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12 Gluten-Free Bread Recipes [For Any And All Of Our Bread Lovers]

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If you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease, then you know what gluten can do to your body. The side effects of consuming gluten can be traumatizing. However, sometimes it can just be too tempting to enjoy that delicious, buttery croissant or that crusty loaf straight from the oven. You give in…and then you pay the price.

You don’t have to abandon your love for bread, though, just because you’re following a gluten-free diet. Check out these 12 gluten-free recipes for bread lovers.

Gluten-Free Classic Breads

Someone baking gluten free rolls

Sometimes you just need a really good piece of bread — fluffy on the inside, maybe a little crusty on the outside, and with a good crumb. You need a bread that can stand up to being piled high with your favorite sandwich ingredients or dunked in a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup. When that’s the case, you can opt for one of these classic, gluten-free bread recipes.

Just keep in mind that if the recipe doesn’t work for you the first time, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad recipe. Bread is notoriously difficult to bake as a newb, especially when you’re baking gluten-free beauties like these. You may need to give it a few attempts before you wind up with a final product you love.

This gluten-free Sandwich Bread recipe from King Arthur Flour gives you a basic loaf that’s perfect for BLTs, PB&Js and more. Whatever your favorite sandwich might be, you’ll have it with this recipe. You can even take your leftover slices and turn them into something else — maybe gluten-free breadcrumbs, croutons or French toast.

If it’s flaky Croissants you’re craving, you can get those gluten-free, too. However, before you get into this recipe, just know that it’s a time-intensive one. If you’re a beginner baker, you’ll want to set aside an entire day (or maybe even two) to work on these. They’re a project, but the results are worth the effort.

And, if you want a French Loaf that can stand up to your favorite gluten-free pasta sauces or a bowl of creamy chowder, here’s a great recipe. This one is made possible thanks to the wonders of rice flour and tapioca flour.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Breads

Gluten Free cinnamon rolls

If you’re not quite ready to handle the more advanced classic breads just yet, you might want to start with one of these breakfast breads.

This moist, flavorful Apple Cinnamon Bread, for example, requires no kneading. Just mix the ingredients, layer in a loaf pan and you’re that much closer to your entire house smelling like a delicious combination of apple and cinnamon.

If you’re not too keen on apples (or if you’re following a low fodmap diet, which requires you to avoid both gluten and apples), try this Cinnamon Swirl Loaf. If dairy isn’t your thing, you can swap out the buttermilk and butter with vegan alternatives and get the same result.

And, of course, you can’t forget Cinnamon Rolls, which are a perfect way to start your day. These gluten-free buns are ready in under an hour.

Gluten-Free Savory Breads

Gluten free zucchini bread on a green towl

If you’re a fan of savory breads — cheesy breads, garlic breads, veggie breads — then you can make those gluten-free as well. These are a little bit more difficult to make than the breakfast breads, but definitely easier than their classic counterparts.

This Cheesy Garlic Bread, for example, requires some rise time but no kneading. This decadent, flavorful loaf is great as a side dish or just for snacking.

For a gluten-free bread with great texture, try this Cheddar Zucchini Bread. This crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth loaf goes well with hearty stews and soups. Try it alongside a veggie chili for a filling vegetarian meal.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, you can make this Herby Irish Soda Bread to go along with your corned beef and cabbage or Guinness beef stew.

Gluten-Free Dessert Breads

But what about dessert? Don’t worry, there are plenty of gluten-free dessert breads out there too. And these recipes are just as easy as the breakfast breads.

This Lemon Bread is a light, sunshiney gluten-free dessert with plenty of moisture and flavor.

Your classic Banana Bread recipe also got a gluten-free makeover with spectacular results. This recipe is paleo, making it a good fit for many diets.

For a gluten-free bread that’s closer to a cake than bread, try this Carrot Cake Loaf, which gets topped with a mouthwatering cream cheese and maple syrup frosting.

Tips for Gluten-Free Baking

Bowls of gluten free flour on a table

If you’re new to gluten-free baking, don’t get frustrated. Gluten-free baking comes with a few challenges that are different from normal baking. But don’t be deterred, they can easily be overcome if you follow a few simple rules.

1. Follow recipe instructions to the letter

Firstly, make sure you’re following your recipe exactly as it is written. This is no time to get creative or skip a step or swap out some ingredients for whatever you have on hand.

Baking is a science, and that’s never more true than it is when baking gluten-free. These recipes are successful for a reason — they combine the right ingredients in the right quantities in the right ways to result in a product that’s as close to a gluten-filled bread as possible. Making changes as you go can leave you with a flat, dense, and unappealing product.

2. Pick your ingredients carefully

Different types of flours do different things. So if a recipe calls for a certain flour substitute, don’t try to swap it out with a different one. Common flour substitutes include almond flour, buckwheat flour, oat flour and coconut flour.

You can also find flour blends that work quite well, and that are intended to be used in recipes just as you would normal flour, such as Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten-Free Flour. These blends are the easiest way to transform your favorite recipes into something gluten-free.

Also, keep an eye out for baking ingredients that can contain hidden gluten, such as oats (usually safe for those with gluten sensitivities, not so much for those with celiac disease), baking powder and cornstarch.

Interested in Baking Gluten-Free?

Whether you are accommodating dietary restrictions or just want to try your hand at gluten-free baking, you don’t need to sacrifice your love of bread. There are plenty of ways to make delicious, gluten-free options — classic, savory or sweet. Just follow your recipe, pick your ingredients with care, and practice. Remember, gluten-free recipes take some time to master, so be easy on yourself as you learn.

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