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Why You Need An Overshirt For Cool Summer Evenings [Guide]

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Seasonally-appropriate dressing can be tricky during the summer months when it is sweltering during the day but cools down after sunset. A coat or a jacket can either be too bulky to carry around all day or too heavy of a layer when the temperature on drops a few degrees.

Cue the overshirt. The overshirt is the simple solution that bridges the gap between needing something more than your short sleeves but less than a jacket.

What to Look for in an Overshirt

The best overshirts are button-up style shirts and are generally made with heavier fabrics like flannel, twill or denim. The button-up functionality makes it easy to pop over what you’re already wearing, and the heavier fabric keeps you warm.

Remember, overshirts are meant to be transitional pieces of clothing that can double as a jacket or a shirt depending on the temperature outside.

How to Style an Overshirt

Overshirts can be dressed up or down depending on how they fit. The cut and material will help determine where it’s appropriate to wear your overshirt. You will not wear a fitted overshirt camping, just like you aren’t going to wear a flannel overshirt to work. Overshirts are easy to dress up or down with your under layer.

Try a t-shirt for a more casual look and maybe throw on a button-down or blouse for a dressy option underneath. Whatever you choose, overshirts are meant to be structured; they should not hang off you like a bathrobe. If you need some loungewear, treat yourself to a bathrobe!

A correctly fitting overshirt will end right below the waist, but before your hips and the sleeves will end right around your wrist, so when you wear a jacket, they do not pop out.

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The 7 Best Undershirts For Men and Women

Finding the perfect undershirt to bridge the gap between summer and winter is easy now that you know how they are supposed to fit. Here are the seven best undershirts out there.

Banana Republic Slim Twill Overshirt

This overshirt from Banana Republic is lightweight but made with a twill fabric so it is a little heavier than cotton.

It is unlined, meaning it can also be worn both as a shirt or an overshirt making it super versatile. The neutral olive green color will also go with pretty much any shirt underneath and is a wardrobe staple.

Everlane Chore Overshirt

We love Everlane for its premium pieces at affordable prices. This twill cotton overshirt is structured and durable with a relaxed fit making it easy to wear a long sleeve or thicker shirt underneath.

It will be sure to last you season after season and be a wardrobe staple for years to come.


Taylor Stitch Explorer Shirt

This overshirt from Taylor Stitch is definitely heavier than some of the others on this list, but is made with boiled wool and will last a lifetime. The Explorer shirt was made with adventure in mind. This is the perfect shirt to bring camping, on a morning hike or on a fishing trip.

We love the brass donut hole buttons and the timeless look and feel of the overshirt.

J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Shirt-Jacket

This overshirt is a perfect unexpected shade of cider. This shirt-jacket from J.Crew is made of duck canvas, giving it a little stretch, but has a linen feel. With a spread collar and patch pockets, this is a great option for a more fitted look. To get a fitted look, we suggest sizing down one.

You are certain to look super stylish at your next bonfire. It is also available in olive, another neutral tone that will match any undershirt.

Old Navy Relaxed Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt is a perfect overshirt to style with pretty much anything. This relaxed fit option from Old Navy comes in a light and dark wash. We love the extra seam in the back that offers an inverted pleat down the center of this overshirt.

Pair it over your sundress or even a t-shirt and denim shorts.

Banana Republic Dillon Classic-Fit Utility Shirt

The Banana Republic utility shirt is the perfect alternative to a utility jacket for summer. We love the shirttail hem and button cuffs for a more dressy option too.

It gives the same military vibe to your outfit but only adds a lightweight layer once it cools down in the evenings.


Rails Hunter Plaid Top

When it comes to flannels, Rails just does it right. A little bit of an investment at $158, but with the high quality of Rails clothing, it is sure to last you for years. The Hunter plaid top is also lighter weight than your traditional flannel so it is perfect for an extra layer during the summer.


We get how difficult it can be to dress in the summer when it’s sweltering hot during the day but cools down once the sun goes down. It’s easy to keep the party going all day and night with one simple solution – the overshirt!
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