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17 Best Gifts For Gardeners In Your Life

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A gardener is only as good as the tools that they have at their disposal, so if you’re looking to buy gifts for gardeners, then you need to look no further than the gear that they’ll find useful.

There are hundreds of different items to choose from, from composters to cultivators, so while we haven’t covered all of them, we’ve done our best to list some of the most popular choices and why they might make perfect gifts for your favorite gardener.

We would advise against going to Amazon or Etsy and simply buying something like garden gnomes or bird feeders. There is nothing wrong with either of these presents, but they are mostly for decoration and not for utility and could just end up collecting dust or in a bag for Goodwill at the end of the day. Here are the 17 best gifts for gardeners that they will actually use.

1. Pruners

Pruners are an essential tool for any gardener, so it stands to reason that everyone that has ever spent time in a garden already has a pair of them at home.

However, there is a world of difference between the old-school bare-handled garden tools that are probably an heirloom from a family member, and the newer rubber-handled pruners.

The newer pruners have a more ergonomic handle that allows them to fit into your hand more comfortably. They also feature a spiral spring that makes it easier to use them.

The best gifts for gardeners are the ones that can make their lives easier, and we guarantee that upgrading the shears that they’re using will do just that.

2. Snips

Pruners have curved blades that look like a crescent moon, while snips have blades that are similar in appearance to a pair of scissors.

Snips are more precision-focused tools that are essentially meant to function like scalpels and help gardeners cut more delicate herbs with minimal damage to the stem or plant itself.

When buying snips as a gardening gift, the most essential element is going to be the spring between the handles.

These tools are meant to open and close in quick movements, so make sure that the spring is light enough to press down with little effort, but strong enough to quickly return the blades to their initial position.

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3. Holster

Regardless if you decide to go for pruners, snips, or both, make sure that the tool comes with a holster – and here’s a good one from Corona if you need a recommendation.

This combination won’t be that hard to find since a lot of them already come in a holster, but you might notice a price difference when shopping for just a snip as opposed to a snip in a holster.

The difference in price is worth it since not only does the holster make the tool more convenient to carry around, but it also makes for a more presentable gift.

Additionally, gardening tool kits come with a holster for both snips and pruners if you decide to go for the full combo.

4. Tool Set

Keeping with the theme of combo sets, if you have someone in your life who wants to get into gardening but doesn’t know where to start, a gardening tool set might be the perfect fit.

While there are tool sets of different shapes and sizes, the ones that make the best gifts for gardeners that are just starting out are the simple ones, such as this Fiskars 384490-1001 Ergo Garden Tool Set.

All you really need to get started is to get a set that includes a hand rake, a hand trowel and a transplanting trowel. Before making a purchase, however, make sure that they all have rubberized grips.

If the gift recipient is serious about gardening, then you might consider getting a larger set that also includes pruners, gloves, spray bottles and so on. We recommend the 12-piece UKOKE Garden Tool Set.

5. Tool Belt

Being able to carry and access all of your most important tools easily is obviously going to be incredibly useful for anyone that plans to work in their garden.

The simplest tool belts are essentially aprons with a wide flap at the front, which has a lot of pockets for storing all of your items.

Other tool belts have multiple removable pocket flaps with several sections. These belts allow the gardener to choose how many pocket flaps they’ll attach based on the number of items they need to carry.

Regardless of which type of tool belt you buy, they’re going to be of great help to the gardener in your life.

6. Gardening Gloves

There are essentially three types of gloves that are good for gardening.

First, there are leather gloves that go up to your elbows and that offer maximum protection against the possibility of exposed skin getting scratched by the plants.

Second, there are rubberized gloves that are used to keep your hands dry when you’re working in mud or watering your plants.

Finally, there are gloves made from more breathable materials that can help keep your hands less sweaty in the hot sun, but which don’t offer as much protection as the other two.

Most gardeners have a pair of each of these types of gloves, but if you’re choosing only one pair to buy, we recommend leather gloves – they’re always a safe bet.

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7. Hat

The biggest issue that people have when they tend to their garden is baking in the sun.If you move around, it might not seem so bad, but staying in one place for hours on end in the middle of the day can give you a nasty sunburn or even heat stroke.

There really isn’t much to say about the specifics of the hat that you should purchase. Check that it’s big enough for them, make sure that it can adequately protect their head and neck from the sun, and maybe find one with a strap that can be tied under the chin. We personally love the Super Wide Brim Sun Hat-UPF50+ from Hillman.

8. Wheelbarrow

The exact size and shape of the wheelbarrow or cart you could get as a gift should reflect the garden’s size.

A large garden will require a more robust wheelbarrow, such as this one by Westward, that can carry all of the necessary tools, plants, and even compost that the gardener needs.

A medium-sized garden can use a more narrow wheelbarrow or cart, like this SCENIC ROAD one, which isn’t cumbersome enough to take up too much space but is still large enough to get the job done.

And a small garden would probably make do with a simple dump cart since it only needs to carry the essentials.

9. Kneeling Pad

One thing that many people fail to realize is the strain gardening can have on your knees.

The easiest way to alleviate the pressure on the joints is to simply get a kneeling pad placed next to the area you’re working on.

