21 Decoration Ideas For The Kid’s Room [A Perfect DIY Guide]

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Redecorating your child’s room? No matter your child’s age, DIY-ing their room decor can be a smart choice for a multitude of reasons.

Why DIY your kids’ room decor?

  • It gives you and your child the opportunity to be more creative with decor choices.
  • Decor DIYs can be fun, family projects.
  • In many cases, DIY-ing your child’s decor results in a more budget-friendly option (which means if they decide in six months that they want to change again, it’s not as big of a deal).

But some parents can really be intimidated by DIY-ing their kids’ room decor. After all, if you’re not a skilled DIY-er, some of Pinterest projects can look pretty difficult. And, if you’re not sure where to start, then… Well, what do you do?

If you’re on the hunt for some easy (or even some more advanced) kids’ room decor ideas to DIY, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 21 of our favorite kids’ room DIY ideas.

Kids Room DIYs: Wall Decor

Painting the walls in your child’s bedroom is a good first step to livening up their space, but what do you do with all that empty wall?

Wall Art

childrens artwork on the wall in kids room

Don’t invest in pricey wall art to hang in your child’s bedroom. If they’re old enough to hold a pencil or a crayon, they’re old enough to create their own home decor masterpieces. Pick some of your favorites out of their range of creations, frame them and then create a gallery wall on one of their bedroom walls.

This is a simple DIY solution that works for most ages, and celebrates your kiddo’s talents.

Don’t like the look of plain frames? You can also display their work by pinning individual drawings along a hung line of slack yarn or twine. This option also makes it super-easy to switch out drawings and other creations as you want.

Kate Diaz, owner and writer for SwankyDen, shared her great idea of taking their artwork to a local printing shop to have them printed on canvas. “Doing so will let your child know that you’re proud of their work, which, in turn, will boost his or her confidence,” she shared.

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Swinging Shelves

stuffed animals on swinging shelf in kids room

While these shelves aren’t necessarily functional, they are pretty adorable — and very easy to make. All you need are some branches from your yard (have the kids find some thicker, fallen branches after the next rainstorm), some braided rope and some pretty basic hardware that you likely already have in your garage.

The result is a set of super-cute shelves that look like little woodland swings hanging from your child’s ceiling. While they won’t replace a bookshelf, they make the perfect spot for some favorite animals to hang out.

Geometric Designs

Geometric decals on kids room with other cute decorations

A sprinkling of triangles or octagons can add interest to any wall, and geometric designs are particularly fun in a child’s room, where you may have a little more leeway to use fun colors and shapes.

Use a stencil and some paint to add colored shapes to one wall of your child’s bedroom for a new focal point. If you’re scared to use the paint, you can do the same thing with removable wall decals — which will also allow you to change up the design every now and then. We also love the option of paper pattern designs from Creative Fabrica.

An Ode to Their Favorite Hobby

skateboard wall shelves with decorations on them

For older children who’ve developed their own favorite hobbies, you can reflect their preferred pastimes with unique wall hangings.

Have a skateboarder? Hang a row of (wheel-free) skateboards above their bed or turn them into shelving.

Have a budding musician? Frame vintage sheet music to hang along one wall.

Whatever your child’s interests, celebrate them with a little creative and very easy DIY decor.

Washi Tape

Washi tape different colors and patterns

Washi tape comes in an almost endless variety of colors and patterns. Washi tape in bold colors and geometric prints? Check. Washi covered in Japanese cartoon animals? Got it. Washi printed with your child’s favorite foods? For sure.

But the best part of washi tape is that it’s very easy to use and very easy to remove. So, let your little one pick out some favorite washi and then work together to decorate one of their walls, whether you form geometric patterns, add some simple stripes or anything else your hearts desire.

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Chalkboard Wall

Kid drawing on a chalkboard wall

Most kids, regardless of age, can find something to love about a chalkboard wall.

You can buy chalkboard paint at just about any hardware store. All you have to do is paint one of their walls with the black hue and then hand over the chalk. You’ll come back to an ever-changing mural of your child’s own design.

Kids Room DIYs: Furniture

When it comes to getting thrifty with the larger pieces of furniture in your kid’s bedroom, don’t feel like you’re relegated to the out-of-date and sometimes lackluster finds you come across in secondhand stores. You can take those used pieces of furniture and update them to match your child’s style with ease.

A New Nightstand

nightstand with teal lamp, clock and plant

Take some advice from the pros at HGTV and turn a plain, boring nightstand into a whimsical skirted nightstand perfect for any child who fancies themself a future ballerina.

This DIY project is deceivingly simple and requires little in the way of DIY skills. All you need is some fabric, elastic, hot glue, a light strip and some scissors. That’s literally it, and you can makeover just about any nightstand into a piece of furniture that all the other parents will envy.

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Wooden DIY bed

Okay, it might sound difficult, but hear us out. You can totally make a child-size bed with some basic hardware. The cool part is, these beds aren’t just any ol’ toddler bed.

Instead, this DIY project is for a canopy-style bed with “picket fencing” that goes around three sides (no headboard), and an open roof above, which you can leave open or cover in the fabric of your choice.

Or you could try this DIY loft with benches and a table underneath. This project is way cooler than a bunk bed and customizable to the whole room’s decor.

Storage Solutions

Cute wooden kids storage blocks

This fun project is a little more complex and requires some more hardware than what you might have on hand, but if you’re determined to become an accomplished DIY-er, you may find it a challenge that you’re eager to take on.

Rather than buying storage containers or shelving at your local big-box store, these storage solutions are larger-than-life alphabet blocks that can hold books, toys or anything else you think up. The design is super cute and fits well into any nursery or toddler’s room.

