The 25 Best Hobbies To Try In 2023

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There’s never a bad time to pick up a new hobby. But after what the world has been through in the last year, there may never have been a better time. After spending so many months in our home offices and within a short radius of our neighborhood, thanks to this pandemic, life can sometimes seem limited. This is why it’s more important than ever to find creative ways to expand our world.

Learning a new skill or hobby will not only break up the boredom of the same old routine, but it can also sharpen the mind, help us get in shape and bring us a sense of purpose and peace. Disguised as fun and interesting things to do, they’re actually a very effective means of personal growth.

If you’re feeling the urge to expand your inner and outer world, we’ve gathered together 25 hobbies for you to consider. From sporty and crafty to adventurous and intellectual, we hope these ideas will spark your enthusiasm and broaden your horizons.

Let’s dive in!

Eating and Drinking

The beauty of having a hobby that involves food or drink is that you get to eat and drink. Woohoo! But telling yourself you’re finally going to learn to cook or expand your repertoire can be slightly overwhelming and prevent you from starting at all.

The best way to begin? Tackle something specific. Here are a few ideas for seasoned chefs and aspiring novices.

Yogurt Making

Minimalist Baker

Don’t feel like slaving over a stove? There are still ways to hone your culinary skills with a little less sweat. Like yogurt making, for example. Online kits and YouTube tutorials will guide you as you take your first dive into the wonderful world of probiotics.

The best part is that you can make yogurt with any milk you like (cow, coconut, oat, etc.). And since fermentation happens on its own, you won’t exactly have to stand over your creation and wonder when it’s ready.

It makes for a fun hobby and a healthy gut!

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Vegan Baking

You made so many banana breads in 2020 that they were practically coming out of your ears. Why not give yourself a new challenge by diving into the world of vegan baking? It’s healthier for you, and any plant-based people in your life will love you for it.

Check out the classic cookbook The Joy of Vegan Baking to get started. Soon you’ll be scarfing down cookies and cake with slightly less guilt.

Latte Art

Maybe your kitchen ambitions are slightly less grand. In that case, learning a simple but super cute hobby like latte art is a fun way to impress anyone you’re having coffee with or just leave a little treat for your loved ones. Videos on how to make hearts, flowers and adorable foamy bears abound on YouTube.

It will make you feel like you’re in your own little cafe. Plus, it will up the quality of your Instagram drink pics by like a 1000%.

Kombucha Making

If you’re a fan of this fizzy probiotic, you already know how healthy kombucha is for your gut. You also probably know how unhealthy it can be for your wallet when you pony up for those pricey bottles. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to make your own and doesn’t cost much to get started.

I learned with the help of YouTube videos, but there are even kits available on Amazon. Put in a little bit of effort, and you’ll soon be farming your own kombucha in any flavor you like. And it definitely beats the sticker shock!

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Brew Your Own Beer

Then again, maybe you’d prefer a stronger drink. If you want to chug your own artisanal brewski, there are plenty of kits and YouTubers out there that will set you on the right path to fermenting hops and grain.

Hey, if you can’t head out to a microbrewery right now, why not start one from your own home? There may not be a better way to spend your free time.


Whipping up a cocktail is always a useful art and, therefore a great hobby. And it beats the rut of sipping that same old chardonnay or domestic beer. So grab yourself a good book of recipes, a blender plus some ice and start exploring.

When you are finally ready to get together with your friends again, they will be mightily impressed with your skills. And probably a little tipsy.

The Great Outdoors (Sports and Outdoor Activities)

Most of us have been spending way too much time sitting in our home offices or in front of Netflix over the past year. Which is why anything you can do to get out of your chair and into the fresh air will do you a world of good.

Of course, running, walking, biking and Crossfit are great ways to get you in shape and outside, but we’d like to offer up a few hobbies that are slightly off the beaten path of sports. And we’ve also included some outdoor activities that don’t involve exercise at all.

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If you live near a body of water, kayaking can be a wonderful way to enjoy nature while getting an upper-body workout. And it definitely beats doing bicep curls at home or in the gym. Sure, you’ll need to rent or invest in a kayak; but overall, this is a sport that a lot of people can master with just a little bit of effort.


That’s right, badminton. While tennis can be great fun and great cardio, not everyone has access to a court or enough hand-eye coordination to make it feasible. But anyone can set up a badminton net in their yard or park and dive in without lessons.

It really is entertaining, and chasing that bird around will definitely get your heart rate going. Also, you don’t need to serve like Serena Williams to win a game.


This may seem like an obvious choice, but hiking is a great way to explore hidden treasures in your surrounding area while getting some fresh air and exercise.

Add in some bird watching or geocaching, and you have a whole rabbit trail of possibilities.

Not to mention, connecting with Mother Nature is a healthy reminder that you’re a part of something bigger.

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There’s something incredibly meditative about having to shut out your thoughts and focus on a very specific point. Not to mention there’s something inordinately cool about shooting with a bow and arrow. It’s the sport that’s also a workout for your mind!

Agility Training with Your Dog

Getting active outside doesn’t have to be all about you. Chances are that being stuck inside is just as boring for your dog as it is for you. So why not give them a challenge that will stimulate their mind, tucker them out and also discourage them from eating your couch.

You may think it’s impossible for your dog to love you anymore, but they will!

Star Gazing

Ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what the names are for some of the constellations you see? Go beyond being able to spot the big dipper and learn more about our galaxy with your own telescope and an astronomy class.

Getting in touch with the larger rhythms of our amazing universe will make you feel small. In a good way!

