How to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant [With 18 Fun Ways]

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Good ol’ Aunt Flo didn’t show up on time this month. At this point, if you’re sexually active, then you’re probably already thinking about picking up some pregnancy tests, whether or not the thought fills you with dread or hopeful anticipation.

But what happens after you pee on that stick and get an answer?

If you’ve peed on a few and you’re pretty positive that there’s more going on than just a late period due to stress, it might be time to share this info with your partner.

There are a lot of ways to go about this, and lots of ideas for cute ways of telling your partner you’re pregnant, but there are a few things to consider first before you start plotting out ultra-cute, Instagram-worthy pregnancy reveal photos.

What’s the Status of Your Relationship?

Are you in a committed relationship with this individual? Were you actively trying to get pregnant? Does your heart beat a little faster at the thought of decorating your nursery or shopping for maternity clothes or attending your own baby shower?

Then you’re probably good to go when it comes to telling your partner you’re pregnant.

If, however, the news is going to come as a big shock and you don’t even know the future of your relationship status, things get a bit trickier. Still, if the relationship is healthy, you’ll want to tell your partner as soon as possible. A surprise pregnancy is never something to go through alone.

If the relationship isn’t on the healthy side, and you’re not sure if you want to keep the baby or the guy, you might be tempted to not tell him at all. Don’t give in to that temptation to just up and ghost, though. Unless the individual poses a threat to the health of you and the baby, it’s his right to know.

But What if We Didn’t Want This?

While all the colorful and cutesy Instagram photos might make pregnancy and pregnancy reveals look like a ton of fun, that’s not the case for every couple. For some women, those two little “positive” lines on the pee stick are their worst nightmare.

If you and your partner didn’t explicitly want a pregnancy, either currently or ever, then you’re going to need to keep some things in mind when telling your partner you’re pregnant.

Managing Your Partner’s Reaction

Regardless of where you are in your relationship status, if you’re not actively trying for a pregnancy and you both don’t really want this to happen, then you need to be prepared for differing reactions to your big news.

Your partner could be thrilled to learn you’re pregnant. They could also be angry or scared.

They might be mad that you (both of you) weren’t more careful, or they could be scared at what this means for the rest of your lives.

Whatever the case may be, realize that you’re not in control of your partner’s reactions. You can only control your own emotions and your response to their emotions.

Don’t take any immediate responses on his end too personally, as your partner might have a knee-jerk negative reaction. And if your partner needs space after hearing the pregnancy announcement, give it to them.

Making the Big Decision

After telling your partner you’re pregnant, you’ll need to make some big decisions together. Do you keep the baby, or do you not?

Even if you’re telling your husband you’re pregnant, that lifelong commitment and stability between you and your spouse still might not mean you want a baby now or at all, and that’s okay.

The key is that you make the right decision for both of you, together, and that neither party feels pressured to go one way or the other.

18 Fun Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

But now, on to the fun stuff.

If you know your partner will be ultimately happy — even if a little surprised — to learn you’re pregnant, you likely want to break the big news in as fun a way as possible. Here are 18 ways to share the baby announcement with your partner.

Date Night Pregnancy Reveals

What better setting for breaking the big news than a romantic date?

An Unexpected Dessert

Book a table for you and your spouse at your favorite high-end restaurant, but call ahead and put in a special request. At the end of your meal, ask for the waitstaff to bring out a cake, cupcake or other dessert with a “Congratulations” or another message to surprise your husband or partner.


A Fun Photo Shoot

If you have a milestone anniversary coming up, it could be totally normal to suggest a couples’ photoshoot to commemorate the occasion.

One fun option to reveal your pregnancy? Take a secret prop (like a sign) that says something along the lines of, “You’re going to be a daddy!”

Have the photographer keep the prop under wraps and then only reveal the prop to your partner when the photographer is ready and waiting to catch his reaction on camera.

A Casual Date

Do you and your husband or partner prefer more low-key dates?

If so, you can still have fun with your pregnancy reveal. Tell your husband you’re pregnant via a pizza. Ask your favorite local pizzeria if they can help you out, and spell out a message revealing the pregnancy using pepperonis.

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Family Pregnancy Reveals

If your household is more than just the two of you, get the other members of your family in on the action.

A Family Affair

Telling your husband you are pregnant is fun on your own, but even more fun when you get the other kids involved. Help your child or children make “big sister” or “big brother” banners, shirts or another fun craft project, and then leave that project somewhere your husband will find.

Not very crafty? You can do something as simple as a chalk mosaic in the driveway with the due date and some help from your little ones.

A Furry Sibling

If your only other in-house family member is the dog, you can do something similar. Attach a note to their collar that lets your hubby in on the big news, and then send Fido in on his own to reveal the surprise. This is a great way to share your first pregnancy when your fur baby will no longer be the baby.

