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A Guide To Men’s Jewelry [20 Pieces Every Man Should Have]

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When it comes to jewelry, women have endless options. Layered necklaces, dangling earrings, stud earrings, bangle bracelets, anklets, diamond bands, gemstone rings… Women can wear them all and have fun piling on loads of accessories with every outfit.

But for a lot of men, wearing jewelry doesn’t come as naturally.

A well-dressed man can and should wear jewelry, even if it’s just one special piece or two. Not sure how to pull it off? Here’s our guide to men’s jewelry plus seven key pieces (with twenty shoppable options) that every man should own.

How to Wear Men’s Jewelry

For men, the trick to wearing jewelry is to keep it minimal.

If you’re wearing a necklace or a watch, there’s no need to also wear a bracelet. If you like to wear rings, wear one at a time. There’s no need to layer on too many pieces at once. It’s best to stick with one or two pieces that are either high-quality or have special meaning.

Because most men don’t purchase a lot of jewelry for themselves, we suggest investing in luxury pieces rather than buying costume pieces that won’t stand the test of time. 

Men with a flashier sense of style should embrace it — there’s lots of diamond jewelry available for men who want to make a bold fashion statement. There are endless options of plain, simple pieces that can be mixed and matched with all sorts of different outfits for those who prefer a more understated look. 

Here are thejewelry items that every man should have in his jewelry box regardless of his style. 

A Dress Watch

Men’s watches are more than just timepieces — they’re the best way to put the perfect finishing touch on an outfit.

Whether you wear a classy suit and tie to work every day or only dress up for the occasional night out, every guy should have a dress watch that he can wear on certain occasions. Here are some great options to check out:

Tag Heuer Carrera

With a steel case and brushed link bracelet, the Tag Heuer Carrera watch is the epitome of luxury. This watch is sleek and chic with chronograph function, sub-dials with date displays and rhodium-plated accents that add an elegant touch. We especially love it in silver steel with a blue dial.

This watch is an investment at almost $5,000, but it’s a classic that you can wear forever. It’s even more gorgeous when paired with a suit or dress shirt, but you can easily wear it with jeans and a tee-shirt if you’re going for a casual, luxe look.

Check Price on Jared

Emporio Armani Chronograph Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

A gold-tone mesh band and a cream dial make this Emporio Armani Chronograph Watch an excellent choice for any modern man with a classic sense of style. It’s detailed with chronograph movement, subdials, and the classic Armani logo on its face. 

If it’s an affordable luxury you’re looking for, this $375 watch is a perfect choice.

Check Price on Armani

A Casual Watch

In addition to a dress watch, every man should have a casual watch that he can wear during the day. When shopping for an everyday watch, look for something that captures your sense of style. There are thousands of affordable, casual men’s watches on the market, but here are a few examples of looks that we love right now: 

SKAGEN Holst Chronograph Watch

At $135, we love the simple, modern look of the SKAGEN Holst Chronograph Watch. This watch features an eco-leather band, a stainless steel case, a sleek blue dial, and an adjustable strap buckle. It boasts quartz chronograph movement with three subdials and stick indices to mark each hour. 

If you want to change the look, you can purchase interchangeable SKAGEN watch bands in different colors.  

Check Price on SKAGEN

Diesel Men’s Chronograph Iridescent Watch

With an oversized shape and a multicolor face, the Diesel Men’s Chronograph Iridescent Watch adds instant style to any casual look. It’s detailed with a black ion-plated stainless steel bracelet and a chronograph dial with subdials, a date window, and intricate markings. 

At $260, it’s the type of watch you’ll want to wear every single day.

Check Price on Diesel

MVMT Field Watch

The MVMT Field Watch is a super casual alternative when you’re in the mood for a military-inspired look. Made with an olive green canvas band, this $95 watch features a brushed stainless steel case, a dark dial, and luminescent green numbers and hands.   

This watch is perfect for a day of hiking, kicking back at the brewery with your friends, or enjoying a barbecue on the beach.

Check Price on MVMT

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A Ring

Shopping for men’s rings? If you’re married, a wedding band is a must! If you’re flying solo, you can still rock a ring — just don’t wear it on the ring finger of your left hand. We suggest wearing only one ring at a time (two at the most). Guys, there’s absolutely no reason to wear a ring on every finger! 

Manly Bands The Rockstar Ring

While most women opt for a diamond ring or a diamond band, modern men tend to stick with simpler, more understated ring designs, especially when choosing the wedding bands they’re going to wear every single day. 

At $275, the Rockstar Ring from Manly Bands features a simple, timeless design made from tungsten. This band ring comes in different widths, so it’s a great choice whether you prefer a slim design or a complete look.

Check Price on Manly Bands

David Yurman Exotic Stone Ring

Priced at $395, the David Yurman Exotic Stone Ring is ideal for wearing on your right ring finger or one of your index fingers. This signet ring offers a bold, masculine look in sterling silver with a black onyx stone. We love that it’s distinctive without being too over the top.

Check Price on Bloomingdale’s


Don’t want to wear jewelry on your body? Wear some of your sleeves instead. A great pair of cufflinks are a must-have, especially for a formal event. And if you only wear cufflinks on rare occasions, we say this is one piece of jewelry where it’s definitely worth it to splurge. 

Cartier Oscillating Weight Cufflinks

In sterling silver with a palladium finish, the Cartier Oscillating Weight Cufflinks scream luxury. They’re an investment at $1,210, but they are stunning!

Check Price on Cartier

Tiffany & Co. Bar Cufflinks

Keep it classy with these elegant Tiffany & Co. Bar Cuff Links. At $425, these sterling silver cufflinks have a sleek, modern design with a grooved texture.

Check Price on Tiffany & Co.

