10 Prefab Tiny Houses That You Can Buy Online

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Are you a fan of the tiny home trend? Turn on any home or DIY-centric television channel, and there’s a good chance you can find at least one show about tiny homes. However, building your own tiny house might be out of the question — Where do you even find someone to do that? Do you have to do all of the construction yourself? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just buy a tiny home outright?

Luckily, you can. You can purchase prefabricated tiny homes from a variety of online vendors, including Amazon. They’re shipped straight to your door, with minimal assembly required. It’s as easy as shopping for a new pair of shoes.

Whether you want a small prefab tiny house that you can use as a backyard office or a guesthouse, or a prefab tiny house that you can use to replace your full home as you look to downsize and minimize, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 prefab tiny houses that you can buy online (along with a few tips and some guidance).

Types of Tiny Houses You Can Buy

Not all tiny homes are the same. There are different kinds you can buy based on your preferences. However, in order for a tiny house to be considered truly “tiny,” the floor plan generally must be 400 square feet or less.

DIY or Turn-Key

Prefab tiny homes don’t always come completely furnished and ready for living. Sometimes, you might need a bit of assembly. Fortunately, that assembly usually isn’t too extensive, and most adults can handle it with some basic household power tools.

If that’s not something you’re interested in, though, you can find turn-key tiny homes that are ready to go, as well as some options that come fully furnished.

Movable or Stationary

There are also both movable and stationary tiny homes. Movable tiny homes are ready to hook up to a truck and head out on the road, whereas stationary tiny homes require a few things you might need for a normal-sized house, such as a foundation and sewer hook-up.

Full-Time or Part-Time Use

Some tiny homes are clearly built for part-time use (the lack of a shower is usually a solid indicator). These tiny homes are more suited for use as a guest house for friends or family who have access to your larger house for the bathroom, shower, kitchen, etc. Part-time tiny houses also make a great home office or additional living space. Some even use these tiny homes as art or exercise studios.

If you want to actually live full-time in your tiny home, make sure to look for a prefab tiny home that’s built for full-time use — equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc. You want something that’s completely self-sufficient.

Why Consider Buying a Prefab Tiny Home

There are many reasons prefab tiny homes are becoming more popular. One incentive is purely practical: they come with a smaller cost when compared to long-term renting or buying a larger home.

But, there are some non-financial benefits to tiny living, too, like decreased stress that often comes with downsizing to a minimalist setting and the more intimate experience of living with your partner in a small space.

And if that isn’t enough, the sustainable and off-grid options that are often available and, in some cases, the portability of a tiny home that makes travel easy are other key features.

If you’re not considering living in your tiny home full-time and only having it on your property in addition to your normal home, it will give you added living space, as well as a potential, more private spot for guests. You may even choose to use your tiny home as a guest house via a home rental provider like Airbnb, which results in additional income for you and your family.

As with all things, there are some downsides to buying a prefab tiny home. You may have to deal with special city or state codes that prevent adding a tiny home to a property, not being able to sell your tiny home in the future and simply not having enough space for all of your stuff (or a new member of the family, if a baby is in your future).

If you are ready to make the tiny house plunge, here are a few great options to choose from.

The Allwood Escape Cabin

The Allwood Escape cabin is a pretty traditional-looking log cabin, both inside and out. At 113 square feet total, taking up a footprint of 13 by 9 feet and weighing a mere 3,200 pounds, it’s small for sure, but it also comes with a small price tag at $5,350 on Amazon.

Customers have used this cabin as a yoga studio, lakeside cottage, garden house, home office and more. Putting the prefab cabin together only requires two adults and a weekend, as well as some minimal tools. All the instructions are included.

Are there things you may want to add that aren’t included? Yes. Roofing shingles, a foundation and insulation. The manufacturer notes that most users find that floor and roof insulation is enough to weather wintertime temps.

And if you don’t want to take a weekend to put this cabin together? You can find a third-party installer to do all the work for you for less than $1,000.

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Allwood Arlanda Modern Tiny Home

Another tiny home from the Allwood brand, this option is a lot less rustic and a lot more modern. The 180-square-foot space features a contemporary and urban style that would look at-home in any interior decorating magazine.

The tiny home can be outfitted as a guest house, an Airbnb or a home office, just to name a few of your options. There’s plenty of space for either a couch, shelving, coffee table, desk, bed or kitchen table.

One of the easier tiny homes to put together, this one only takes a day for two adults.

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Allwood Solvalla Modern Tiny Home

The Allwood brand definitely knows what it’s doing. This option is another modern pick that’s more suitable for home office or studio use, thanks to the huge windows that fill the 172 square-foot-space. Unlike some of the other tiny homes you might see, this one also features a huge porch with enough room for seating and a grill.

The price comes out to just over $7,000, and, just as with other Allwood prefab tiny homes, this structure requires a weekend of work from two adults and minimal tools for completion.

The Wheelhaus Tiny Wedge


Okay, so you’ve looked at the tiny homes above, and you realize something is missing. If you’re going to use your tiny home for more than just a guesthouse or office and you actually want to live full-time in your tiny house, you’re going to need something more — specifically a bathroom and kitchen.

