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Our 12 Favorite Health & Fitness Boxes From Crate Joy

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If you’re looking to improve your health and wellness in the upcoming year (or just looking for fun gift ideas for a loved one), whether that be your mental health or physical health, there are a few ways you can go about accomplishing this goal. One, you could cobble together the resources you need yourself and hope for the best results. Two, you could sign up for one of these 12 favorite health and fitness subscription boxes from Crate Joy.

Going with the second option can come with a tremendous amount of benefits. You discover products and health and wellness solutions you never knew existed. You get extra monthly motivation to stick to your goals. You get a fun surprise filled with high-quality goodies every month in the mail. The list could go on and on.

Some of these boxes will gear you up for a better workout, and some will help you eat better, but all are focused on one thing: helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Interested in seeing how these best subscription boxes from Crate Joy can help you perform your best? Check out what we love about these 12 options.

Nutrition-Based Subscription Boxes from Crate Joy

Okay, we all pretty much know that no matter how much you workout, if you’re not fueling your body with the right stuff, you’re not going to see optimum results. These food subscription boxes, filled with full-size products, can help you fuel up the right way.

My Keto Snack Box

Starting at $36 per month and shipping all over the world, the My Keto Snack Box is a fantastic way to get your snack on without abandoning your commitment to the keto lifestyle.

Not sure exactly what keto is or if it’s right for your fitness goals? Check out our guide to keto.

If you already are a big fan of the keto diet and know it works for you, consider going with the My Keto Snack Box for a monthly curated box of six to eight high-protein healthy snacks.

Options range from “cheesy” dill kale crackers to macadamia pecan and sea salt nut butter to dark chocolate almond bark. No matter your tastes — sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy — you’ll find something to love in every box.

HealthyMe Living Snack Box 

If you likewise want to improve your snacking habits, but you don’t necessarily want to go keto, the HealthyMe Living Snack Box could be a good fit for you and your whole family. Starting at $27 per month, this monthly new box of snacks is filled with tasty, good-for-your-body treats — and, again, you get a lot of variety in every box, so there’s something to fit every taste.

Each box features seven to 10 individually wrapped snacks (perfect for throwing in your purse or bag and taking on the go). Past boxes have included yummy options such as gluten-free pretzels, popcorn, coconut energy bars, Omega-3 nut mixes, dark chocolate chunk KIND bars and sea salt pita thins.


Okay, so you know you need to get more vitamins, minerals, veggies and other good stuff in your diet, but your busy lifestyle doesn’t really allow for a lot of cooking, smoothie making and meal prep. We get it.

The Enrichables monthly subscription plan, starting at $29, allows you to get more of that good stuff in your diet without a lot of work — or really any work at all.

Each Enrichables box comes with 12 packets of a specially designed powder that’s essentially a very concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals and vegetable content. All you have to do is stir the packet of Enrichables into your food, and you get a quick boost of protein or fiber, whichever you feel you need at the time.

Each packet comes with 12 to 13 grams of goodness. The powder doesn’t change the flavor or texture of your food and can be added to just about anything you might whip up (or heat up… or pour out of a take-out box), from guacamole to rice, soups to baked goods.

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Gear-Based Subscription Boxes from Crate Joy

Okay, so maybe you’re alright on the food front. Perhaps you have the diet part of your lifestyle all worked out, and there’s no need for any improvements… but then maybe you could use a little help when it comes to working out and staying motivated.

That’s where these gear-based subscription boxes from Crate Joy come in. They’re all filled with awesome gear that will not only make your workout better but also keep you working your hardest (after all, it’s easy to hit the gym when you have an awesome new tool to try out).

The Gain[z] Box

Starting at $29 per month and shipping within the U.S., the Gain[z] Box is formulated to fit your individual needs. When you sign up, you’ll fill out a short athlete profile that clues the makers into your specific goals and desires, and then that will determine what kind of gear you receive in each box.

Expect workout clothing, new products, supplements, snacks and even fun accessories, like mugs or coozies that sport savvy fitness and workout-related sayings like “Caffeine & Kilos” or “Kick today in the d**k.”

Sweat & Sparkle

Designed with women in mind, the Sweat & Sparkle box starts at $36 per month and ships to the U.S. only. You’ll find a range of fitness and wellness-related gear from top brands in every box, from gym accessories to water bottles, shower-less body wipes (for when you don’t have the chance to rinse off after a workout) to protein-packed snacks.

You’ll occasionally see some items in the box that trend more toward mental health and self-care, such as bath bombs, journals and planners.

Fit Lifestyle Box

The Fit Lifestyle Box is a good pick for both men and women. Starting at $21 per month, choose from a men’s or women’s subscription, and then from subscriptions geared toward your fitness goals (there are three options, based on whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass or simply stay fit).

Each box includes six to nine items, and those items can range from clothing to snacks, product samples to accessories. Each box similarly comes with a 30-day fitness challenge to keep you motivated throughout the remainder of the month.

