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A Roundup Of The 7 Best Nail Polish Trends From This Year

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2020 is the year of anything goes, at least as far as manicures go. This year you’ll be seeing everything from nude short nails, to long nails with bold graphics. Let’s round up some of our favorite manicure and nail polish trends of 2020!

A Color for Each Nail

Why would you choose one color when you could have them all?

You could go as wild as a different color for each nail or go for a more subtle look and pick a different shade of the same color to create a fun ombre look. Either way, this is a fun trend that we are excited about.

Updated French Mani

French manicures were super popular in the ‘90s and early 2000s, and while a classic pink and white french manicure will probably never go out of style, this year, we see some fun updates to the classic manicure.

Think bright colors instead of white or a fun double french.


As Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, this is an obvious choice! The classic cobalt blue is a popular choice for the year, but we suggest trying out a fun ombre blue look to mix two trends in one!

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Garden Party Nails

Pastel colors were all over the runways during Spring/Summer Fashion Week, and we love this trend to transition from the cold winter months into the warmer Spring weather!

Mix sage greens, gold, pastel pinks, lavenders and even pastel yellow together! These combos will get you in the mood for summer.


Metallic nail polish isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Golds, platinums, and rose golds are popular year round! Use them as accent nails or go all out and paint every nail metallic. Unleash your inner rocker and try out the metallic touch.

Graphic Details

Feel like getting fun and creative with your manicure? Graphic prints are a huge trend in 2020 and are perfect for incorporating a little edge and trendiness into your life.

We love the fun, bold colors of this trend, but if that’s not your thing, a neutral graphic print with nudes, whites and golds is a fun way to incorporate this trend into your style. Mix it up and see which colors you like the best. This is the perfect trend for those of us who can never decide on one color at a time!


Marble countertops and cell phone cases have been in for awhile, but now with this popular nail polish trend, you can match your house too! With over a million #marblenails posts on Instagram, we think one is here to stay.

From the classic black and white marble to colored marble, the options are endless with this nail polish trend.

If you typically like to keep your manicures pretty basic, use this as a sign to try out a fun new trendy manicure the next time you go into the salon! A good manicure will last a week or two, so that means you have plenty of time to try out all of these trends before the end of 2020.

Plus, you might find that you have a new favorite nail polish color once you’ve tested the waters.

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