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You're a smart mom and as all moms know, it's the toughest job on Earth! We understand and we're here to help. There are so many ways to make your budget go further and we're listing out some of the best available money-saving tips just for you!

A Home Warranty Saves You From Costly Repairs

As a parent we understand the value of warranties. You have so many things going on between work and getting the kids ready for school and to their activities that the last thing you need to worry about is fixing the fridge or dishwasher.

Fortunately, we are able to provide our fans with access to extremely low cost warranty plans through Choice Home Warranty. You will never have to pay for a covered home repair again and can get back to what matters most, cherishing the time at home with your little ones.

No More Bad Surprises Or Creepy Repairmen

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Your Best Auto Repair Defense

When you buy a new car, most dealerships provide a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. However, most of us drive cars that are well beyond that 36,000 mile mark. So what happens when an unexpected issue arises? You are stuck figuring out how you are going to pay for those extremely costly repairs.

Don’t find yourself in a situation where a mechanic takes advantage of your lack of knowledge. Do yourself (and your family) a favor and take advantage of this limited time offer from EZ Auto Warranty that can save you up to 60% on Auto Repairs.

Always Prepared For Those Roadside Surprises

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Secure Your Home & Save

Let’s face it, we currently live in a scary time. Sadly, it seems like every time we turn on the news another tragedy has taken place. This puts us as parents in a tough situation and leaves us feeling vulnerable.

However, our friends at ADT Home security have been generous enough to offer Mothers that are new customers a welcome package worth $950! Simply fill out your application online and get your peace of mind back while trusting that ADT will protect you and your children.

Keep Your Home And Family Safe From Intruders

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Save Up To $3252 Every Year On Your House Payment

Did you know that Congress recently launched a mortgage relief program for homeowners that owe less than $726,525 on their home? Our fans are able to check how much they can save a month by answering a few short questions!

Some of our fans save up to $3,252 every year by utilizing this incredible program. The best part is it is completely FREE and you can calculate your new payment from the comfort of your home. No need to pack the kids in the car and spend hours at a bank. Simply answer a few questions to verify your qualifications and start saving!

Put Up To $271 Back In Your Monthly Budget

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Qualify For A Personal Loan Quickly & Easily

Are you in need a little extra money? What about a some extra cash to cover those nagging home improvements, or how about that much needed vacation for you and your family? Whatever your situation is, lenders are here to help! Compare several offers from trusted providers and see how much you qualify for today.

Get What You Need — When You Need It

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Never Pay Out-Of-Pocket For Covered HVAC Repairs Again

There is no better feeling than coming home to a warm & cozy home in the middle of winter or stepping into a refreshingly cool living room in the smoldering heat of summer. However, we will all agree that when your A/C unit goes out and you wake up in the middle of the night sweating, it couldn’t possibly be fixed fast enough!

Get covered at an extremely affordable cost and relieve yourself of the stress that comes with having to worry about paying insanely high out of pocket expenses to get your home back on track.

Keep Your Little Ones Safe & Cozy

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Lower Your Monthly Electric Bill With Clean Solar Energy

This is the #1 simple truth your power company doesn't want you to know. There is a new policy in 2019 that qualifies homeowners who live in specific zip codes to be eligible for $1,000's of Government funding to install solar panels. Has your power company told you that? Of course not. They hope you won't learn about this brilliant way to drastically reduce your energy bill!‍

The government program called Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit is giving veteran homeowners in certain zip codes rebates for having solar panels. The rebates may actually cover most of the costs for setting up the panels, meaning solar panels could save homeowners thousands. These rebates incentivize homeowners to use clean energy by providing panel installations for free.

When local solar contractors compete for your business - You Save! Get quotes from up to four pre-screened, licensed, & insured contractors.

Live Your Best Life With Clean, Solar Energy

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Home Insurance You Can Rely On

Looking for better (and cheaper) home insurance? The easiest place to start is right here. We have plenty of homeowners insurance discounts and other savings. Call us today at 1-888-664-6817 to find out how much you can save! Our representatives are standing by to give you an instant quote!

We have a network of home insurance companies we work with and can connect you with. This gives you more price and coverage choices when quoting. The availability and amounts of discounts can vary by company and your state. Call us anytime, Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 7 PM EDT for your NO OBLIGATION, free quote today to have the peace of mind that your home has the best coverage, at the best possible price.

Peace Of Mind In Great Home Insurance

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Get Top Dollar For Your House

Have you been wondering how much your home is worth lately? Real estate values have been growing at an incredible rate all over the United States and Clever Mom homeowners are taking advantage of the market by selling when their home value is at its peak.

‍Clever Moms are able to get cash offers from reputable real estate professionals and investors within minutes by filling out a quote request. Simply answer a few questions about your home and an agent will reach out to you with an estimate of what your home would sell for.

It's A Seller's Market

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Get The Best Rates On Auto Insurance

Did you know that most people believe they already have the lowest auto insurance rate possible? Research shows that a very small percentage of Americans pay less than $50 a month for their car insurance. However, if you haven’t been involved in any accidents or received any speeding tickets over the last two years, you are most likely able to secure a much lower insurance rate than you currently have.

The way that our fans are able to do this is by filling out a short survey which we give to several insurance companies. From there, they bid each other down until they will absolutely go no lower. This is great because you get the TRUE lowest price available for your specific situation.

If you decide not to go with one of these insurance companies you can take that lower quote back to your current provider and use it as leverage for them to lower your payments. It’s a win-win!

Know You're Saving The Most With A Quality Auto Policy

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Enjoy Great Home Entertainment & Save

Nothing beats unwinding from a long day like snuggling up with your little ones, popping some popcorn and watching a movie to relax. Right now, Dish is offering a FREE $50 VISA Gift Card, FREE introductory movie channels for three months with FREE installation. Take advantage of this amazing deal because it is only here for a limited time.‍

Over 2 years with America's Top 120 starting at $59.99/mo. compared to everyday price.

Save Hundreds On Your Favorite Packages

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Breathe Easy With National Tax Relief For Active Moms

Taxes are incredibly complex, and every year, Mothers leave thousands of dollars on the table by not understanding what write offs they are entitled to receive. Our fans here at Clever Mom Tips have exclusive access to speak with tax professionals. It's easy to see how you can keep more of your money.

You worked hard for your money, keep more of it by using these tax services.

Get A Great Night Of Sleep Again

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Beautify Your Home And Save On Your Energy Bills

Finding new ways to cut back and save money isn’t always easy. But did you know that replacing your windows with a more high-performance, energy-efficient option can help prevent temperature loss, protect fabrics and carpet from fading, provide glare control, and reduce heating and cooling costs?

See how switching to Low-e windows can not only save you money but also beautify your home.

Our fans can currently claim their 100% FREE in-home consultation while supplies last. Take a quick survey to see how you can start saving today!

Clarity And Energy Efficiency

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Oct 10, 2019

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