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40 Great Gifts For Wine Lovers [2021 Edition]

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While it may seem like a go-to gift, buying a good bottle for a wine snob can be more than a little intimidating. So many varietals, so little time and knowledge to pick one out. 

Fortunately, wine culture covers a lot more than what comes out of the grape. So if you want to pick out something extra special and forego the confusing trip to your local liquor barn, not to worry. There’s plenty more to choose from.

To help you in your quest, we’ve curated a list of creative ideas to please any connoisseur. From glassware to decor, gadgets to gourmet wine pairings, we have you covered with a range of choices to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. 

Now let’s get our journey into wine culture started with the 40 best gifts for wine lovers. 


Just as there are a myriad of wines to drink, there are a myriad of ways to drink it. Here are some excellent glassware choices to suit a variety of wine drinking occasions. 

Zalto Denk’ Art Universal Wine Glass 

This hand-blown beauty is considered to be the gold standard in glassware among sommeliers and other experts. Yes, the Zalto Denk’ Art Universal Wine Glasses cost $59 a piece, but it will make your favorite wine lover feel like a pro when they’re swirling their favorite vintage around to see if it has enough body. 

Buy a pair, and they may even invite you over to share that special bottle they’ve been hoarding.  

Bormioli Glasses

Then again, sometimes it’s fun to go with a stemless wine glass. These romantic Bormioli tumblers bring a touch of casual European chic while sipping the night away. Pair them with pasta and a good wine, and you can almost imagine you’re in Tuscany.

Riedel Winewings Champagne and White Wine Glass

No, it’s not the typical flute you think of when it comes to drinking champagne. But unlike a narrow glass, the wider rim glass will allow the aromatics of their favorite sparkling wine to be released more easily. In other words, they’ll get a little more bang out of their bubbly.

Corkcicle Insulated Wine Tumbler

No, it’s not made of fine crystal. But when sipping rosé in the backyard, this insulated Corkcicle wine cooler is probably the first glass they’ll reach for.  And they don’t break at pool parties!

Riedel Cabernet Decanter 

Pros love this classic wine decanter from renowned glassware maker Riedel. Lightweight but sturdy, the minimalist design is a chic addition to any bar. It’s also a great buy and can be used for all wine types. 

For a little name brand cache at a reasonable price, this decanter is hard to beat.  

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RBT Wine Decanter 

With a gold stainless steel funnel top and matching coaster bottom, this RBT decanter filters and aerates your bottle of wine while also catching any drips. It’s sure to become the decanter they can’t live without. 

Keeping It Cool

Summer is coming fast and as the temperatures rise so do the chances of a lukewarm pinot grigio. Here are some ways  to make sure those refreshing whites and rosés are served at the perfect temperature all season long.

Wood Marble Wine Cooler 

Whether it’s chardonnay or rosé all day, this elegant wine cooler from Crate and Barrel will make sure their favorite wine stays crisp and cool while adding a touch of class to their table. 

Corkcicle Wine Chiller 

Nothing puts a damper on a party like a lukewarm white. When they need to chill that chardonnay stat, this handy gadget from Corkcicle will cool it  fast without watering it down. Let the sipping (or guzzling) begin!

BruMate Winseulator and Wine Tumblers

When the warm weather hits, many wine lovers like to enjoy a glass in the great outdoors. This insulator from Brumate keeps wine cool for 24 hours and comes with a couple of glasses to ensure that their adventures at the beach or park are totally chill. 

Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve 

For the rough and tumble wine drinker/camper, this Le Creuset wine cooling sleeve has two removable gel packs that can chill a bottle of white in 30 minutes. Now all they have to do is figure out what pairs best with s’mores. 

Charleston Wine and Champagne Bucket 

Then again, few things are elegant as a classic champagne bucket. Made from polished stainless steel, this one from Crate and Barrel will bring an extra special touch to festivities at home. 

Wine Carrying 

Whether traveling through wine country or across town to a soiree, these gifts will give your wine lover a convenient way to carry their bottle of wine wherever they roam. 

Wine Check Wine Bag 

Visiting wine country may be their dream. But figuring out how to get their favorite bottle home can be a nightmare. This handy wine check wine bag keeps wine safe from breakage and temperature changes and can be easily checked at the counter. And to any wine snob, the extra baggage fee will definitely be worth it! 

Malsa Wine Bottle Protectors

Then again, your wine lover may want to travel on the down low with their favorite bottle. In that case, these Malsa bubble padded holders with a double zip and leak proof protection fit nicely in a suitcase and will ensure that their clothes don’t get marinated in merlot.

