Itching To Travel, But Stuck At Home? Watch These 5 Shows To Get Away

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It’s not surprising that now more than ever we are itching to get away.

The unfortunate reality outside of your living room is non-existent beyond grocery stores and gas stations and for a good reason. The best escape right now is through movies, shows, live streams and YouTube channels, and there is plenty to choose from!

Take this time to reflect on what’s happening outside and start planning your great escape for when the quarantine ends.

Let’s start living vicariously through our fellow travelers and start learning about the hundreds of places worth the trip in this world.

Here are the top 5 BEST shows and channels to keep you occupied when the virtual world is all we have!

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Go ahead and type “travel shows” into Google, and you will soon find that the first result on any list is our beloved Anthony Bourdain. This list is no different.

Not only is Anthony a great host, but he is also reliable and most importantly, honest. He has a no BS way of delivering you his experiences in each country he visits.

Parts Unknown is actually a deep dive into culture as opposed to just food. Despite Bourdain’s background in culinary arts, the show focuses immensely on meeting with locals and what everyday life consists of. And yes, they still eat a ton of food and you will be hungry by the end of it.

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Lost Leblanc

If we are talking about travel shows, we can’t leave out some of the most real and rawest travelers out there. I’m talking about YouTubers, and specifically, Christian Leblanc, a.k.a. Lost Leblanc.  He did what all of us dream about, quit his job and bought a 1-way ticket to Asia.

Since creating his channel, he has traveled extensively throughout South East Asia and is considered YouTube’s number 1 guide to this part of the Earth.  Before settling down in Bali, his videos can take you through Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and the like.

One of his videos was actually so inspiring that it convinced my girlfriend and me to pack up and take our own journey through East Java last year. His recommendations did not disappoint!

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In this series, two friends, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach, leave everything behind to travel high and low, visiting some known and very unknown destinations.

Accompanied by their cameraman, Andre Dupuis, they visit places like Ascension Island, an isolated island in the south Atlantic ocean.  I had never heard of it either.

In one of the raunchier episodes, they find themselves in Dawson City, YT, Canada. This town is known for something incredibly unusual, a rite of passage that goes by the name of the Sour Toe Cocktail.  This is a shot of whiskey with a mummified human toe in it!

“Drink it fast or drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe!” is the only rule says the bartender of the Sourdough Saloon.

This show feels like one of the pioneers of this type of reality travel concept, and you can tell watching the first season that it was easily filmed more than 10 years ago, before the explosion of Youtube travel vloggers.

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Yes Theory

Another incredible YouTube channel to check out is Yes Theory.  Their “seek Discomfort” model is definitely one to live by.

Co-founder Ammar Kandil explains it as, “Yes Theory is a movement that encourages individuals to say ‘yes’ to doing things that take them out of their comfort zone in order to grow as individuals.”

In one episode, Co-Creator Thomas Brag researches what the least visited country in the world is and proceeds to book a flight to it. From there he does the unimaginable and boards his plane alone, to a foreign country that he’s never heard of, nor does he speak the native language.

Talk about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

In another episode, they order a pizza and ask the delivery driver to say “yes” to going on a trip to Italy with them!  The content this channel produces is almost too inspiring! SAY YES!

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Planet Earth 1 & 2

Planet Earth is the end all be all of ultra high definition travel shows.

The detail behind the show is unparalleled to any other show, and there’s a good reason for that. It takes roughly six years to film just one season of the series.

Since the show first aired in 2006, there have been many others like it, but none compare the detail and originality that Planet Earth offers.

In the final episode of the second series they give notice to parts of the world you and I are most familiar with – Cities;  A drastic change from the desolate areas of the world they are usually filming, and an unnerving view on the types of animals living within city limits — like saying the Leopards living in the city park in Mumbai!

Watch Planet Earth on Amazon Prime Video 

The internet is a black hole for this type of content. If you like these shows there could be plenty more like it that you haven’t discovered yet!

Better yet, grab a camera and start planning on how you will become the next vlogger who gets paid to travel!

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