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Our 12 Favorite Lightweight Nighties For Summer Nights

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The pillows. The mattress. The sheets. The comforter. The room temperature. We go to great lengths to make sure our beds and bedrooms are as comfortable as they can possibly be.

And we should!

Good sleep habits are essential to being healthy and happy, so we do what we have to do to make sure our sleep conditions are exactly how we like them.

But there’s more to it than what you sleep on. What you wear to bed can have a big impact on how you sleep as well.

In the winter, it makes sense to cozy up in polar fleece sleep sets and flannel pajamas. In the summer, it’s a totally different story.

Ready to look good and get a better night’s sleep? Here are our 12 favorite lightweight nighties for summer nights.

What to Look For in a Summer Nightie

There’s nothing worse than waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. We don’t know anyone who enjoys that feeling!

Unless your favorite way to keep cool at night is to sleep in your birthday suit, there are a few key things to look for when shopping for summer nighties.

Summer weather pretty much requires that you choose lightweight, breathable fabrics. Stick with a short sleeve or sleeveless silhouette with thin straps. Opt for loose, relaxed fits as opposed to tight styles that will cling to the skin and make you hotter.

Unless you’ve got your AC set so low, your bedroom feels like the Arctic, ditch the long sleeves and long pants in favor of shorter, skimpier silhouettes.

Without further ado, let’s check out these lightweight nighties that are perfect for wearing on hot summer nights.

Boody Goodnight Dress

Boody goodnight dress

Put on the Boody Goodnight Dress when you step out of the shower on a steamy summer night, and you’ll instantly feel cool and comfortable.

The breezy, simple silhouette is designed to float away from the body. And that easy shape makes it a perfect choice whether you’re lounging in front of the TV or crawling under the covers.

Soft Bamboo Sleep Dress

Red Bamboo nightgown

This Soft Bamboo Sleep Dress is everything that we want in a casual, summer nightie.

This design features a sleeveless silhouette with a V-neckline.

Wear it when you’re relaxing around the house or put it on right before you go to bed. This night dress is handmade with bamboo cotton fabric, so you won’t have to worry about waking up with night sweats at three in the morning.

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Women’s Organic Cotton Chemise

Women’s Organic Cotton Chemise

If you’ve bought towels or a bathrobe in the past few years, you’re probably well aware of how much people love Turkish cotton. And that’s exactly why we love the Women’s Organic Cotton Chemise.

In long-staple organic Turkish cotton, this nightgown features an allover floral and leaf pattern. It boasts a sleeveless silhouette with a V-neckline, a V-back and a flattering A-line silhouette. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and relaxed – and the adjustable straps allow you to adjust it to the perfect length.

Solstice Organic Chemise

This Solstice Chemise from Coyuchi checks all the boxes for an eco-friendly and luxurious sleep. It is made from 100% organic cotton that is grown and knitted in India. It is also fair-trade certified and made in a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater.

This style features a V-neckline and adjustable spaghetti straps and comes in two colors.

Washable Silk Dress

Washable Silk Dress

Lunya’s washable silk dress is perfect for lounging, sleeping or even enjoying your morning coffee out on your deck.

This nightie is made from easy to clean silk and features a simple v-neck silhouette that adds just the right amount of girlish charm.

It’s detailed with adjustable spaghetti straps and an open back, making it a cute and comfortable addition to any woman’s summer wardrobe.

Breezy Cotton Nightie from Pact

Breezy Cotton Nightie from Pact

A loose, comfy silhouette makes the Breezy Cotton Nightie so cute and comfortable that you’ll want to wear it outside. This darling little cotton nightgown is super casual with spaghetti straps and a high square neckline.

This isn’t a nightie in the traditional sense – this is a piece that you can wear all sorts of different ways. So when you’re feeling super lazy on a Sunday morning and don’t feel like getting dressed, don’t bother. This is the kind of nightie you can roll out of bed in and rock around the house all day long.

Cosabella Curvy Chemise

Cosabella Curvy Chemise

A lace waistline adds a playful touch to the Cosabella Curvy Chemise. In lightweight fabric with adjustable straps, this short nightgown features a semi-relaxed fit with a V-neckline and a small front slit at the hem.

