linen closet. My fitted sheets look like an 8-year-old folded them. And it’s always a battle to put (in my case shove) all my towels in there together.

Yes, I was in need of some serious help. So I decided to turn to the guru of neatness, Marie Kondo. It turns out that this master of organization also has some amazing life hacks,  folding hacks and tips for storing everything from t-shirts to thongs to your thickest bath towels.

In the KonMari Method (as her technique is known), clothes are folded so that they can stand vertically and then be filed in a drawer or box like this. (Instead of flat and stacked on top of each other.)

This method is not only space-saving, but it also saves you time when you’re trying to get dressed as everything is easier to find.

Sound hard? It’s not! You can actually learn these hacks in a couple of minutes. To set you on the path toward laundry tranquility, we’ve gathered together some helpful videos. Soon you’ll be folding t-shirts, dress shirts, socks, underwear and linens like a pro.

Let’s get folding!

How To Fold T-Shirts 

You know how it is. You’re looking for your favorite t-shirt. You know it’s in there somewhere. The only problem is you have to sort through that pile in your drawer to find it, which tends to end in chaos and wrinkles.

That’s why you’re going to love this hack for folding and storing this wardrobe staple. Say good-bye to rummaging around for your “Eat Kale and Stay Calm” t-shirt and hello to a neater looking you.

In this first video, we learn how to fold a short-sleeved T.

Easy right? But if thinking happy thoughts about your shirt while you’re folding it seems a bit much, you can also listen to music or a podcast while you’re doing it. There’s more than one path to the zen of laundry.

Now check out this video for folding your long-sleeved t-shirts, and your drawers will never be the same again.

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How To Fold Dress Shirt

Most of us throw our collared shirts on a hanger and say, “done and done!” But what happens if you start running out of closet space? Or if you have a business trip?

In this helpful video, we learn how to neatly fold a shirt while conserving the collar. Then you can file it in a drawer, a box or put in your suitcase. Take a look.

How To Fold Underwear

Ahh, the socks and underwear drawer. They’re such small articles of clothing. And yet it often looks like something exploded in there.

To get things a little more under control, first, let’s learn to fold them the right way. First up, we have a quick folding technique for a regular brief.

Then there’s the thong. These deceptively small yet tricky to fold creatures can also be tamed. Here’s a quick video.

Finally, we have a short video on how to fold a men’s boxer brief. Just to prove that it can be done and can be done by a MAN. #nomoreexcuses guys!

How To Fold Socks

The other half of this infamous drawer is your socks. Whether it’s the footies you wear to the gym, short socks or tights, there’s a method to tame the madness. Watch this super quick video on how to save space and fold them the right way.

Organize Your Drawer

Now that you are a sock and underwear folding ninja, watch the master herself show you an organization hack that gets it all in a simple box.

Pretty cool, huh? But it also helps to get rid of those holey socks and underwear that are taking up valuable space. You know you’ve got some!

How To Fold Towels

Now that you have a handle on folding your clothes let’s move over to your linen closet. Towels are a bit of a monster because they’re so bulky. Here’s a folding tip, so they take up less space and can be stored on a shelf or even a box you keep in your bathroom.

How To Fold Fitted Sheets

I personally feel that folding a fitted sheet is like the culmination of all folding skills—kind of like getting your black belt.

In this video, you’ll see the masterful Marie Kondo fold a fitted sheet three different ways in about a minute. That way, they can be stored in your closet, a deep drawer or even a small drawer.

This you have to see!

All’s Well That Folds Well

We hope you’ve found these clever folding hacks helpful and space-saving. So the next time you have a big pile of laundry to fold, you no longer need to be intimidated.

Breath deep, stay calm and fall back on your technique. Half the battle is in your mind. The other half is in your hands. But we know you can do it! Soon you’ll find yourself in laundry folding nirvana.

Or at least not in laundry folding hell.

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