And they’re also reusable. Cheers to that!

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Legacy Wine Tote

Sometimes there’s nothing like opening a bottle in the open air. And with two bottle pouches, a corkscrew, a cheeseboard and a knife, this handy canvas Legacy wine tote makes wining and dining al fresco a breeze. 

Tirrinia Single Bottle Wine Tote

If your favorite wine snob is heading across town to a party, this insulated single bottle tote will keep their wine safe and appropriately chilled. Now that’s how to make an entrance. 

Wine Carrier and Picnic Table

This handy wooden carrier is made from beautiful cherry wood and folds out into a picnic table. And it can even be engraved with your favorite wine lover’s name. 

Wine Openers and Stoppers 

Opening and closing wine is an essential part of enjoying any vintage. Here’s how to get the job done properly.

Durand Wine Opener

Any true wine snob probably has a few older bottles hidden away. The problem? Aged corks can be fragile.

The Durand wine opener allows aficionados to open older vintages without ripping the middle of the cork out or pushing it into the bottle – rescuing both the wine and the special occasion they saved it for. Phew!

Zig Zag Corkscrew

If they appreciate a vintage wine, why not give them a vintage corkscrew to go with it? The Zig Zag corkscrew was originally designed and patented by Jules Bart in 1919 and has since acquired a cult following. The series of levers actually reduce the amount of force needed to pull a cork from a bottle.

Made in France with the original molds and presses, this corkscrew definitely gives opening a bottle that certain je ne sais quoi!

Pulltex Antiox Carbon Filter Wine Preserving Stopper 

Much simpler to operate than a vacuum pump, this Pulltex stopper has an internal carbon filter which prevents wine from oxidizing in the bottle and keeps it fresh for up to 10 days. It also has a manual day indicator at the top to help record when the wine was first opened. 

For those times when your favorite aficionado can’t finish a bottle, this little gadget is a true wine saver.

Repour Wine Saver 

Said to preserve wine for up to two months, this Repour stopper works by absorbing oxygen from “above the wine and from the wine itself.” For people who like to open multiple bottles and not worry about wasting a precious drop, this one’s a real corker!

Fantes Champagne Stopper 

This champagne stopper keeps leftover sparkling wines bubbly so that the party can resume any time. The Fantes rubber stopper keeps the pressure on and the hinge clasp prevents the top from slipping off and releasing the carbonation. Sure to bring a little sparkle to a champagne lover’s eyes. 

Birthstone Wine Stopper

Of course, during a fete, it’s nice to preserve wine with a little more style. These hand blown glass wine stoppers are truly eye catching and bring a sense of occasion to any gathering.

Soiree Must Haves

The only thing better than enjoying a good glass of wine is enjoying it with friends. These decor, serving trays and other party essentials will ensure a successful soiree.

Marble Wine Coasters 

Wine drips happen. Especially when lingering over a few good bottles with friends. Help your wine aficionado protect their table and linens with these elegant marble coasters from William Sonoma and they’ll be forever grateful. 

Wine Bottle Serving Dishes 

Made from upcycled wine bottles, these clever serving trays can be filled with cheese, olives, crackers or anything else that pairs well with your favorite wine munchies. A novel and planet conscious way to get the party going. 

Agate Cheese Board

If they’re as picky about their serving platters as they are about their wine, this stunning agate cheese board will make their bries, cambrays and goudas look better than ever with this great gift.  

Cork Holders

These cork holders in the shape of letters are a fun way to save momentos from well-loved bottles or just store the corks until they’re ready to be recycled.   

Rewined Candles 

Handcrafted in South Carolina, these rewined candles will add a little romance to any occasion with their wine-inspired scents. Made from repurposed glass they also burn for up to 80 hours. Perfect for wine lovers who never want the soiree to end. 

True Wine Wipes

Whether they’re on a tasting tour or snapping selfies with their favorite glass in hand, these wine wipes keep smiles brighter while not interfering with the taste of your favorite red. Even a wine snob needs to be Instagram ready sometimes.  

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

This is definitely a bottle that no wine lover should be without. Biodegradable and nontoxic, this formula effectively removes spots from carpet, furniture and clothes whether the stain is fresh or days old. 

Wine Pairings

Wine makes so many things better. Food, baths and even books all seem more enjoyable with a good glass. This collection of surprising pairings and wine related gifts will have your favorite connoisseur enjoying life to the fullest.

Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars 

Wine and chocolate. Does one really need anything else in life? This chocolate collection from Williams-Sonoma is handcrafted by master chocolatiers to pair perfectly with different varietals. It may be tempting to skip straight to dessert!

Wine Girl: The Trials and Triumphs of America’s Youngest Sommelier

What pairs better with a great wine than a great story? Victoria James became the country’s youngest sommelier at a mere 21 years old. This gripping tale gives us a firsthand account of her triumphs and hardships as she negotiates the glittery but notoriously toxic restaurant world.

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Cheese Collection

Wine and cheese – a match made in heaven. This cheese collection from the award winning Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company is the perfect accompaniment for anyone that enjoys fine wine and fine food.

Organic Wine Soap

Sipping a yummy glass of wine in the tub is an indulgent way to spend an evening. But did you know that wine can also be a great beauty treatment? Made with organic oils and infused with red wine, these creamy, antioxidant rich soap bars are a treat for the skin.

Cork Dork

This highly entertaining New York Time’s Best Seller by Bianca Bosker tells the tale of an amateur drinker and journalists as she explores the alternate universe of wine obsessed sommeliers. Your favorite wine snob will drink it up!

Sangria Red Wine Infusion Cocktail Kit 

With summer around the corner, even a wine purist may be tempted to swill a little sangria. And this cocktail kit makes whipping up a batch easier than ever. All they have to do is add it to a bowl with their favorite red and let the good times roll. 

Wine Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book 

What’s more relaxing than a glass of vino? Coloring with a glass of vino! This cheeky coloring book will give wine lovers a smile with phrases like, “My blood type is Merlot, but I’m a universal recipient.” (Warning: drinking with crayons may lead to coloring outside the lines.)

Sparkling Rosé Gummies

These non-alcoholic gummies will give rosé fanatics a little something to chew on until wine-o-clock rolls around. 

Merlot Infused Coffee 

Aged in oak barrels used for merlot, these coffee beans will give wine lovers a wakeup call while teasing their taste buds with rich, berry flavors.

Personalized Wine Journal

This handsome leather journal can be personalized with their name and gives wine lovers room for tasting notes on 126 wines. Let the wine journey and journaling begin!

Le Nez du Vin Wine Aroma Master Kit 

For the wine snob who fancy themselves a budding sommelier, this aroma master kit will train their nose to pick out the complex notes that make up their favorite wines. Or at least give them a good excuse to drink while trying.

From corks to carriers to accessories, there’s a perfect gift for every wine lover on this list. Wine gifts are great for loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues and more. Don’t worry about what varietal they might pick out at a wine tasting. With these wine gift ideas they will have nothing to whine about! 

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The 40 best gifts for wine lovers:

  1. Zalto Denk’ Art Universal Wine Glass
  2. Bormioli Glasses
  3. Riedel Winewings Champagne and White Wine Glass
  4. Corkcicle Insulated Wine Tumbler
  5. Riedel Cabernet Decanter 
  6. RBT Wine Decanter 
  7. Wood Marble Wine Cooler 
  8. Corkcicle Wine Chiller 
  9. BruMate Winseulator and Wine Tumblers
  10. Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve
  11. Charleston Wine and Champagne Bucket 
  12. Wine Check Wine Bag 
  13. Malsa Wine Bottle Protectors
  14. Legacy Wine Tote
  15. Tirrinia Single Bottle Wine Tote
  16. Wine Carrier and Picnic Table
  17. Durand Wine Opener
  18. Zig Zag Corkscrew
  19. Pulltex Antiox Carbon Filter Wine Preserving Stopper 
  20. Repour Wine Saver 
  21. Fantes Champagne Stopper 
  22. Birthstone Wine Stopper
  23. Marble Wine Coasters 
  24. Wine Bottle Serving Dishes 
  25. Agate Cheese Boards
  26. Cork Holders
  27. Rewined Candles 
  28. True Wine Wipes
  29. Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover
  30. Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars 
  31. Wine Girl: The Trials and Triumphs of America’s Youngest Sommelier
  32. Cheese Collection
  33. Organic Wine Soap
  34. Cork Dork
  35. Sangria Red Wine Infusion Cocktail Kit 
  36. Wine Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book 
  37. Sparkling Rosé Gummies
  38. Merlot Infused Coffee 
  39. Personalized Wine Journal
  40. Le Nez du Vin Wine Aroma Master Kit 

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