The 7 Most Outrageous Pregnancy Superstitions [Parent Guide]

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Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes. It also comes with a lot of anticipation (9 months worth) and uncertainty, especially if it is your first pregnancy.

Along with that uncertainty, comes a lot of superstitions and old wives’ tales that many people believe to be true. Have you ever heard of these seven outrageous pregnancy superstitions?

1. The Full Moon Phenomenon

A superstition that more babies are born during a full moon has been a widely popular superstition for many years. Many studies have tried to prove this theory, but most have been inconclusive or shown the opposite to be the case.

Kate Diaz, Co-owner of the Swanky Den, also adds a little bit more about superstitions and the moon. When she was pregnant, she was told, “it’s best to have a safety pin near your belly when there’s an eclipse and you’re expecting. They say that doing this will ensure that you won’t give birth to a baby with a cleft palate.”

It is safe to assume the lunar cycles have no impact on how many deliveries occur.

2. Position during Conception

Another crazy superstition surrounding pregnancy is that the position used during conception can actually determine the gender of your baby. According to believers of this superstition, missionary will yield a boy, while the woman-on-top position will give you a girl. No research has shown that this theory is true.

3. Heartburn means Hairy Baby  

Most pregnant will experience heartburn at some point throughout their pregnancy. Did you know some people believe that if you have heartburn, that means you will have a hairy baby? So with this superstitious belief, severe heartburn equals super hairy babies.

A study at Johns Hopkins actually found that there is correlation between heartburn and how much hair your baby has!

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4. Pregnant woman should not Attend Funerals 

Hard to believe, but some cultures traditionally have believed that pregnant women should stay away from funerals and actually avoid cemeteries all together for fear that being close to death would cause harm to the mother or baby.


5. Morning Sickness means Girl

One of the most well-known wives’ tales is determining the gender of the baby based on whether you have extreme morning sickness or not.

It is believed that women who experience extreme nausea are said to be carrying females. For everyone who shares their experience that this is true, there are just as many women who claim the opposite.

6. Spicy Food can Make the Baby Blind 

Kendra Bruning, Founder of GameCows, shares a German superstition about expectant mothers and spicy food. She noticed every time she went to her grandparent’s house that all of the spicy food was vanishing, and it wasn’t just her pregnancy brain, forgetting where she put it.

Burning says her grandmother shared with her that, “[E]ating anything spicy would make the infant in my belly go blind. Apparently, my Oma had been hiding my purchases to protect the eyesight of my unborn child.”

Keep an eye on close family; they may have different pregnancy superstitions than you do!

7. Arm Movement

The most outrageous superstition out there has to be the theory that if the mother raises her arms over her head during pregnancy, it will cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck.

Ask any expert, and they will say umbilical cord complications are caused by the baby’s movement and there is no scientific evidence to support the theory that the mother’s arm movements are connected in any way to the umbilical cord of their baby.


With all of the changes and uncertainties that come with being pregnant, it is no wonder there are so many different superstitions and beliefs surrounding it. Whether you believe any of these superstitions or not, it is always best to consult your doctor with any questions related to your pregnancy.

Don’t let family members or anyone else’s beliefs in evil spirits or bad luck consume your mind when it comes to your unborn baby; you have enough on your plate!

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