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The 7 Best Maternity Leggings [For Maximum Bump Comfort]

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Congratulations! You’re experiencing one of life’s greatest gifts, pregnancy! But what you might not have expected is how uncomfortable your regular clothes will start to become.

And nothing says comfort like a good old pair of leggings. From athleisure to lounging around the house to running errands leggings are a girl’s best friend.

This applies even more during pregnancy. Here’s the list of our seven favorite maternity leggings every pregnant woman should add to their wardrobe. And an added bonus, these leggings will also fit nicely into your postpartum wardrobe too!

The Best Maternity Leggings for Belly Support: Blanqi Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings

The Blanqi Everyday Maternity Leggings are a must-have for any size baby belly. They are soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and offer seamless support. They come in 5 different colors and have an above the belly design to support your growing belly.

With a reasonable price point too at $64, we can’t share enough about how great the quality is on this pair of maternity leggings. These maternity leggings also provide amazing back support with their X-shaped backing, and any mother will tell you that back support is crucial as your body changes!


The Best Seamless Maternity Leggings: Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Maternity Capri Leggings

Ingrid & Isabel has a wide range of maternity clothes. You can purchase a whole new maternity wardrobe depending on how big your bump is from newly pregnant all the way to mothering. Ingrid & Isabel’s founder created the first-ever belly band to reach the market. With the help of other mamas out there all of their clothing is designed from feedback from pregnant women to help fit every size belly and body shape.

The Seamless Maternity Capri Leggings are no exception.

These maternity capri leggings are so soft and comfortable you will not want to take them off. You might need to grab two pairs. Not only are they seamless, but they are also tag-free, have a little bit of spandex for wiggle rom and fit throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

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The Best Faux Leather Maternity Leggings: Spanx Mama Faux Leather Leggings

Spanx faux leather leggings are a favorite in the fashion community in the fall & winter for their supportive, yet fashionable look. It is no surprise they have an maternity legging style for their fashionistas.

Spanx leggings are dressier than your everyday leggings, these faux leather maternity leggings still have the supportive, yet suck-you-in functionality on the legs; but have a comfort above the belly waistband to support your bump without being constrictive.

These are the best fashion meets comfort maternity leggings on the market.


The Best Budget-Friendly Maternity Leggings: Motherhood Maternity Essential Stretch Secret Fit Belly Leggings

You don’t have to break the bank to find a comfortable and supportive pair of maternity leggings. The Motherhood Maternity Essential Stretch Secret Fit Belly Leggings (currently $25 on Amazon) are the perfect affordable everyday full-length leggings.

They offer an above the belly waistband for support and have enough stretch to make them comfortable since they are made up of 13% spandex! These Motherhood maternity leggings from Amazon are probably one of the best maternity leggings out there since they will be at your doorstep within two days at a fraction of the cost.


The Best Workout Maternity Leggings: Zella Mamasana Live In Maternity Leggings

Leggings that are comfortable, yet supportive enough to keep in shape during pregnancy are hard to find.

Some are comfortable, but see-through when you bend over. Other workout leggings are supportive & pass the squat test, but have a super uncomfortable waistband over the growing belly.

The moisture-wicking Zella Maternity Leggings manage to be both supportive and comfortable but also pass the squat test!

These activewear leggings are perfect for keeping in shape all 9 months of your pregnancy as you work on keeping a fit belly!

The Best Maternity Jegging: Spanx Mama Ankle Jean-ish Leggings

Even though we want to, leggings aren’t appropriate to wear every second of pregnancy.

When you need to dress up a little more and are needing the perfect jean-alternative, look for the Spanx Mama Ankle Jean-ish leggings. They come in black, white and denim so they will fit any style & have a comfort waistband that will grow with you!

These are like maternity jeans, but with a lot more stretch.

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The Best Non-Maternity Maternity Leggings: Lululemon Align Leggings

We get it, the practical side of you doesn’t want to invest in something that you are only going to get use out of for nine months. You’d rather spend the money on something you can wear both during pregnancy and after you give birth.

We are happy to introduce to you the Lululemon Align Legging.

These leggings are known as the “next-to-nothing” feeling leggings, and they truly feel like you aren’t wearing pants, which, if it were acceptable, most pregnant women would opt for. The high-waisted belly panel is great for any body size or shape.

They are on the pricier side at $98, but for something you can wear during and after, they are worth the price point.


Whether you’re in your first, second or third trimester, comfort is key during pregnancy.

Don’t be ashamed if all you live in is leggings or other comfy maternity clothes.

You may have multiple pairs of maternity leggings for every occasion or just a few go-to’s when you want to feel comfortable. Either way, any of these on our list of best maternity leggings will be sure to give you that extra comfort every pregnant woman wants and deserves.

Your maternity wear can still be fashionable all the way up to your due date!

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