15 Ways Harry And Meghan Have Gone Against Royal Protocol

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Yes, we’ve all heard. Harry and Meghan are turning away from their roles as “senior members of the royal family.” Their quest for more privacy and financial independence seems to have equal measures of supporters and vehement detractors.

And so far, the paparazzi blitz in Canada certainly doesn’t bode well for keeping their private lives on the down-low.

Will they be forced to move back to England where they’re better protected? Can they actually make it on their own without royal funds? Or will they spend themselves into hock? Is it even possible to be an independent and happy member of a royal family, whether former or not?

Everyone seems to have an opinion. But the fact is, nobody knows. This is a royal experiment of epic proportions with an ending that can’t be predicted.

What we do know is that the couple was breaking royal rules long before their shocking announcement. Rules that seem pretty silly to a lot of us.

Here are 15 instances when this pair of mavericks thumbed their nose at tradition and did their own thing.

Harry’s Royal Hiney


Harry was obviously a rebel long before he met Meghan Markle. Is it really any surprise he picked a person as independent as himself?

This is the prince that got naked at a party in Vegas. A fact that obviously DID NOT stay in Vegas.

This is the prince that mixed it up with the paparazzi. That drank champagne out of a prosthetic leg. Who bought a bad boy Ducati motorcycle and threw his brother a super-secret bachelor party the night before his wedding. And then jumped off a balcony and injured himself.

And he did (yikes) dress like a Nazi at a costume party once. Yeah, that was a bad one.

Wow, compared to this stuff, his rule-breaking with Meghan seems pretty mild. Um, up until the royal break that is.

Public Display of I Don’t Care What They Say


Hand holding, putting your arms around each other or kissing is frowned upon between royal couples in public. It supposedly makes them look less professional (i.e. actually human?).

But Harry and Meghan love a little PDA. Come on, it’s cuuuuute.

Christmas Party Crashers?


Traditionally, only the royal family’s official members get to celebrate Christmas with the Queen. But before they were married, Harry got Meghan an invite to the festivities back in 2017.

Though I think this one is on Queen Elizabeth. It was obviously a gateway rule that leads to breaking other rules. What did she expect?

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Business Meets Pleasure


Royals aren’t supposed to mix state visits with private affairs.

But that didn’t stop Harry from flying straight from his official visit in the Caribbean to see Meghan in Toronto back in 2016 (when they were still dating).

Apparently he should have flown home for other public engagements. Guess some things just can’t wait!

No Fruit Cake at the Wedding? Call the Dessert Police!

Harry and Meghan broke a lot of rules at their modern wedding, but not serving the traditional fruitcake just makes sense. Does anybody really like that poor excuse for a dessert?

Instead, they served a lemon and elderflower cake with buttercream frosting. Bet the guests were relieved.

Royal Bling


Unlike other men in the royal family, Harry chose to wear a wedding band. Way to show commitment works both ways, bro!

The Beard Stays


Apparently, a beard isn’t something a man in royal uniform is supposed to wear to his wedding. But Harry decided to skip shaving on the day of his nuptials.

Hey, facial hair is in, way to stay on-trend, babe.

Yep, She’s a Hugger


Most royals except a head bow or a curtsy as an appropriate greeting, but that’s not good enough for Meghan. Whether you’re summit leader Kater Robertson, Beyonce or a small child, she often likes to hug it out.

And who wouldn’t need a hug with all the pressure she’s under.? Come on, it’s therapeutic!

Beach Blanket Bondi


Believe it or not, royals are even expected to keep their shoes on at the beach. Well, that went out the window when Meghan and Harry ditched their footwear at Bondi Beach during their Australian tour.

Can you blame them for wanting to wiggle their toes in the sand? England is cold!


And while we’re on the subject of going bare… Meghan often likes to skip the protocol of the nude pantyhose that women in the royal family are always supposed to wear.

She can’t help it. She’s from California!

Social Media Mavericks


Royal rules also extend to Instagram. When Meghan left an informal birthday message (including emojis) for William and Kate’s son Prince Louis, people considered it a breach of protocol.


One Middle Name Is Enough, Thanks


Most royals have at least two or three middle names that pay tribute to someone. For instance, Harry’s full given name is Henry Charles Albert David.

But when it came to naming their own son, the royal couple decided for only one middle name: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Dang if it isn’t a mouthful anyway.

Private Christening. Stay Out!


Harry and Meghan also broke with tradition when they chose not to invite the press or public to Archie’s christening. They instead opted for a private ceremony and had a fashion photographer document the special moment.

The kid still had to wear a dress though.

Meghan’s Pop-Up Visits


Meghan also liked to make surprise appearances. At Wimbledon, charity events and other places. It’s a royal no-no because of security issues.

Gee, can’t a gal be spontaneous?

Just Harry and Meghan Please

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On their 2019 tour of Africa the royal couple dropped their official titles (Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness) and went by their first names only.

Hmmm, were they trying it on for size?

Stay Tuned

Surely Meghan and Harry will continue to make waves. So will all this rule breaking lead to a fairytale ending for the independent couple? Or at least a happier life?

Either way, it will probably be a Hollywood movie someday. Or an episode of the crown 2030.

And they all lived….We’ll just have to wait and see!

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