The 5 Most Expensive Homes In Hollywood [Can We Have Them?]

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Since 2009, U.S. home prices have been slowly, but steadily, on the rise. As of December 2019, the average median home price was $324,500. But that’s the average for the entire country. The real estate market in LA is quite a different story.

Los Angeles real estate is through the roof, with the median home price averaging at $859,000. But $859,000 in Hollywood won’t even buy you the nicest house on the block. Far from it.

Today we’re taking a look at the 5 most expensive homes in Hollywood.

Spoiler alert: even most of the one-percenters can’t afford these homes.

The Warner Estate

You know your house is fancy when it has a name.

The Warner Estate was constructed in the 1930s for Jack Warner, the president of Warner Bros. movie studio. David Geffen bought it for $47.5 million in 1990 and just sold it last year, and Mr. Geffen made a nice profit.

Jeff Bezos purchased this Beverly Hills home in 2019 for a staggering $165 million.

At 13,000 square feet, the Warner Estate is nothing short of spectacular. Built-in the Georgian revival style, this home boasts just about everything you could imagine – and then some.

As if a swimming pool, tennis court and a nine-hole golf course weren’t enough, this estate includes two (not one, but two) guesthouses.


The Chartwell Estate

Bel Air is full of stunning homes. Okay, let’s just call them mansions. But one of the most beautiful (and most expensive) is the Chartwell Estate. Yes, another home with a name.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s son, Lachlan Murdoch, bought this little gem for $150 million in December 2019. For a moment, he held the record at having purchased the most expensive home in Hollywood, but then Bezos beat him out (as Bezos always does.)

The Chartwell Estate is 25,000 square feet, built in the French neoclassical style. Sitting on ten acres, this home includes 18 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and, we’re guessing, a whole lot of staff to keep it clean.

But what’s inside the house isn’t nearly as impressive as what you’ll find outside. This mansion has a 75-foot pool, a pool house, and a FIVE BEDROOM guest house. Oh, and there’s also an underground tunnel, a 40 car underground garage and a wine cellar sized to hold 12,000 bottles.

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67 Beverly Park Court

At 67 Beverly Park Court, you’ll find an Italian palazzo that looks like it belongs more in Florence than in Beverly Hills. Surrounded by towering palm trees, this estate is currently on the market, and it can be yours for a cool $165 million.

This 20,000 square foot home boasts 20 bedrooms, 23 bedrooms and an outdoor area that’s the stuff dreams are made of. Sitting on more than nine acres, this home includes a fabulous pool, a pool house and two guest houses. And that makes sense because whoever buys this home is definitely going to have a lot of friends that want to spend the night.

The interior is loaded with all of the finest amenities, while the outside includes a gorgeous courtyard sized to hold 30 cars. Between the sculpted archways and ornate fountains, it’s sort of like a mini version of the Bellagio, except there’s nothing mini about it.


908 Bel Air Road

Super modern with clean lines and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, this $180 million Bel Air estate is a sight to behold. At 34,000 square feet, this mansion takes the concept of indoor-outdoor living to a whole new level.

In addition to 20 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms, this home includes a complete wellness center with an indoor sauna, a steam room, a hot tub and a room where you can have medical procedures done at home. And that makes perfect sense, considering that this home was the vision of Dr. Raj Kanodia, a renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

The grounds are landscaped with hanging gardens and fruit trees. Its incredible location offers views of downtown LA, the mountains, and Catalina Island. And when you don’t want to be inside this gorgeous estate, there’s a 90-foot infinity pool and an attached guest house outside.

Don’t have $180 million to drop on a new home? No worries, you can rent this spot for a mere $1.5 million a month (plus a $3 million security deposit).

Casa Encantada

Whether you think we saved the best for last, all depends on your taste and style. But we did save the most expensive for last.

Casa Encantada is currently listed on the market for $225 million. Casa Encantada is the most expensive home for sale anywhere in the United States right now.

And if it sells for list price, it will be the second most expensive U.S. home ever sold, second only to the record-breaking $239 million Manhattan penthouse at 220 Central Park South.

So what does Casa Encantada have that puts it in a league of its own?


On eight acres above the Bel-Air Country Club, this 40,000 square foot home features Georgian style architecture and boasts – ready? – 60 rooms. There’s a pool, a pool house, a basketball court, a tennis court, a rose garden, a greenhouse, we could go on and on…

What’s the Most Expensive Home in Hollywood?

Casa Encantada, if it sells for what it’s asking, will be the most expensive home in Hollywood. But, at least for now, Jeff Bezos takes the top spot with his $165 million Warner Estate.

People always say money can’t buy you happiness, but a lot of money could buy you one of the homes on this list, and we know we’d be pretty happy living in any one of them.

But all hope is not lost yet, just keep living in your tiny studio apartment and buying your Powerball tickets every week. With a little luck (and a huge jackpot), one of these homes could be yours!

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