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Hempa The Explorer Box From Hemp Crate Co. [Reviewed]

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With so many subscription boxes on the market that are made for health and wellness, it’s hard to stand out of the pack. The box needs to truly benefit you and your wellbeing every month and send you products you never knew you needed. Hempa the Explorer box from Hemp Crate Co. does just that.

I must admit, when CBD first hit the mainstage, I was skeptical. That was truthfully from a lack of knowledge on the topic, and what I don’t understand, I question. Head over to Hemp Crate Co.’s CBD Bible before purchasing your subscription box to get a full breakdown of what CBD is, the difference between marijuana (THC) and CBD, how it relates to overall wellbeing and the benefits you’ll see with consistent use.

After reading through the material, I decided that the Hempa the Explorer box was the best match for me. I would be trying most of the CBD products for the first time and wanted a little sample of everything (I considered going for The Furry Friend box for my cat, but she can wait her turn and get the next box).

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 First Impressions

The shipping process was seamless. I picked the Hemp Box that aligned with my needs, placed my order and received a notification that my box would arrive within two business days. Within this process, it’s also simple to pick how many boxes you want. You can order a box one time, but you can save money with a multi-month subscription ranging from three to six months.

The box design is great, but I was kind of nervous that it would show up in my mailroom and everyone would see the box, but it came in a secure, unmarked packaging so that I could take it to my apartment and open the box for myself in the comfort of my own space.

As I mentioned before, I was new to all things CBD and hemp. To my surprise, I opened the box to find some of the goodies had information cards about the product so that I knew the purpose and how to use it. I appreciated this aspect because I assumed that I would have to look up the different products and read about it on my own, but Hemp Crate Co. did the leg work for me.

One downside was that not all the items came with information cards, but the items that didn’t have cards with them had short descriptions on the packaging itself.


There were plenty of goodies to dig through and I learned a lot about them and their individual benefits.

Out & About CBD Gummies

The Out & About CBD Gummies are a great way to kickstart your day, giving you the comfort of knowing you’re getting your daily CBD intake from a vegan-friendly, non-GMO treat. Dosages come in 10mg and 25mg, depending on the dosage you prefer.

Green Roads CBD Oil

This trial packet from Green Roads is the perfect sampler for someone who isn’t already on board the CBD train. The oil offers a better absorption compared to other forms of taking CBD and is designed to support you with ordinary, everyday stress.

Hippie Hemp Balm

This Hippie Hemp Balm is full of all-natural ingredients including hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary extract, vitamin E and aloe vera.

Easy Feeling CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix

The Easy Feeling CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix contains 120mg of caffeine and 12.5mg hemp CBD to give you that energy kick and muscle recovery your body craves after a workout or exhausting day.

Mix with 12 to 24oz of water and start your day off feeling refreshed and ready to take on your tasks.

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Mello Drop CBD Infused Energy Drink

Mello Drop CBD Infused Energy Drink doubles as a pre-workout drink or post-workout recovery beverage, with 35mg of pure Isolate CBD to help you stay focused and alert while helping you find your mind and body calm.

Xero Picks CBD toothpicks

A new take on getting your CBD fix, these Xero Picks CBD toothpicks are a discrete form of CBD consumption. These toothpicks are recommended for those who want to avoid THC and reduce the number of pharmaceuticals or drugs with side-effects they are taking.

Whispr Roll-on Elixir

The Whispr Roll-on Elixir is full of essential oils and active botanicals, partnered with full-spectrum CBD oil. It’s intended for sore, tight muscles and promotes healthy skin.

MarijuaNuts CBD Infused Peanut Butter

The MarijuaNuts CBD Infused Peanut Butter is a perfect on-the-go snack to fill you up and keep you calm no matter where your next adventure takes you. Each packet contains 100mg of CBD.

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KAMU Labs: Dream

KAMU Labs: Dream is designed to help you get to sleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. By combining full-spectrum CBD, melatonin and lavender, this liposomal offers the perfect path to restorative rest and rejuvenation.

Favorite products

The Whispr Roll-On Elixir was another favorite of mine. It contains organic peppermint oil, so when I rolled it on my arms after a tough upper-body workout, I instantly smelled the peppermint and started to feel relief all throughout my body. The peppermint smell also masked the hemp smell. Plus, it contains less than .3% THC, so it’s strictly CBD related and non-intoxicating.

The KAMU Labs: Dream spray felt like a high-quality product, in my opinion. I have difficulty falling asleep right away at night, and when I used two pumps before bed, I felt relaxed after 20 minutes or so and woke up feeling refreshed with about seven and a half hours of sleep. It was a great feeling, especially since it’s dark in the morning when I wake up and hard I struggle to motivate myself to roll out of bed.

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Living in a very dry mid-west coast state, I loved the Hippie Hemp Balm from Hemp Crate Co. I’m a lip balm aficionado, and this passed the test. It wasn’t too oily where I felt I had to wipe my lips after using it and it worked well enough that I didn’t need to reapply often. The scent I received — Spiced Orange — was light, and I really appreciated being able to see that all the ingredients within the lip balm were all-natural.

Pros and Cons

Of course with any subscription boxes there are going to be pros and cons no matter who receives the goodies!


The products are of high quality, and you can tell. The information cards that come with the products give you a clear understanding of what’s in the product, if it’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and how you can expect to feel once you’ve used the product.

Another aspect I enjoyed is that you prepay for your monthly subscription in one transaction. I would personally rather pay for my three-month subscription all at once and then get my boxes spaced out over the months rather than forget about paying for it and get a bill every single month I’m signed up.

All the products were simple to use. There was no need to bring in any outside equipment or smoking accessories like you would if you were using CBD flower (think: grinders, glass pieces, rolling papers, vaporizers etc.). You can simply rub on the lotion, chew the gummies or even drop in a bath bomb and still get the same beneficial effects.


The sample sizes are small, so I only got to try the MarijuaNuts CBD Infused Peanut Butter once, for example. It was disappointing because it was delicious, but I felt like if I had just one more sample with it I would have been able to fully appreciate it and its CBD benefits.

Plus, the Out & About CBD Gummies only had three in the package and the descriptions stated to take one to two gummies a day. So, as you can imagine, they ran out quickly for only getting three for the whole month. Nonetheless, it was helpful to learn what I did enjoy so that I could buy the products I wanted.


Overall, my experience with Hemp Crate Co. and the Hempa the Explorer starter box was an enjoyable one. I would recommend checking out their monthly subscription box options to find one that best fits your wants and needs. If you know nothing about CBD like myself and want to learn more, the starter boxes are where I would look first. If you already know that you are a true hemper or a CBD connoisseur who is looking to find new products that will add benefit to your life, check out the pro boxes.

Before you head over to your local dispensary or shop, consider becoming a subscriber to Hemp Crate Co. for a CBD subscription box you won’t regret.

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Hemp Box items:

  1. Out & About CBD Gummies
  2. Green Roads CBD Oil
  3. Hippie Hemp Balm
  4. Easy Feeling CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix
  5. Mello Drop CBD Infused Energy Drink
  6. Xero Picks CBD toothpicks
  7. Whispr Roll-on Elixir
  8. MarijuaNuts CBD Infused Peanut Butter
  9. KAMU Labs: Dream

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