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Clothing-Based Subscription Boxes from Crate Joy

So you’ve got your fuel and you’ve got your gear — what else could you need for a better workout?

Clothes, of course! The right clothing can make all the difference in how you feel during your daily routine and how you experience and enjoy your workout. These clothing subscription boxes make things easy. No trip to the mall required.


Starting at $25 per month, the SweatStyle box delivers personally picked active, athletic and athleisure wear to your door every month. A team of stylists and fitness gurus curates your selection within each box, each containing six deluxe items, such as workout tops, sports bras, leggings or loungewear (in sizes XS to XL, 0 to 12).

Like similar clothing subscription services, SweatStyle charges a processing fee of $25 for each shipment, but then you only pay for what you keep from there. Anything you don’t like, just ship back in the pre-paid, provided bag.

Monthly Women’s Active Legging and Bra Workout Set

For $46 per month, you can receive a matching pair of high-waisted leggings and a sports bra or top in your chosen size, thanks to this monthly subscription box from Electric-Yoga. Suppose you already know that you’re most likely to work out in yoga pants and a sports bra anyway, and you’re more interested in adding more of the same to your closet rather than trying new options. In that case, you may prefer this subscription box over some of the other clothing subscription boxes out there.

(Plus, there’s no extra processing fees or pricing for each individual clothing item, so you may find that this subscription is a little more budget-friendly.)


Sure, this subscription box sends you a limited edition tank or t-shirt each month, but possibly the real value lies in the online community that you enjoy once you sign up for Clubfitwear. Each subscription comes with access to a private community of fitness enthusiasts, where subscribers come together to discuss their fitness journeys and share tips, struggles and motivation.

Starting at $15 per month, each box features one top, all of which feature fun, workout-related sayings like “Everything Hurts and I’m Dying” or “Hustle Makes Muscle.”

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Niche Interest Subscription Boxes from Crate Joy

It’s not difficult to notice how the subscription box market has exploded over the last several years. You can now find a subscription for just about every interest, hobby or lifestyle. If you have a niche-specific workout or fitness need, you can find a box to fill it via Crate Joy. Here are a few favorites.

Hiker Crate

If hiking is your preferred mode of exercise, you may find Hiker Crate to your liking. Starting at $30 per month, each box includes two to three gear items and three to six healthy and portable snacks perfect for the trail (think things like trail bars, jerky and dehydrated meals).

Gear ranges from water bottles and mess kits to emergency lights and microfiber towels.

Do a Shot of Yoga

If you prefer yoga over all other forms of exercise, Do a Shot of Yoga will make your yoga routine that much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Each box comes with a yoga book of the month, two or more yoga items, two or more lifestyle items and discounts with yoga and fitness retailers. You’ll also get access to the Yoga Nerds Doing Shots of Yoga community, with its live events.

Items beyond the book of the month might include some healthful snacks, fashion accessories, yoga towels, yoga socks or tea.

The box starts at $45 per month.


For all the runners out there, RunLocker starts at $42 per month and is designed to help you become a better, healthier runner. Each box includes products from both known brands and small indie producers, ranging from athletic wear to snacks, recovery aids to fitness accessories.

Expect a good range of items in each box; past items have included protein bars, energy gum, locking shoelaces, collapsible water bottles, body wipes and more. (Plus, if you have any dietary restrictions, you can simply list that when you sign up for the subscription and RunLocker will do its best to accommodate your needs.)

What to Look for in a Subscription Box

If you’ve never signed up for a subscription box before, you’ll want to consider a few factors before making your final decision.


You want to look at the grand total cost of the box. Don’t just take the subscription cost at face value.

Are there extra processing or handling fees? Are there fees for individual items that you keep versus return? How much do those items generally cost, and are you getting a good value? Do you get anything extra or special with your first box, and is that an added cost?

Additionally, how easy is it to cancel the subscription if you decide that you don’t need it or want to pay for it?

Included Items

How much do you actually need the items that come in a particular box? Do you need more snacks? Or more workout gear?

If not, you may be able to find a subscription box that fits your current needs more. Look at what you want/need in your workout routine and then go with a package that suits that best.


Before committing, check out the reviews for a subscription box. Are people complaining of broken items or incorrect shipments? You may want to steer clear of a box with low reviews.

Picking a Fitness Subscription Box on Crate Joy

Whatever your health needs or goals, you can find a good pick for you and your family on Crate Joy (and, who knows, you might just find some other fun subscription boxes to sign up for on the site while you’re at it).

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Our 12 Favorite Health & Fitness boxes from Crate Joy:

  1. My Keto Snack Box
  2. HealthyMe Living Snack Box
  3. Enrichables
  4. The Gain[z] Box
  5. Sweat & Sparkle
  6. Fit Lifestyle Box
  7. SweatStyle
  8. Monthly Women’s Active Legging and Bra Workout Set
  9. Clubfitwear
  10. Hiker Crate
  11. Do a Shot of Yoga
  12. RunLocker

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