If you’ve never worn Cosabella sleepwear or lingerie before, you’re missing out. Made in Italy, their products are always soft, luxurious and feminine.

No matter how hot it gets on a steamy summer night, this design will keep you looking cool and feeling comfortable and confident until morning.

Hanro Ultralight Bodydress Slip

Hanro Ultralight Bodydress Slip

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. And when the summer heat puts you in a no-fuss type of mood, the Hanro Ultralight Bodydress Slip is the one you’ll want to sleep in.

With adjustable spaghetti straps, a V-neckline, and an easy fit, this nightie proves that basic can be luxurious. It’s made from mercerized cotton, and it’s super lightweight, making it a perfectly chic option for summer nightwear.

Stonewashed Linen Sleeping Dress

Stonewashed Linen Dress

This Stonewashed linen sleeping dress is so sweet; it will be hard to change back into your everyday clothes.

The sleeveless nightgown, classic cut, and v-shaped neckline make it an easy and comfy option for any hot summer night. It’s semi-sheer, so if you do decide to step outside or join a zoom meeting in this, make sure you’re wearing something underneath!

Second Skin Nightie

Second Skin Nightie

When we say “nightie” we usually think of something short and flowy. But there’s no rule that a nightie has to be that at all. The Second Skin Nightie is a chic alternative in a midi-length silhouette with wide straps, a racerback, and a deep scoop neckline.

If you tend to run on the hot side at night, you’ll love this pick. The fabric is designed to help regulate your temperature, so you don’t get overheated when you’re under the covers and wearing a long nightgown.

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Cotton Jacquard Nightgown

Cotton Jacquard Nightgown

In a knee-length silhouette that falls loosely around the body, the Cotton Jacquard Nightgown is perfect for hot summer nights. This nightie is made from 100% cotton and features a jacquard pattern with spaghetti straps and striped ruffle trim for added charm. When comfort is key, this piece is ideal.

What we love most about this nightie is its easy, effortless fit. It’s super lightweight, breathable and ultra-feminine, making it a sweet option for any warm evening. It’s sort of like throwing on your favorite shift dress, just cuter.

Gretta Cottonseed Cupro

Gretta Cottonseed Cupro Tank

In an A-line silhouette made from super soft vegan silk, we’re loving this Gretta Cottonseed Cupro Tank. Unlike our other pieces, this pick isn’t technically a nightie. But it’s feminine, breezy, classy and made right here in the US using ethical practices, so how could we leave it off the list?

This lounge shirt features a relaxed fit with adjustable spaghetti straps, a V-neckline and a flowy back. Pair it with matching cupro shorts for a finished look that will make all your time at home feel like a spa.

What Are the Best Nighties for Summer?

It’s almost impossible to sleep well when you’re not comfortable. And what you wear to bed can make all the difference in keeping you cool, comfy, and in deep slumber throughout the night.

Every woman should have at least a few lightweight summer nighties in her wardrobe – not just for sleeping but for lounging around the house as well. Remember to ditch the long sleeves in favor of flutter sleeves or short sleeve nightgowns, and choose light, breathable fabrics.

So the next time you change out of your work clothes at the end of the day, instead of putting on your usual loungewear, leggings or yoga pants, throw on a cute nightie.

Even if you live alone and no one is going to see it, looking good will also make you feel good! And feeling good is what it’s all about.

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12 Best Women’s Nightgowns for Summer: 

  1. Boody Goodnight Dress
  2. Soft Bamboo Sleep Dress
  3. Women’s Organic Cotton Chemise
  4. Solstice Organic Chemise
  5. Lunya’s Washable Silk Dress
  6. Breezy Cotton Nightie
  7. Cosabella Curvy Chemise
  8. Hanro Ultralight Bodydress Slip
  9. Stonewashed Linen Sleeping Dress
  10. Second Skin Nightie
  11. Cotton Jacquard Nightgown
  12. Gretta Cottonseed Cupro

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