21 Gifts Under $20 [2021 Edition]

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Need a last-minute gift? Some stocking stuffers for the family? A holiday gift for a work party? No matter the occasion, there are hundreds of gifts out there for $20 or less. 

Let’s be honest, though… some of those less-than-$20-gifts are definitely less-than-stellar, and your family or friends won’t know what to do with them as soon as they open the gift. No one wants a gift they plan on re-gifting or tossing to the side (and no one really wants to spend hard-earned money on a throwaway gift). 

From “Cereal Killer” spoons and funny kitchen towels to jade rollers and zodiac sign bracelets, check out our list of 21 gifts under $20 that won’t end up being re-gifted.

For Their Home

Help them spruce up their space with one of these 10 gifts that will fit perfectly in any home or apartment. 

1. Coffee Mug 

A coffee mug might sound lame, but people love to fill their cabinets with either beautifully designed cups or ones with witty humor on them. Why not give them a unique-to-them gift with this personalized, color-changing mug on Etsy? 

You can use a picture of you two on the mug, their furry friend or a scenic shot from one of your favorite trips. It’s made from ceramic, can hold 15 liquid ounces and changes from white to black depending on the heat of the coffee mug. An affordable, customizable option is always a great gift idea for a family member, best friend or loved one. 

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2. Funny Kitchen Towels  

These kitchen towels from Etsy will be the perfect gift for anyone who just moved into a new home or apartment. They can add some character to their space, and the towel can be a great talking point for those housewarming parties or any holiday season hosting they do. 

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3. Saturn Night Light

Even though this is technically a night light, this 17 centimeter Saturn Lamp is the perfect less-than-$20 gift for all the stargazers you know in your life. The LED light comes with a wooden stand so it won’t roll off your desk, nightstand or table. Plus, you can change the light intensity and choose between three different color transitions (daylight, white and warm white) to set the mood in your space.

This Lumenn lamp can be recharged through the USB port, and the light comes with a compatible USB cord. 

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4. Cereal Killer Spoon

Some people just love cereal, no matter what time of day or where they are eating. If you have someone who loves to devour a bowl at any time of the day, this cute spoon will be a great, unique gift for them. Each order comes with one spoon that’s hand-stamped with the phrase “cereal killer” plus a skull and crossbones directly underneath the words. Choose between the teaspoon, soup spoon or tablespoon size and your desired style, and you’ve got the perfect gift for the cereal devourer in your life. 

A bonus? Each spoon is shipped to you in gift wrapping, so it’s ready to gift right away.

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5. Ceramic Herb Garden Markers

If they’ve got a green thumb or consider themselves a foodie, these Ceramic Herb Garden Markers from Etsy are what they will be looking for in a quality gift. Made from stoneware with a glazed coating, these 6-inch markers are perfect for a windowsill kitchen herb garden. Choose between five different stake colors and 10 different herbs to be labeled on the tag. 

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6. Cat Tea Ball Infuser

Are they a cat person? Then you can’t go wrong with any of these Cat Tea Ball Infusers intended for loose-leaf tea. Each tea ball is made from stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, 2 inches in size and you can choose between six different cat color combinations. Each Infuser makes between one cup to four cups in a teapot.

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7. Essential Oils Diffuser

Now that we mentioned an infuser, it’s time to offer up a diffuser. This Electric Air Diffuser Aroma Oil Humidifier is affordable, has a modern look to work with any home or apartment and comes in either black, white or pink. The diffuser helps hydrate the skin while sending your desired aroma throughout the room to bring tranquility and relaxation to any home or office. More specifications:

  • The outside is coated in ABS Silicone
  • It can hold up to 300ML of essential oil
  • Dimensions: 78x78x119 mm
  • It comes with one diffuser, one USB cable and one user manual 

Check Price on Etsy

8. Board Games

Adding a new game to the game night rotation is always a great move. Options like Ticket to Ride and Sequence are underdogs in the board game community and deserve to be added to your game nights between Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit

Explore Games on Amazon

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9. Luxury Black Playing Cards

Playing cards is something every house needs, but you don’t think about not having them until you need them at that exact moment. Keep their home equipped with these Luxury Black Playing Cards. For only $15, you can have them prepared and looking fabulous with these cards made from black PVC plastic and embossed with gold and silver foil.

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10. 11 Piece Healing Crystals And Stones Chakra Set

If your person is getting into yoga and tarot card readings, they’ll need their own set of healing crystals and stones. This set from Etsy comes with Amethyst Clusters, Rose Quartz and other healing stones. These rocks will work great with any Chakra work, Reiki healing, crystal grids or simple home decor. 

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Must-Have Accessories 

Sometimes they have almost everything they could want in their life. Check out these 11 gift ideas that are great accessory options they would never think to buy for themselves. 

11. Keychain 

Give your loved one a personalized keychain — great for attaching to their house keys, car keys, wallet, etc. It’s made with an antiqued brass keyring, antiqued brass rivet and genuine leather. They run 4″ in length and can be personalized with any word, quote, name, coordinates or other short phrases. 

It will be a great reminder to them of either their favorite inspirational saying or word, and they can be reminded of you every time they see it. In our books, that’s a win-win situation.

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12. Stainless Steel Water Bottle  

You’re constantly reminding them to drink more water. How about giving them a water bottle with their name on it, so they run out of excuses? This 16-ounce option comes in either black or white, and you have the option to leave the water bottle blank or personalize it with a name. It stands 8.8 inches tall, is 100% BPA free and the modern design works well for traveling, the gym or keeping in the office. 