Knot Cufflinks

In a knotted pattern with a rose gold finish, no one will ever think the Knot Cufflinks only cost $24.95. If you’re trying to impress on a budget, these Amazon cufflinks are the way to go!

Check Price on Amazon

A Tie Clip

Looking to buy a piece of jewelry for a guy who doesn’t ever wear jewelry? A tie clip makes the perfect gift. It’s a way to add some style to an outfit when he’s just not in the mood to wear a watch or a bracelet.

Gucci Tie Bar With Interlocking G

Any guy that loves designer brands is sure to enjoy the Gucci Tie Bar With Interlocking G. This tie clip is priced at $250, making it an affordable way to add some Gucci style to your look any time you’re wearing a tie. 

Check Price on Gucci

Ted Baker London Lochat Tie Bar

A distressed gunmetal finish makes the Ted Baker London Lochat Tie Bar a chic addition to any business or formal look. At $69, it features a simple design with a small logo and a cutout detail on one edge.

Check Price on Ted Baker

Brooks Brothers Anchor Medallion Tie Bar

Feeling a bit nautical? We love the Brooks Brothers Anchor Medallion Tie Bar for weddings by the beach or semi-formal celebrations on the coast. At $128, it boasts a timeless look with a slight anchor accent that adds a unique touch.  

Check Price on Brooks Brothers

A Statement Bracelet

Of all the jewelry that exists for men, men’s bracelets might be the most diverse category of all. From leather bands to metal chains, it’s easy to find men’s bracelets to wear with your casual wardrobe or most formal attire. 

Here are a few that we love:

David Yurman Curb Chain Link Bracelet

The David Yurman Curb Chain Link Bracelet is timeless. This chain bracelet features chunky curb links and a bold, masculine design that you can wear with all sorts of dressy or casual outfits.  

Opt for the affordable sterling silver finish at $850 (pictured) or, if you’re feeling fancy, splurge on the 18k yellow gold version for $12,000.

Check Price on Bloomingdale’s

John Hardy Classic Chain Station Bracelet

Looking for a unique leather bracelet that you can wear with your most casual looks? Check out the John Hardy Classic Chain Station Bracelet. At $325, this bracelet features a slim design with a textured woven band and a distinctive sterling silver accent.

Check Price on John Hardy

Maple ID Bracelet

We love the Maple ID Bracelet for its classic look, smooth ID plate, and toggle closure. Priced at $655, this sterling silver bracelet features chunky chain links and an etched Maple logo on the bar.

Check Price on Maple

A Chain Necklace

While some men would never even consider wearing a chain necklace, it is a classic piece that’s worth having in your jewelry drawer. We’re not big fans of men’s necklaces paired with a dressy look, but it can be an excellent add-on to a sneaker and hoody combo that needs a little something extra.

Some guys go bold with chunky gold chains or opt for a pendant necklace or a cross necklace. But we much prefer the look of a classic box chain, rope chain, or Figaro chain. Here are a couple of our current favorites:

Mariner-Link Chain

At $975, the Mariner Link Chain in sterling silver offers a fun twist on the classic chain necklace. Perfectly chunky at 9mm think, this necklace adds instant style to any look.

Check Price on Macy’s

Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain

The Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain comes in different lengths, different metal finishes, and different thicknesses so you can customize your perfect link chain. Starting at $109, this necklace looks effortless worn with a crew neck tee.

Check Price on Jaxxon

Alice Made This Silver Box Chain Necklace

Keep things simple with the Alice Made This Silver Box Chain Necklace. Priced at $160, this affordable chain necklace features tiny, square links with an oxidized finish, so it doesn’t have that highly polished look. We love this option for casual looks that need a little something extra.

Check Price on Alice Made This

A Bonus Box: Box & Chain

Can’t decide what kind of jewelry you want to rock? Check out Box & Chain, a monthly subscription box that sends 18k gold plated, titanium black plated, solid stainless steel or leather jewelry. Every piece is hand-selected for each subscriber based on their style profile, and the value of the jewelry is between $60-$200 per piece. 

Each box is $29 per month, and they offer free shipping, free exchanges and no contract memberships. 

What Type of Jewelry Should Men Wear?

There are so many “rules” about what guys should and shouldn’t wear … but rules are meant to be broken!

If you want to wear a delicate 14k white gold bracelet, do it. If you’re going to rock a big gold chain with a massive pendant, go for it. If that’s what makes you happy, wear it. 

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and who you want to be, so if jewelry helps you do that, then we say rock it however you like. 

Our biggest suggestion is to select well-made pieces that look expensive (even if they aren’t). It’s always better to have a handful of quality pieces of jewelry than an endless collection of inexpensive pieces that might fall apart while you’re wearing them.

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20 Of The Best Pieces Of Jewelry For Men

  1. Tag Heuer Carrera
  2. Emporio Armani Chronograph Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch
  3. SKAGEN Holst Chronograph Watch
  4. Diesel Men’s Chronograph Iridescent Watch
  5. MVMT Field Watch
  6. Manly Bands The Rockstar Ring
  7. David Yurman Exotic Stone Ring
  8. Cartier Oscillating Weight Cufflinks
  9. Tiffany & Co. Bar Cuff Links
  10. Knot Cufflinks
  11. Gucci Tie Bar With Interlocking G
  12. Ted Baker London Lochat Tie Bar
  13. Brooks Brothers Anchor Medallion Tie Bar
  14. David Yurman Curb Chain Link Bracelet
  15. John Hardy Classic Chain Station Bracelet
  16. Maple ID Bracelet
  17. Mariner-Link Chain
  18. Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain
  19. Alice Made This Silver Box Chain Necklace
  20. Box & Chain

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