That’s where the Wheelhaus Tiny Wedge comes in. This gorgeous model is made sustainably, with reclaimed Wyoming snow fencing, timber and steel. Portable and stylish, it features a small deck, tons of natural light, lovely cabinetry, a fireplace, tile bathroom, European-style glass shower, an optional washer/dryer and more. It’s larger than the aforementioned tiny homes, coming in at 400 square feet, but if you’re looking to live in a tiny home full-time, you really do need this space (which can fit four adults, by the way).

The cost? The base price is $104,500, but you’re getting a lot for your money.

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Mods International Prefabricated Tiny House

Another option available on Amazon, this tiny modular home is turn-key, made from a new, never-used sea shipping container. Like the Wheelhaus option, it’s ready to live in immediately. It even comes fully furnished, too.

There’s a living area, bedroom, shower, toilet and kitchenette. It comes out to 320 square feet and just over $40,000, making it a little more budget-friendly than the Wheelhaus option.

Just keep in mind, you will need some sort of foundation, such as a concrete slab, as well as a sewer connection. Additionally, the company only delivers your new tiny home to the address where you want it — not the exact spot on the land where you want it situated. You have to get a third party to help with that, and it’s not exactly easy, as the tiny home weighs 12,500 pounds.

BZB Cabins and Outdoors Lillevilla Getaway Cabin Kit

This 292-square-foot cabin packs a lot into its tiny, 20×25-foot space. There are three rooms total plus a loft and a front porch, so there’s space for a living room/kitchen, bathroom and bedroom downstairs, with additional sleep space or storage upstairs.

The kit includes everything you need to put together the structure on your own — flooring, windows, doors, walls, etc. — but it doesn’t include appliances or bathroom furnishings, though it is possible to add them yourself if you like. If, however, you don’t plan on using your tiny home as a full-time residence, you may settle for just the structure on its own.

It takes about a weekend for two adults to put together, and it costs just under $17,000.

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Tumbleweed Houses Cypress

Tumbleweed Houses claims that its Cypress model is the best-selling tiny home of all time, and it’s easy to see why that would be the case. The transportable tiny house looks stunning from the outside — like a very miniature version of any home you might see in an upscale neighborhood. Inside, you’ll find a plethora of space, lots of storage and all the appliances and furnishings you need.

There’s a small porch, living space, kitchen area, washer-dryer area, bathroom with shower, flexible space that fits a twin bed and stairs to a loft that fits a queen bed.

The Cypress tiny home starts at just under $70,000.

Weizhengheng Container House

This 20-foot (expandable to 40 feet) shipping container house is powered by solar energy, making it ideal for those who are switching to the tiny house lifestyle for environmental reasons.

The modern container house features a sleek exterior and wood floors, booth-style dining, large windows, sliding doors, a kitchen and a bathroom inside. There’s also a tiny porch.

The solar power system sits entirely on the top of the house, which is made from galvanized light steel. It can be set up and ready to go in just two hours and costs less than $40,000.

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kitHAUS K4 Series 

KitHAUS offers a range of very customizable models within its K4 series. Starting at 191 square feet, you can add on bathrooms, kitchenettes and extra space as you please, all starting at $47,800.

The attractive modular design features multiple decks, lots of open windows and plenty of space to work with. The flooring is natural bamboo or finished plywood, with cement board in the bathrooms; bathrooms feature a shower with frosted sliding glass. Dimmable, recessed LED lighting can be found throughout.

You can further customize these tiny homes with extra canopies, decks, steps and taller ceilings (up to 10 feet).

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Mustard Seed Tiny Homes Sprout Model

If you’re searching for a tiny home that’ll look picture-perfect in all of your Instagram posts, look no further than The Sprout from Mustard Seed Tiny Homes. Outfitted with high-quality furnishings and materials, such as kiln-dried lumber framing, hardwood flooring and double-pane windows, you can rest easy knowing your tiny home was built to last.

The basic models start at $56,000, but upgrades are also available, such as special exteriors, shiplap, custom stairs, extra storage, larger appliances, bathroom tiling and more. The options are really endless once you start getting into the potential custom work.

Is a Tiny Home Right for You?

The tiny home lifestyle isn’t right for everyone, but for those who make it work, they find a simpler, less-stressed lifestyle that keeps the entire family close and, in some cases, on the road.

Whether you’re looking for extra space for your current property, or a new place to live full-time, something that comes totally furnished and ready to go or something that allows you to put the finishing pieces together yourself, you can find a prefab tiny home that fits your needs.

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The 10 Best Prefab Tiny Houses Available Online

  1. The Allwood Escape Cabin
  2. Allwood Arlanda Modern Tiny Home
  3. Allwood Solvalla Modern Tiny Home
  4. The Wheelhaus Tiny Wedge
  5. Mods International Prefabricated Tiny House
  6. BZB Cabins and Outdoors Lillevilla Getaway Cabin Kit
  7. Tumbleweed Houses Cypress
  8. Weizhengheng Container House
  9. kitHAUS K4 Series 
  10. Mustard Seed Tiny Homes Sprout Model

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