The Best Episodes Of Gossip Girl (According To IMDb)

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For six seasons we watched as a group of privileged Upper East Side students, schemed, partied and seemed to do very little studying on their way to becoming not at all responsible adults.

But as if being rich and self-involved weren’t big enough problems, a mysterious blogger known as Gossip Girl was exposing all their secrets. A conundrum that wasn’t resolved until the final season.

Along the way, there was big-time drama, catfights, betrayals and inappropriate relationships. It was scandalous. Salacious. And often ridiculous. In short, it was awesome.

So awesome that HBO has a reboot on tap. Though due to an industry slowdown, the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

But while we’re waiting for the next generation of drama king and queens, let’s look back on some of our favorite episodes. According to fans and critics on IMDb, these episodes are the best of rich kids getting up to their worst.

Take a look and see if you agree. Not that I want to start a catfight or anything…

New York, I Love You XOXO (Season 6, Episode 10) Rating: 9.1

Although many fans were disappointed with the finale, somehow, it racked up the highest rating on IMDB. Maybe because it was a toxic relationship you were glad to put an end to?

Whatever the case may be, in the series closer Chuck and Blair get married in Central Park. Their best wedding gift? Now she won’t have to testify against him.

Most bizarrely of all, we find out that Lonely Boy is actually (gasp!) Gossip Girl. But does Serena care that the man she loves was making her life miserable for years? Nope. Apparently, love conquers all, including cyber gossip attacks.

And according to the flash-forward sequence, the couples seem to live happily ever after. Yeah, okay…

The Good-Bye Gossip Girl (Season 2, Episode 5) Rating: 8.6

In the season 2 finale, the backstabbing high school years come to an end to make way for even more bad behavior post-graduation.

The crux of the episode is that Serena vows to uncover the identity of Gossip Girl when another vicious blast goes out during graduation.

As we all know, she utterly fails at her task. But she does discover a whole lot of other juicy secrets along the way.

O Brother, Where Bart Thou (Season 2, Episode 13) Rating: 8.5

What better excuse for high drama than a funeral? When Bart Bass goes to a dimension beyond the reach of scandals, Chuck goes over the edge. We’re talking binge drinking, lashing out at his friends and then finally running to Blair for comfort.

Little did we all know, Chuck isn’t really dead!

Meanwhile, Lily throws herself into planning Chuck’s (first) funeral to bury her own feelings of grief. But most juicy of all, there are hints of a secret child. Ooooh….

G.G. (Season 5, Episode 13) Rating: 8.4

The 100th episode of Gossip Girl started off with a bang with a big Hollywood musical number. Serena dreams that she’s Marilyn Monroe and Blair is Audrey Hepburn. The guys surround them decked out in tuxes, but as the dance progresses, Serena loses Dan to Blair. Hmmm….

Meanwhile, Blair and Louis are about to tie the knot. Which definitely turns out to be more of a tangled web. Because Blair confesses she still loves Chuck. Which the vengeful Georgina promptly broadcasts to the world.

Louis goes through with the wedding to save face. But when Blair finds out she enlists Dan to help her escape. And they lived happily never after.

Double Identity (Season 4, Episode 2) Rating: 8.4

After going their separate ways at the end of season 3, the gang inevitably starts to regroup in new and surprising ways.

Serena returns from Paris to find Dan taking care of Georgina’s baby. Blair ditches Paris too, but not before leaving one of her high heels with a prince à la Cinderella. Who says life isn’t a fairytale?

Meanwhile, Chuck returns to New York after swearing up and down he was done with his old life. With a little prompting from Blair.

Last Tango, Then Paris (Season 3, Episode 22) Rating: 8.3

This season three finale served up all the drama fans could have asked for. Blair is about to go meet Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building in An Affair To Remember tribute/ripoff. But instead, she gets waylaid when Dorota goes into labor.

Crushed, Chuck drowns his sorrows inside of Jenny. But when he finds out Blair was going to meet him he tries to propose. Only to get punched out by Dan. Game over.

Blair and Serena then flee to Paris because they have money and don’t need to drown their sorrows on a couch with a pint full of Hagan Daz.

In the final scene, we see that Chuck has been mugged and left unconscious in the streets of Prague while trying to protect the ring he tried to give to Blair. So tragic. So awesome. So Gossip Girl.

The Townie (Season 4, Episode 11) Rating: 8.2

In this episode, Dan and Blair venture out of the Upper East Side in search of Juliet. As it turns out, these kids have chemistry and kind of make a great team.

Meanwhile, Serena’s colorful past at boarding school is finally revealed. About time!

Preta-a-Poor-J (Season 2, Episode 8) Rating: 8.2

The oppressed Jenny, who’s basically doing all the heavy lifting for Eleanor Waldorf, finally starts to cut loose under the influence of rebel model Agnes. She then has an I-am-a-designer-hear-me-roar moment and quits her job.

In other Jenny news, she goes behind her brother’s back and hooks up with Nate. Yuck.

The Revengers (Season 6, Episode 9) Rating: 8.1

In this ridiculous yet thoroughly enjoyable episode Chuck, Serena, Blair, Nate and Dan join forces to take down big, bad Daddy Bass who somehow went from disapproving dad to an evil arch-villain over the course of the show.

After a twisted game of cat and mouse, Bart Bass dies. Again. Guess the second time around is the charm when it comes to killing off a character.

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