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How To Choose The Right Men’s Wallet [With 6 Tips From The Pros]

This article may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Privacy Policy.

This article may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Privacy Policy.

This article was written by a guest contributor. For guest contribution guidelines, please visit this page. Mariam Norman is a former wedding planner and storyteller for Noray Designs.

Wallets are among the most popular gifts for men, and it’s not surprising why. 

Who doesn’t use a wallet, after all?

But because men’s wallets come in so many designs, types and sizes, choosing the “perfect” one can be challenging.

Whether you’re buying a wallet for yourself or giving it to someone special, it’s essential to buy a quality, reliable wallet. 

Check out these tips to choose the right wallet for men:

Simple, Timeless Wallets are the Best

The best wallets for men are those that can be paired with most outfits, whether you’re wearing casual clothes or formal ones. Examples are classic bi-folds that are usually made of leather. 

These wallets provide plenty of room for bills and cards while being on the minimalist side. 

If giving it to someone, a classic style of wallet ensures that he will like it. Aside from being versatile and functional, you’d be amazed by its timeless look.

Think “minimal”

You might be tempted to pick a wallet with lots of compartments and added features. 

But don’t forget that wallets are supposed to be simple, small and neat.

In general, you want to take as little as possible. Aside from cash, some things that you should have in your wallet are:

  • Identification cards
  • Photos
  • Credit cards
  • Business cards

The things you want to leave out are:

  • Receipts (especially those that you haven’t touched for years)
  • Discount cards
  • Medical cards
  • Social security card

Think “quality”

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing the best men’s wallets is quality. While design and features are important, you want to invest in a wallet you can use for a long time. 

A good-quality wallet has the following characteristics:

  • It has solid stitches and looks like it can handle a beating.
  • It makes use of thick leather. Look for a wallet with a central fold as thick as two-quarters for the two layers. 
  • Handmade wallets often feature cut edges that show the raw, bare leather. This shows you how thick the leather is to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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Pick the Correct Size

Your wallet should provide enough room to house all your bills and other essentials. If you have plenty of cards, then a wallet with more compartments (such as a bifold or trifold design) is the way to go. If you like keeping coins, choose a wallet that has a zippered pocket.

If giving the wallet to someone and you’re not sure what size is best for him, opt for the classic and standard size. It’s always a great idea to buy a minimalist wallet that lets you keep only the essential items.

Choose the Right Color

Men’s wallets come in different colors and patterns. Color choice is something personal, so don’t let anyone dictate what you should choose.

If you’re concerned about dress codes, consider wallets in classic colors like black, brown or grey. They look great with formal outfits, including suits and business attire. Classic colors also work well with casual outfits. They’re a smart option if you’re giving the wallet as a gift and you’re not sure what specific colors the person likes.

If you’re in a creative profession or simply want to be unique, feel free to go with bolder colors and patterns.

Choose the Right Material

Wallets can be made of leather, fabric, synthetic materials or a combination of these. 

Leather wallets are favored by most men simply because they are highly durable. Not all leather is the same. Inspect the wallet closely to check the thickness, smoothness and overall quality of the leather.

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Consider RFID Technology

RFID blocking wallets are designed to prevent digital theft. They work by blocking the electromagnetic field on your cards, which prevents skimmers from receiving signals from them.

Credit card frauds are a thing these days. If you normally transact with credit cards and if your cards have RFID technology, choosing an RFID wallet is a good option. It costs more than traditional wallets, but if they can give you peace of mind, why not?

Consider your Lifestyle

Wallets for men are like bags for women. They should suit your lifestyle and personal taste. 

Look for a wallet that will address your daily needs. If you’re constantly out and active, invest in highly durable wallets that can handle use and abuse. If you travel a lot, go for a lightweight, handy wallet with generous compartments for your IDs, licenses, boarding passes, etc.

Your personal preference matters a lot, too. At the end of the day, you want something that suits the style, color and design you want.

Don’t Forget to Grab your Wallet

There are no strict rules for choosing wallets for men. But these tips should make the process a lot easier for you. Again, start by narrowing your selection to simple, classic options especially if you’re not sure what specific features you want or if you’re giving it to someone as a gift.

Always pay attention to quality, size, color and material. Read reviews for a specific brand or product before making the final purchase. Lastly, consider your lifestyle to determine the features you need.

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6 Tips to Consider when Choosing a Men’s Wallet:

  1. Simple, Timeless Wallets are the Best
  2. Pick the Correct Size
  3. Choose the Right Color
  4. Choose the Right Material
  5. Consider RFID Technology
  6. Consider your Lifestyle

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