You can either get a simple memory foam pad that can be placed on the ground or get one with handles on the side, which allows someone to kneel and get up more easily.

10. Cell Phone Armband

Gardening is very relaxing, and one of the things that can make it even more so is getting a pair of headphones and adding a bit of music to the activity.

The problem with having your phone in your pocket while you’re gardening is that the cord of the headphones could get in your way while you’re working, or your phone could even fall out of your pocket while you’re kneeling and get damaged.

Any phone armband can solve these problems since it can both hold the phone firmly in place and keep the headphones out of the way. Our recommendation? This sleek-looking one from Tribe.

11. Battery Pack

While a battery pack might not seem like an item that would typically appear on a list of gifts for gardeners, it can nonetheless prove to be very useful.

The usage of a power pack is simple – it allows you to charge your phone when you don’t have a conveniently placed outlet anywhere near you.

This can be a real life-saver when you’re out in your garden and your phone is nearly dead, but you can’t bring it into the house since you’re expecting an important call.

Additionally, it’s also a very convenient item to have in general, and you can use it nearly anywhere and not just while gardening.

12. Adjustable Hose Nozzle

This is a great gift for anyone with a garden that’s too big to cover with a watering can but doesn’t want to damage the plants by simply spraying them head-on with a hose.

An adjustable nozzle such as this 7-Pattern Watering Nozzle by Orbit can help reduce the water force that comes out of the hose and even allow you to stop the stream without having to go back to the tap.

Most nozzles also come with a spread feature that allows you to cover much more space and allows the hose to function as more of a hand-held sprinkler.

13. Soil Tester

Certain plants grow better in particular types of soil. Figuring out which soil is best for which plants may seem complicated, but with a bit of research online, you can get your answers quickly.

In order to find these answers, you need to figure out the nature of the soil that the plants are growing in, and that’s where the DIY soil tester kits come in. Soil testers check the pH levels of the soil, so your favorite gardener will know whether they need to make the earth more basic or acidic.

These items make for great gifts for gardeners at their wit’s end trying to figure out why their flowers aren’t growing or why the veggies they’ve planted seem to be dying. If you aren’t an expert on DIY soil tester kits (understandable), here’s a shortcut: you could go for this test kit by Luster Leaf.

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14. Plant Pots

Plant pots are the simplest gifts for gardeners, but they’re still incredibly useful.

When it comes to picking out plant pots, the only limitation is whether or not you like the color and the material that the pots are made of.

In terms of the material, ceramic is always great, but when it comes to plastic, make sure that it’s BPA-free in case they plan to use it for edible plants.

While these pots may primarily be used in order to transport a plant from point A to point B in the garden, they can also be used to move the plants indoors.

This can either be done to help sensitive plants grow in colder seasons or if the gardener would like that particular plant to brighten up the room. Regardless of the reason, this is also why you might want to pick a color, style and material that matches their furniture.

15. Plant Stakes

Stakes can be made out of wood, plastic or virtually any material as long as it’s durable and can withstand the weight of the plant without bending or breaking.

However, the best stakes are made out of eco-friendly materials, like this one from GALEN, while still remaining durable enough to support any veggies that you decide to place on them.

Stakes are designed to help support certain plants that aren’t doing so well or even help them bear fruit. Edible plants like cucumbers, beans and eggplants always need a bit of assistance in order to grow properly.

16. House Plant

One of the most aesthetically pleasing items that you can buy for just about anyone is a simple indoor plant.

This is a great present because it both brightens up a room and it allows the recipient to test whether they’re ready to take care of an actual garden.

If they manage to take care of it, then they might develop a green thumb and try to grow their own garden. On the other hand, if it withers, they’ll know that they don’t have the patience (or interest) for something of that nature.

You might want to also get them grow lights in order to help the house plant cope in case it’s in the corner of the room where the sun doesn’t quite reach.

Make sure to check if they have any house pets since there are only certain house plants that are safe for them. You can also look into plants that produce a lot of oxygen, like peace lilies.

17. Terrarium

A terrarium is probably the most eco-friendly gifts that you can buy anyone, and we highly recommend this one by D’Eco.

The jar essentially holds a self-contained little environment where the plants can grow and thrive.

Terrariums are incredibly easy to maintain, take up much less space than something like a herb garden, and you can find them at pretty much any plant market.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Some of the items on our gift guide won’t be of much use for certain gardeners. For example, the wheelbarrow isn’t really a great gift idea for someone with a small 2×2 patch of soil where they just grow chrysanthemums.

However, as long as you pick a gift that you believe will be at least a bit useful, then the recipient is sure to notice the effort you put in.

In all honesty, you don’t have to worry about getting a unique gift. As long as it’s a thoughtful gift that’s related to their hobby, your gardener would simply be overjoyed that you’ve taken an interest in something meaningful to them.

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So if you ask us, the 17 best gifts for a gardener in your life are:

  1. Pruners
  2. Snips
  3. Holster
  4. Tool Kit
  5. Toolbelt
  6. Gloves
  7. Hat
  8. Wheelbarrow
  9. Kneeling Pad
  10. Cell Phone Armband
  11. Power Bank
  12. Adjustable Hose Nozzle
  13. Soil Tester
  14. Plant Pots
  15. Plant Stakes
  16. House Plant
  17. Terrarium

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