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The 10 Best Period Panties [For Any And All Levels of Flow]

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Yes, panties for your period are a thing. Those of you not in the know may be flashing to an image of a pair of heavy-duty granny pants right now. But contrary to what you may think, underwear for your period is a far cry from adult diapers.

They actually come in every shape and size (even thongs!) and are designed to absorb liquids, prevent odors and wick moisture away from your body. Most importantly of all, they help to prevent leaks, stains and general paranoia about your tampon, pad or menstrual cup running over.

One of the other much-touted benefits of period underwear is that they save you money on regular tampons and pads because they’re washable and reusable, which is also a much more sustainable approach to managing your period.

So do they really work? Yes!

Although some women with very heavy flows choose to wear them as a backup to their other protection, some women wear them with nothing at all.

The trick is buying the right pair for you. Period panties are designed for every type of flow from heavy to super light. They even have period panties for specific activities like swimming and working out.

To give you an idea of just how stylish and effective they can be, we’ve picked out 10 of our favorites.

Best Overall: Thinx


Thinx is one of the original brands of period underwear and is still popular for good a reason. They have a huge variety of styles, from thongs to hip huggers and everything in between.

These panties also come with various options according to your flow. Their most heavy-duty pair is designed to have the absorbency of up to 4 tampons worth of blood.

Also important, they’re constructed with 4 different layers: a moisture-wicking layer, an antimicrobial layer to prevent odors, an absorbent layer and a leak-resistant layer.

Any way you look at it, Thinx has you covered.

Best Budget and Newbies: Bambody


Maybe you’re trying period underwear for the first time and don’t feel like shelling out the big bucks. In that case, Bambody, available on Amazon, will give you the same protection as a lot of other brands for less.

The bamboo fabric makes these panties super cool and breathable because it absorbs moisture quickly. And the leak-proof layer runs all the way from the front to the back, which will give you peace of mind.

Another plus, the silky texture makes them feel like luxurious underwear instead of a pair of old clunkers you throw on when it’s that time of the month. They come in bikini, hip-hugger and high-waisted options.

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Best For Heavy Flow: Thinx Super Hiphugger

Thinx Super Hiphugger

These hip huggers are Thinx most absorbent and most popular panties. They offer complete coverage, leak protection and absorb an incredible 4 tampons worth of blood.

This makes them great for those days when your flow is extra heavy or a good option for sleeping. Plus, they have a cute little band with geometric designs. Hey, a touch of style with your period wouldn’t hurt.

Best For Workouts: Modibodi Active Brief

Modibodi Active Brief

Leakage paranoia often strikes when we’re working out. Whether at the gym or out on a run we’re often plagued by that nagging question, “Is that blood? Or is that sweat?” Not the way you’re supposed to raise your heart rate.

Although breathable and lightweight, these full coverage briefs from Modibodi will help prevent leaks even during your hardcore workouts. No more excuses for skipping your Crossfit class.

Best Cotton: Hesta Organic Cotton Period Panties

Hesta Organic Cotton Period Panties

Maybe you’re a gal that insists on natural fabrics. In that case, you’ll love these organic panties from Hesta. Non-irritating and hypoallergenic, they’re a great pick for anyone with sensitive skin.

These full-coverage underwear have a water-resistant lining that helps to prevent leaks and come in a value three-pack. Easy on your tushy and on your wallet!

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Best Thong: Knix Sport Thong

Knix Sport Thong

You may be on your period, but you still don’t want to have panty lines showing through your activewear. For your lighter days, this thong from Knix features triple-layer technology that will absorb up to a tampon’s worth of blood.

Whether you’re rocking downward dog in yoga class or just hanging out on the couch, they’ll make your life feel seamless.

Best Lace Panty: Dear Kate Ada Hipster Full

Dear Kate Ada Hipster Full

It may be that time of the month, but you still like to feel pretty. These cute hipsters from Kate Ada have a lovely lace border but still, absorb up to two tampons worth of blood.

Made with three layers of breathable fabric, they also wick away moisture and help prevent leaks. Plus they’re super soft. What else could a girl want during her period (except maybe chocolate)?

Best High Waisted: Skye High Period Underwear

Skye High Period Underwear

The high-waisted look is all the rage these days. So why not keep this body-flattering style in the mix even when you’re on your period?

This panty from AWWA wicks moisture away from your body and has an antimicrobial layer to avoid odors. And because it’s leak-resistant and holds up to two tampons worth of blood, you’ll always feel at ease.

Supportive and yet not bulky, this panty is all that. And then some.

Best For Sleeping: Aisle Boxer Brief (formerly Lunapad)

Aisle Boxer Brief

None of us like to wake up in the middle of the night with a sheet disaster. This high-waisted, full coverage brief from Aisle comes in an ultra-comfy cotton and spandex blend. They also come with a reusable insert that increases their absorption rate to 4 tampons worth of blood.

Now you can snooze without any period nightmares in your undies or on your sheets.

Best For Swimming: Ruby Love Period Swimwear Classic

Feel a little weird about swimming when you’re riding the crimson wave? No worries! These bottoms from Ruby Love have a built in liner that absorbs liquids (up to three tampons of blood).

Now you can kick back and enjoy yourself at the pool or the beach without running to the bathroom all day. Time for a dip!

Finding the perfect period panties can be a challenge. Whether you have a heavy flow or a light flow, you need something that provides period protection.

Period underwear comes in all shapes and sizes, from boyshorts to high waist panties, we are sure you can find something to protect you on even the heavy-flow days. If you want to be extra safe and still use regular tampons or panty liners, that is up to you, but when you go to bed at night, at least you know you’ll be protected period panties that work.

If you’re ready to toss the pads or just want to feel a little more secure, these brands will do the trick. Also, you can now ditch all those ratty panties at the back of your underwear drawer. They are officially obsolete.

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The 10 Best Period Underwear: 

  1. Best Overall: Thinx
  2. Best Budget and Newbies: Bambody
  3. Best For Heavy Flow: Thinx Super Hiphugger
  4. Best For Workouts: Modibodi Active Brief
  5. Best Cotton: Hesta Organic Cotton Period Panties
  6. Best Thong: Knix Sport Thong
  7. Best Lace Panty: Dear Kate Ada Hipster Full
  8. Best High Wasted: Skye High Period Underwear
  9. Best For Sleeping: Aisle Boxer Brief (formerly Lunapad)
  10. Best For Swimming: Ruby Love Period Swimwear Classic

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