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13. Video Game Accessories 

Any gamer girl or boy can always use new and improved gaming accessories. Some options are way outside of the $20 budget, but gift ideas such as TV LED backlightsmousepadscontroller charger stations and even blue light glasses are affordable options that any gamer would appreciate. 

Relina Shirley, the CEO of HIDEit Mounts — a company specializing in wall mounting solutions for gaming, tech and sporting equipment — shared why the HIDEit Universal Game Controller Mount is a great gift idea for under $20. 

“The mount makes it easy to display your limited edition controllers and works with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam and similarly sized controllers. This idea is great if you aren’t wanting to spend the full amount on a new controller for them but want them to be able to show off their gear.” 

Check Price on Hideit Mounts

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14. Plastic-Free Scrunchies

Know someone who is trying to be more eco-conscious in their day-to-day life? These Plastic-Free Scrunchies will help them look good and feel good about their new style. This “earthy color” set is made from cotton, natural dyes, botanical dyes and plant dyes.

Please note, each scrunchie is sold separately, so make sure to select the color that your person will appreciate the most.

 Check Price on Etsy

15. Face Masks

Face masks are a cheap gift that we all can appreciate having extras around the house. What makes these masks stand out? The neutral color options, nose wire and (the big one) adjustable ear loops. Once you get them one of these 6.5-inch by 4-inch face masks, you’ll never have to hear them complain about the elastic hurting their ears or their mask falling off their face when they try talking. Plus, the textured surface of the masks will add to any casual or professional outfit — a win-win situation for all.Check Price on Etsy

16. Deciniee Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool Set

Selfcare is something we can all benefit from, so get them started on a path to a more peaceful and relaxed future with this Jade Roller Tool Set from Deciniee. The set comes with a rose quartz face roller and a gua sha massage tool. The face roller is intended for the neck, chin, cheeks, forehead, around the eyes, nose and lips. The jade gua sha stone is ideal for use on your entire body, specifically for your shoulders.

The aim of these tools is to promote blood circulation throughout the body, which can help reduce puffiness and wrinkling, relieve pressure, remove pressure points that can’t be fixed with your hands and promote a relaxed mood.

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17. Crave Naturals Hair Brush

A hairbrush isn’t a small gift by any means. Think about how often you use yours and how often you replace your brush or feel the need to replace it. This particular brush from Crave Naturals is an affordable option that can really up their hair care routine.

It’s designed to detangle knots in wet hair, not by pulling out those knots but by separating them. It’s gentle on your scalp and works to smooth the hair’s cuticle layer, creating a better shine.

Check Price on Crave Naturals

18. Zodiac Sign Bracelet

If they know and love their zodiac sign, they’ll most definitely want to share it with the world. Help them spread the love of zodiac signs through this Etsy bracelet for all zodiac signs. The bracelet itself is rose gold, the gemstones are cubic zirconia and the closure is the lobster claw style. 

The bracelets also come with zodiac cards containing the name and description of the zodiac sign on the bracelet.

Check Price on Etsy

19. DIY Embroidery Wildflower Pattern

If they’re thrifty and love to decorate or design their own clothing, this DIY Embroidery Wildflower Pattern will be a great addition to any shirt or jacket, or you can leave them displayed in a hoop. The kit is designed for those who already have some sewing supplies lying around and love choosing their colors.

Each kit comes with nine flower and leaf designs plus suggested stitches.

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20. Cute Cactus T-Shirt

So maybe they aren’t crafty. In that case, go with this Cute Cactus T-Shirt. Choose between 10 different colors and designs for their ideal desert look. Each shirt is considered a unisex fit (with a slimmer fit through the midsection), so the sizes — small to XX-Large — will fit true to their body. However, the shop recommends that women order a size down if they want a truly slim fit. 

Each shirt is made from super soft blend polyester and cotton, plus all of the components of the shirt are from the USA. 

Check Price on Etsy

21. Gift Card

A failsafe option that will never lead you astray. Though this gift isn’t personal, you can rest assured that it will be used for something they genuinely want. Go with an Amazon gift cardEtsy gift cardHome Depot gift cardChewy gift card, etc. The options are endless, and you’ll know which store gift card would be the most useful to them. 

Grab an Amazon Gift Card

Shopping on a Dime

We hope that this gift guide with a list of the 21 best gifts under $20 helps you narrow down your gift ideas for that special someone. Pick out some fantastic, high-quality gadgets, some bath bombs or even some new jewelry from this list, and they are bound to be struck by how fun and thoughtful your gift is for them. 

Also, don’t forget to wrap or bag your gift for the right occasion. An affordable gift can look even more meaningful if it’s wrapped or bagged neatly and appropriately, just like all the other Christmas, birthday or holiday gifts given to them.

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21 Great Gift Ideas For Less Than $20:

  1. Coffee Mug 
  2. Funny Kitchen Towels  
  3. Saturn Night Light
  4. Cereal Killer Spoon
  5. Ceramic Herb Garden Markers
  6. Cat Tea Ball Infuser
  7. Essential Oils Diffuser
  8. Board Games
  9. Luxury Black Playing Cards
  10. 11 Piece Healing Crystals And Stones Chakra Set
  11. Keychain 
  12. Stainless Steel Water Bottle 
  13. Video Game Accessories 
  14. Plastic-Free Scrunchies
  15. Face Masks
  16. Deciniee Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool Set
  17. Crave Naturals Hair Brush
  18. Zodiac Sign Bracelet
  19. DIY Embroidery Wildflower Pattern
  20. Cute Cactus T-Shirt
  21. Gift Card

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