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Our 8 Favorite Lululemon Leggings [The 101 On Their Fabrics]

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You’re lusting for a pair of Lululemon leggings, and who could blame you? When it comes to fit, materials, technology and craftsmanship, these babies are hard to beat. And yes, all that quality comes with a higher price tag.

On average, you can expect to pay $100 and up for these popular leggings. But you can practically live in them. And, more importantly, they make you look absolutely butt-tastic.

The only problem is that shopping for them can be a bit overwhelming. All those styles and different materials. Where does a workout girl begin?

To help you find the Lululemon leggings that are perfect for you, we’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite styles. But first, let’s have a quick rundown of the five different fabrics they come in and what they’re designed to take on.

A Quick Rundown on Lululemon Fabrics



Luon is the original Lululemon fabric. It has a cottony feel but also has four-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties.

You’ll like this fabric for low-impact activities like yoga and pilates.


This fabric has a slicker more compressive feel than Luon and dries faster because of its super moisture-wicking properties.

You’ll like this fabric for high impact activities like running, interval training and CrossFit. Another hot tip: it doesn’t pick up dog fur! Great for a run with your best friend.


With a barely-there kind of feel, this buttery soft fabric is one of Lululemon’s most popular. It’s also a little more delicate.

You’ll like this fabric for low impact workouts like yoga, for running around town or just chillaxing at home.


Nulux is the high-impact companion of Nulu. It’s lightweight and cool to the touch but more durable. And just like Luxtreme, it doesn’t pick up pet hair.

You’ll like this fabric for high-impact activities like running, HIIT workouts and CrossFit.


This is Lululemon’s latest fabric addition and was designed for medium-impact activities. It also dries super quickly!

You’ll like this fabric for indoor studio classes like Zumba, spinning and weight lifting.

Now that you have the 411 on fabrics let’s get down to some of our favorite styles!

Fast & Free Tight – Nulux (For Running)

This sleek Fast & Free tight is made from super lightweight yet durable Nulux. So it will give that next to nothing feel with great sweat-wicking ability. Perfect when you’re busting out a 5K, spinning or powering through a killer CrossFit session.

Bring on the burpees!

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Free To Speed High-Rise Tight 25” – Nulux (Running with Pockets)

You run like the wind, but you still need to take a few things along. This lightweight, innovative Free to Speed legging has a zipperless back pocket, side drop-in pockets and even loopholes for your shirt! And with no inseam on the inner thigh, it also cuts down on chafing.

Ready, set, sprint!


Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28” – Luon (Yoga/Pilates)

The Wunder Under tight is a Lululemon staple for good reason. Made from their original Luon fabric, it’s stretchy, supportive and ultra-comfortable because of minimal seams and wide waistband.

You’ll love it for low impact yoga and pilates classes or the ultra low impact activity of chilling on your couch.

Align Pant II  – Nulu (Yoga/Your Entire Life)

Made from buttery-soft Nulu, this is the legging that will make you forget your wearing anything at all. Stretchy yet shape-holding, the Align Pant will flow with you through yoga class, brunch and the 101 errands you need to do.

Once you bond, you’ll never want to let go of your BFF. Or BLF, in this case.

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Wunder Train High-Rise Crop 21″ – Everlux (Serious Training)

You want to go hard, and you need a legging that can handle the heat. The Wunder-Train High-Rise is made from Everlux, Lululemons fastest-drying fabric. It also has a continuous drawstring that won’t get lost in the wash and a waistband pocket to tuck away your gym card.

It’s the all-around legging for your all-around workout.


Trail Trekker High-Rise Tight 25”– Luxtreme (Trail Hiking or Running)

If you prefer to do your workout in the great outdoors, you’ll need a legging as rough and ready as you are. We love that these Trail Trekker high-rise tights are packed with cargo pockets, and yet still look ultra sleek. Bring along your cell, keys and go-to snacks when you’re ready to hit the trail.

They’re the greatest leggings for the great outdoors.

All The Right Places Crop 23” – Luxtreme (Running and Training)

This is slightly thicker, sweat-wicking legging that hugs you (you got it) in all right places.

Zoned compression gives you support where you want it. And no seam in the crotch takes attention away from where you don’t want it. Say good-bye to the dreaded camel toe and hello to crop tops.

Wade the Waters Paddle Tight (Paddling and Swimming)

Summer is here! If you’re a bit of a fish, you’re going to love these Wade in the Waters Paddle tights. Both salt and chlorine resistant, they have a sexy center back zip closure and a zippered pocket with a key loop. Can’t have the keys to your car sailing downstream!

Another big plus is the ribbed swim fabric with UV protection. In other words, they have you covered, water babies!


Finding the perfect pair of leggings takes time. It depends on where you want to wear them and what activity you will be doing in them. The perfect fabric for yoga pants is much different than the spandex you want in running pants.

Lululemon has leggings come with various features like side pockets, high waists, quick-drying, zippers and more so you can find the perfect pair of leggings for pretty much any activity!

From athleisure to feeling like you are wearing a second skin, Lulu has you covered! You really can’t go wrong with any of our eight favorite Lululemon pants.

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The 8 best Lululemon Leggings: 

  1. Fast & Free Tight – Nulux (For Running)
  2. Free To Speed High-Rise Tight 25” – Nulux (Running with Pockets)
  3. Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28” – Luon (Yoga/Pilates)
  4. Align Pant II  – Nulu (Yoga/Your Entire Life)
  5. Wunder Train High-Rise Crop 21″  – Everlux (Serious Training)
  6. Trail Trekker High-Rise Tight 25”- Luxtreme (Trail Hiking or Running)
  7. All The Right Places Crop 23” – Luxtreme (Running and Training)
  8. Wade the Waters Paddle Tight – (Paddling and Swimming)

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