Why You Should Go With A Heated Towel Rack [Interview with Craig Taylor]

This article may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Privacy Policy.

This article may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Privacy Policy.

This article was written by a guest contributor. For guest contribution guidelines please visit this page. Craig Taylor, Vice President at leading heated towel rack and bathroom accessories manufacturer Bathroom Butler, offers some insight into why heated towel racks are a great way of making your bathroom a more environmentally friendly space.

Although heated towel racks are synonymous with bathing luxury, they are actually an incredibly practical and efficient addition to any bathroom space that saves energy, water and costs. 

Craig Taylor from leading heated towel rack and bathroom accessories manufacturer, Bathroom Butler, explains: “When people think of a heated towel rack, they often relate them to a luxury, non-essential item that costs a lot of money to run. However, today, this is just not the case. Heated towel racks can be very efficient, and with the right technology, they actually cost very little to run. In fact, they can really help you save money on your monthly utility bills.” 

Heated towel racks are a great addition to any green home – here’s why. 

Added comfort and hygiene

From a practical perspective, Craig offers an overview of how heated towel racks can help you. 

“Heated towel racks guarantee added luxury to your bathing experience in the form of access to dry and fresh towels whenever you need them. 

This is especially practical during the colder winter months or in very humid areas where towels don’t dry quickly. They also promise to improve the hygiene levels of your bathroom space – drying your towels before they can become a damp breeding ground for germs, bacteria and fungus.”

Water and Energy Efficient

He says that from a financial perspective, heated towel racks are a very prudent investment. If they boast the latest technology, heated racks can actually end up saving you money. 

“With advancements in heating technology, modern heated towel racks cost very little money to run, and since they will dry your towels after every use, you won’t have to wash your towels as often. 

This will end up saving you money on the energy and water required to run a washing machine, and possibly the use of a dryer, as well as any detergents and fabric softener that you would otherwise require.”

Made from Grade 304 stainless steel

For optimum green ratings, it is advisable to opt for a heated towel rack made from Grade 304 stainless steel. 

The benefits of Grade 304 stainless steel are that it is an incredibly hygienic material, boasts a self-repairing layer and is very durable. Stainless steel doesn’t chip, crack or peel, and it is a really good-looking material to boot.

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Green technology 

Choosing a heated towel rack with the correct technology is pivotal to ensuring that it is energy efficient, says Craig. 

“In the past, heated towel rails were costly to run. However, today, numerous technologies have been developed to limit the energy consumption of these bathroom beauties – namely DET technology and temperature control technology.” 

He offers an overview on what makes these technologies so efficient.

DET technology

Today, you can either invest in fluid-filled heated towel racks that operate using Wet element Technology (WET) or Dry element technology (DET). WET technology heats up the rails via a cartridge element that is immersed into a heat transfer fluid, such as oil or water. 

Dry Element Technology (DET) uses a length of special-purpose heating wire installed within the tubes to heat them up. 

Says Craig, “WET is a comparatively outdated, slow and inefficient technology, which makes heated towel racks with DET the only real viable option.” 

Here are the many benefits of DET heated towel racks when compared to their WET counterparts: 

  • Rapid Heating: Using this technology, your heated towel rack can heat up to maximum operation within 10 to 15 minutes. This is really quick when compared to a WET heated towel rail, which can take between 60 and 90 minutes to do the same thing.
  • Direct Intelligent Heating: This technology ensures that only the horizontal bars under the towels heat up and not the entire rail. Isolating the heat source can save up to 30% in energy costs since the two vertical posts don’t need to be heated.
  • No Leaking: Since the bars are not fluid-filled, there is no chance of leakages.
  • 100% Serviceable: DET ensures that every part of your heated towel rack is serviceable or replaceable.
  • Dual-entry Electrical Connections: The heated towel rack is supplied with a left-hand and a right-hand electrical connection, making for an easier installation.
  • Quiet operation: Heated towel racks using WET often make boiling noises when in operation. Since there is no heated liquid required for heated towel racks using DET, the operation is completely silent.
  • Maintenance-free: This might be the biggest advantage, aside from cutting back on energy consumption. Since there is no liquid or moving parts in DET heated towel racks, they don’t need to be serviced regularly. 

Controlling the temperature

Being able to control the temperature settings on your heated towel rack plays a pivotal part in increasing its energy efficiency. Thanks to DET technology, all Bathroom Butler’s heated towel racks come with built-in temperature controls so you can adjust the heat on the rack to suit the weather conditions, as well as your personal preferences. Bathroom Butler offers three temperature controls. 

Personal Temperature Selection (PTSelect) Switch

This switch allows you to manually adjust the heated towel rail temperature and switch it on and off. This switch can reduce running costs by as much as 60%.

Total Digital Control (TDC) Timer

Although all of Bathroom Butler’s heated towel racks can run 24/7, the TDC Timer allows you to conserve energy by as much as 75% by programming the heated towel rack to switch on automatically. 

Wi-Fi Enable Switch

With the addition of the Wemo Wi-Fi Switch, you can control your heated towel rack remotely through the free app on your mobile device. The switch connects to your existing Wi-Fi network for complete wireless control. 

For more information about Bathroom Butler, visit https://bathroombutleronline.com/ 

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