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Pot Gardening

Maybe you don’t have the space or the ambition to start a huge vegetable garden, but with just a little TLC (and a few instructions), anyone can grow something green in a pot. Maybe you like flowers, tomatoes or just want some basil and rosemary for your cooking projects.

For the cost of some dirt, seeds and a little plant food, you’ve got yourself a new hobby and a way to make your home a greener space.

And if you live in an apartment, don’t worry. Indoor kits with grow lights will also get the job done!

Getting Crafty With It

Hands-on, creative hobbies not only can also calm and focus the mind. Here are some fun ideas you may want to explore that go beyond scrapbooking and coloring books.

Candle Making

Well + Good

If you’ve ever gasped at the price of artisanal candles, there is an answer. Make one yourself! It’s not that hard to learn, and you can make them in any scent you want. They also make great gifts.

Who knows, you may turn out to be the next biggest candle designer!

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Model Making and Remote Control Hobbies

Whether it’s planes, trains or automobiles, model building is a classic hobby for a reason. A challenge for your hands as well as your mental focus, it’s like meditating while making toys.

If you don’t have the patience to build your own, another option is to buy an already made model, such as a remote control plane. Then you can set it off into the wild, blue yonder while you control it from below. Hey, you’re never too old for a toy plane, right?


Origami has come a long way since our high school days. With some pretty paper and a few instructional videos, you too can make a paper swan and other beautiful animals and flowers. It’s also a lovely way to decorate for a dinner party or other special events and will definitely impress your guests!

Soap Making

Making your own fancy soap is easier than you think, with most of the supplies available at your local craft store or online in a convenient kit. And just like candles, homemade soaps make a cute gift! Take a class or learn online, and pretty soon your bathroom will look and smell lovelier than ever, and now you have an excuse to experiment with your favorite scents!



Beautiful handwriting is becoming a lost art, but the now-trendy hobbies of lettering and calligraphy are bringing this elegant pastime back. All you need are pens, paper and a little guidance. With some practice, you can even make your own cards and stationery. What’s more unique than that?

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It’s not just for flower children anymore. Tie-dye fabrics are showing up everywhere these days, so why not grab an old t-shirt and try it yourself? You’ve got nothing to lose and a super hip piece of clothing to gain.

And it sure beats forking your dough over to the man, you dig? Sorry, that was my inner hippie speaking.

DIY Beauty Products

Green and cruelty-free beauty is all the rage these days, so do yourself a favor and get on board. Whether it’s homemade sea moss masks, salt scrubs, lotions or hair conditioner, this is a hobby that’s good for you and good for the planet.

Just take a beauty inventory of what you want to work on, look up a few recipes, and you’re on your way to a more naturally beautiful you.


Feeding and challenging your mind is another important component of self-care and growth. Here are a few ideas to get those brain synapses firing and the creativity flowing.


If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of writing but find it a bit overwhelming, blogging or vlogging might be a great way to get started. It’s less formal, and you can literally blog about anything you’re passionate about: cooking, plants, your journey with a new musical instrument, travel or even cute little animals.

And you never know, keep at it, and that little blog you started for fun could become a revenue stream. That’s the beauty of the digital world!


Some cynics may laugh at it, but astrology has been around for thousands of years and was once considered a legitimate science. Go beyond your acquaintance with sun signs and start to learn about the planets, houses and conjunctions that make up your astrological chart.

Check out the website to start your exploration and consider a class if you’d like to make your own charts. It may be more telling than you think!

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Start or Join a Book Club

The only thing more enriching than reading is sharing what you read with other people. Starting or joining a book club will give you more impetus to finish all those books you have on your list. It will also expand your mind as you try to understand the perspective of other readers (not to mention encourage you to read works you wouldn’t have considered otherwise).

It’s also a great excuse to talk over a glass of wine, whether over Zoom or in person. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Learn a New Language

We may not be roaming very far these days, but one day we’re all going to travel again. Not only does learning a new language stimulate the brain, but a few words in the local tongue can go a long way overseas.

You can learn on your own or take online classes. Whichever route you choose, it will make traveling easier and help you learn about new cultures.


Meditation probably has to stand in its very own category. Rather than stimulating the brain, its purpose is to quiet our thoughts and connect us with our inner being. The best part of this new pastime? You have everything you need without the costly trips to the store. Of course, there are many different forms of meditation.

Some styles employ a mantra, breathing, a prayer or a chant. Others utilize movements such as in chi gong or walking meditation. What suits one person may not suit another. But if you are looking for a way to calm your thoughts, it may be worth exploring mediation as a part of your daily practice.

Quiet the mind, and you may find that a whole new world opens up to you.

Say Yes

Well, there you have it. Hopefully, at least one of these 25 hobbies will spark your interest and help you expand and enrich your world. Try one, try several or make up your own. The important part is to keep going and keep growing.

So dive in, everyone. There’s no time like now!

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25 Fun Activities To Add To Your List of Hobbies: 

  1. Yogurt Making
  2. Vegan Baking
  3. Latte Art
  4. Kombucha Making
  5. Brew Your Own Beer
  6. Mixology
  7. Badminton
  8. Kayaking
  9. Hiking
  10. Archery
  11. Agility Training with Your Dog
  12. Star Gazing
  13. Pot Gardening
  14. Candle Making
  15. Model Making and Remote Control Hobbies
  16. Origami
  17. Soap Making
  18. Calligraphy
  19. Tie Dying
  20. DIY Beauty Products
  21. Blogging
  22. Astrology
  23. Learn a New Language
  24. Start or Join a Book Club
  25. Meditate

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