A Cactus Stool

little girl sitting on a homemade cactus chair

This super-sweet cactus stool is a much easier, beginner-friendly furniture project. All you need is a bit of sewing skills and a bucket. The stool is most suitable for toddler rooms, as it really won’t hold anyone larger.

The Kids Table

cute kids table with stuffed bear sitting at it

Found an old kitchen table at a thrift store? You can turn that kitchen table into a kids’ table for activities, drawing or even snacks, with just a little bit of skill and a day of your time.

While this DIY project might seem a little complex, it’s really not. At its core, you’re just cutting down the legs of a larger table and then (if you so choose) adding a hole in the middle of the newly shortened table to hold a bowl for your child’s crayons, blocks or crafting items.

If your kid’s room isn’t large enough to hold a table, this project makes a perfect addition to any playroom.

Kids Room DIYs: Hanging Decor

Hanging decor can add extra visual interest to a space, but don’t feel like you need to purchase extra lighting or expensive accessories to hang in your child’s room. Try your hand at one of these DIY projects instead.

DIY Clouds

DIY fluffy white clouds hanging

If you have time and money, but just about zero crafting skills, this might be a great DIY project for you. You’ll need to buy a large amount of stuffing, hot glue and a few paper lanterns, and the project might take a whole day or a few evenings to finish, but the result will be magical, DIY clouds that you can hang in a corner or along a wall of your child’s room, a fun look for any age.

This DIY “recipe” was created with wedding photoshoots in mind, so you may be able to scale down the number of clouds it creates to better suit your child’s space.

Hot Air Balloons

Lantern hot air balloons hanging in kids room

This crafting project also makes use of paper lanterns, but instead of clouds, results in some fun and colorful hot air balloons. Again, you really don’t need that much in the way of crafting skills to get the look you want, and most children can help with this project if you have a little patience.

Ping Pong Ball Lights

Woman hanging up colorful string lights

This is an easy, cute project suitable for children’s rooms no matter the age of your child (seriously, college-age kids will love this project just as much as your toddler).

All you need is a knife, ping pong balls and multicolored LED lights. For less than $20 and maybe an hour, you’ll end up with a strand of colorful, fun lights that can be hung along a wall, over a bed or by a window.

(Just be careful not to let the lights run too long once you’re done — they can get overheated.)

Hanging Tent/Canopy

White hanging canopy in kids room

A hanging tent or canopy gives your child their own little safe hideaway. Fill the space with a small chair or pillows for added coziness and a perfect reading nook.

This project requires fabric, velcro, a hula hoop, hook and some basic sewing supplies.

A Mobile

Colorful felt ball hanging mobile

If you’re bringing a new baby home, then you may want to consider making your own mobile. This simple and cute idea uses handmade felted balls and requires little in the way of DIY skill to create, even though it sounds complicated.

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Kids Room DIYs: Sewing Projects

Consider yourself handy with a sewing machine or some old-fashioned needle and thread? You may be tempted to try one of these DIY sewing projects.

A DIY Animal Rug

Lion animal rug

Yes, you can make a rug at home! All you need is a bit of fabric, some fringe, quilt batting, embroidery floss, some fleece and some yarn.

While this DIY craft “recipe” shows you how to make a rug shaped like a lion, you can use a little creativity to craft a rug that reflects your child’s favorite animal, whatever it may be.

T-Shirt Pillows

Variety of T-shirt pillows on a chair

This is an especially fun DIY decor project for parents and teens. Take your teen’s old t-shirts, the ones that come with fond memories or that they just can’t stand to throw out, and turn them into useful decor with a story.

All you need? The t-shirts, pillow stuffing, scissors and either a sewing machine or just a needle and some thread. This is a great beginner sewing project for those who have little experience.

No-Sew Pillows

No sew star pillows

But what if you want the look of a DIY pillow, without any of the actual sewing? This no-sew pillow project might be just right for you and your children. Rather than using a needle and thread to keep your new pillows together, this project uses fabric glue.

Fabric Storage Bins

Fabric kids storage bin with toys

With a little bit of fabric and minimal sewing skills, you can create some fabric storage bins to hold your child’s stuffed animals or dress-up clothes. But don’t stop there — these storage bins are a great alternative for everyone in the family for holding lightweight fabric items, from laundry to extra throw blankets in the living room.

Faux Fur Blanket 

Faux fur fabric and scissors

Add a little luxury to your preteen’s bedroom, with a faux fur blanket (that might just end up getting used in more Instagram shoots than anything else in their room). All you need is some faux fur, fleece and a little bit of time at the sewing machine.

Finding Kids Room Decor Ideas to DIY isn’t as Difficult as You Think

When planning a child’s room, Eva Bowker, Home Improvement Coordinator at Fantastic Handyman, recommends creating an invisible barrier between sleep and play space. “Create an emotional child-centered environment with distinct activity zones, including calm areas for sleep and messy areas for play,” she shared.

Finding kids’ room decor ideas to DIY is easy — if you’re looking in the right places and thinking creatively. Try out some of the projects above and add a little DIY magic to your child’s space, no matter their age.

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21 DIY Kids Room Ideas:

  1. Wall Art
  2. Swinging Shelves
  3. Geometric Wall Designs
  4. An Ode to Their Favorite Hobby
  5. Washi Tape
  6. Chalkboard Wall
  7. A Custom Nightstand
  8. A DIY Bed
  9. Storage Blocks
  10. A Cactus Stool
  11. The Kids Table
  12. DIY Cloud
  13. Hot Air Balloons
  14. Ping Pong Ball Lights
  15. Hanging Tent/Canopy
  16. A Mobile
  17. A DIY Animal Rug
  18. T-Shirt Pillows
  19. No-Sew Pillows
  20. Fabric Storage Bins
  21. Faux Fur Blanket 

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