A Family Photo Shoot

At your next family gathering, tell your family that you’re pregnant ahead of time, but make sure everyone is capable of keeping that big of a secret from your spouse. Then, get everyone together for a group photo; only your husband will be the only one saying, “Cheese!” Everyone else? Well, they’ll be joyfully screaming, “She’s pregnant!”

Easy Everyday Pregnancy Reveals

Don’t have time to craft a creative way to do a pregnancy reveal, or are you too impatient to schedule a date for the upcoming weekend? Tell your partner you’re pregnant with ease, with these everyday pregnancy reveal ideas.

The Bun in the Oven

This little trick is one of the oldest in the book.

If your husband frequently cooks, hide a bun in your actual oven and then wait for him to open it. If you’ve been working towards this goal for a while, he’ll likely get it immediately. And even if he doesn’t get the reference, it can be cute waiting for him to figure it out.


Hiding in Plain Sight

You can always surprise your spouse by just leaving your positive pregnancy test somewhere that he’ll see it. Put it on the counter, on the coffee table or on his nightstand, and wait for him to get a clue.

Starting the Nursery 

Have a space that you think would be great as a nursery? Go ahead and get a start on things. Print off a “Nursery Coming Soon” sign straight from your laptop and then tape it to the door for your partner to find.

Hack His Phone

If your partner is fine with you using his cell phone on occasion, grab it while he’s in the shower or otherwise occupied for a few minutes at a time, and then download some baby apps and activate the push notifications. He’ll soon be wondering why he’s getting info on baby care, baby development and other news he never needed until now.

Pregnancy Reveals with a Gift

Give your partner two surprises in one by surprising them with a gift and the big news.

A Baby Book

Wrap up a parenting or baby book and present it to your partner as “just a little something you thought he might need later.” The gift pulls double duty, as it’s something he can definitely use months in the future, but it reveals the surprise in a cute way.

The Stick

You can always wrap up the positive pregnancy test and tell your husband you’re pregnant that way. This is an especially good way to go if he’s expecting a gift anyway, such as around Christmas, his birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.

Just remember! You’ll have to act fast if you want to use the original test that revealed you were pregnant. The results can fade after a day.

If you’re fine with not using the original, you can always just pee on a new stick the day of the reveal for a positive test result.

Baby Clothes

Does your husband or partner love a particular team or is he part of a particular fandom?

If so, buy some baby clothes that recognize that, like a baby football jersey from his favorite team, or a onesie with a quote from his favorite fandom. Wrap it up, and you have a fun gift that will soon turn into a clothing item and then likely a keepsake.

(You can similarly buy yourself some maternity clothes or even some for-now clothes that you can find from a lot of online retailers, like Etsy, with cute phrases such as “Does this outfit make me look preggers?”) There are hundreds of cute options on Etsy, like a pair of baby shoes, booties and other adorable gifts to add to the surprise too.

Daddy Gear

Go ahead and start buying the World’s Best Dad gear now. From coffee cups to t-shirts, find something you know he’ll use and then present it to him, and wait for the puzzle pieces to click together.

The best instances are buying these items and then just presenting them to him like it’s no big deal, like getting him a cup of coffee like you might normally, but putting it in a World’s Best Dad mug, or handing him a shirt from the closet as he gets dressed that says something about him being a new dad.


A Card

Not a lot of time? Stop by the store on your way home from work and pick up a “Congratulations, You’re Going to be a Dad” card. Address it, put it in with his regular mail and wait for him to open it up.

His Favorite Treat

Pick up one of his favorite guilty pleasure snacks, whether it’s a box of donuts or a big jumbo bag of his favorite candy, then add a sticky note to the front that says something along the lines of, “Momma can’t be the only one gaining weight for the next nine months.”

Sexy Pregnancy Reveals

It’s not exactly a secret how you ended up in your current state, so why not make the big reveal a not-so-subtle nod to the bedroom?

A “Present”

Surprise your partner with a gift (the gift being you and a little fun time, of course), but add a little ribbon or a gift tag to your usual lingerie as a flirty touch. When they take off the gift tag or ribbon, they’ll see your note revealing what the real gift actually is.

A Skin-on-Skin Surprise 

No gift tags or ribbons on hand? You can always write the surprise message across your tummy, for him to see when things get hot and heavy and you start losing your clothes.

Telling Your Partner You’re Pregnant Doesn’t Need to Be Stressful

Telling your partner you’re pregnant shouldn’t be something you stress out over (so long as it’s something you’ve been working toward and not too big of a surprise).

Have fun with it, make it memorable (even if it’s super simple) and enjoy that special moment where you and he become three.

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